New Upcoming Story – Beth & Sean

It is always difficult to say goodbye to a story and end it.  Waking Up Jayla wasn’t easy to let go, but I had to bury the desire to keep going so that other stories can have a chance to shine.

The next story that I’m going to start posting is titled Beth & Sean.

Beth and Sean have known each other for years and barely tolerate the other. If it wasn’t for a tight-knit group of common friends they would never hang out. Each take a chance to get something they want from the other and neither consider the consequences.

Will a chance spur-of-the-moment arrangement of passion between two Adults lead them down a path of destruction or devotion?

I started this story as a Quick and Dirty short story using the daily prompt “Passenger” as the inspiration. Only by the time I finished the short story I realized the characters had more story to tell. I couldn’t let them go.  I continued to write the chapter story in the fashion of a Sexy Saturday Serial with the intention of posting it that way.

Except the story quickly became larger and more complicated than the SSS style. I pulled in some requests and ideas from comments left on other story chapters and worked them into Beth and Sean’s story.

Here is an excerpt from the story that will start soon. (They are alone in a car heading toward the cabin near the end of a 4+ Hour drive)

Sean turned off the iPod then ran his hand through his wavy light brown hair. “I’m bored of the music. What are you reading Beth?” He blurted.


“Read it aloud.” Sean demanded as he focused on the road. “I getting road trance.”

“I thought you wanted me to be quiet?”

“I don’t want to hear you prattle on about your extra boring workaholic work-life Beth. Reading is okay.”

His comment made me furious. Prattle. Normally I would be embarrassed to talk about sex let alone read erotica aloud. Then I got a naughty thought accompanied by a devilish smile. If the jerk wanted me to read aloud to him then I would. I wondered if I could make him squirm a little. I backtracked a few pages…

I cleared my throat and tugged on a long strand of my dark blond hair. “Okay. The gist so far is that Carrie and Josh have been dancing around a major taboo attraction to the other. They are stuck in a cabin at a work retreat by a terrible storm.”

“Sounds horribly like romance cliché garbage.”

He knows, as does everyone, that I am a romance novel junkie and proud of it. Erotica was a treat that I didn’t often buy.

I narrowed my green eyes at him. “Do you want me to read or not? I can tell you all about the new proposal I’m working on at work if you prefer.”

“Ugh fine. Please read.”

I cleared my throat again as my tingles returned to my lower bits. This is naughty. “The flash of lightning lit the cabin brighter than the candlelight and both jumped at the boom of thunder above. “Geeze that’s awful close.” Josh said and Carrie moved to sit beside Josh on the worn couch. “I know; it’s exciting.” Carrie said.

I smiled as Sean groaned with judgement because I knew what was next.

“Anyway…” I said before continuing.

I finished the story a little over a week ago and for me it was a wild and emotional ride. I hope you, my dear readers, feel the same way.  Beth & Sean is not my typical recipe for a romance with erotic elements. It was a challenge for me to write as it is heavy on the erotic and not at all structured the way I normally write romance. Nevertheless, they are complicated characters with a lot going on and a lot working against them.

Here is the link to the Chapter page: Beth & Sean   Chapters links will be updated as they are posted.

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