#40 Car Trouble (Waking Up Jayla)

This story contain’s sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol it is rated R and 18+

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Car Trouble (Waking Up Jayla)

I did my best not to panic even as Paul’s angry face and yelling raised my adrenaline and fear. I grit my teeth and took a moment to email a copy of the voice recording to me and my sister Asha since she was number two on my list and for no other reason. Paul was pounding hard on my window and I had precious moments before he smashed it. I nearly dropped my keys as I put them in the ignition. Suddenly Paul was gone. I looked to see him running for his car.

“Oh shit.” I hit the on-board and my phone connected to the speaker system hands free. I had to get out of here and to safety.  A surge of fear lurched my stomach and made my palms sweaty.

I panicked when my on-board asked who to call. “Call Curt.”

Calling Curt is this correct?

“Yes!” I managed to get my car in drive and headed toward the parking lot exit. If this was my only escape I had to get calmed down. Paul was a much better driver and was already after me. He hit my bumper and I screamed. I don’t know how hard a car needs to be hit to set off the airbags, but they didn’t go off. I suppose my nerves made it seem more dramatic.

“Hey Love.”

“He’s after me!” The panic was clear in my voice. “Paul he just hit my car.”

Where are you?

“Leaving work.” I gripped the wheel too hard.

Can you stay put? Or get help?

“No he tried to smash my window and now he’s bumping my car with his.”

Okay Jayla stay calm. Do not speed and pay attention to the road. Where are you now?

“Um… Main and Croft.” I looked at the sign when I stopped at the red light. Paul bumped my car again and I screamed. I heard Curt suck his breath in and I know he’s running his hands through his hair.

Turn right, the police station isn’t far. Three blocks east turn right again for another four it’s on the right side. I’m close by and on my way. Drive safe Jayla please. Hang up and call 911.

The police. I knew deep down that was where to go, however my mind didn’t draw that conclusion as terror took over me. I don’t know what Paul is capable of. I’d been married to him for years and he had never hit me, but he had hurt me. Badly. Emotional abuse is devastating and as far as I’m concerned he’d murdered our unborn children. That realization sobered me enough to focus. How had I not realized how monstrous he truly was? I must have been in a very deep sleep during our marriage.

“The police. Yes that’s what I wanted to do at the start, but just panicked. I know where the police station is thank you.” I needed him to calm me down. I didn’t think to drive to the police station. I ended the call and told my hands free to dial 911. He got out of his car with something in his hand.

“Oh my god.” I checked the traffic quickly and looked for pedestrians and as Paul smashed my window, I  screamed again; I did not know I was a scared screamer. realistically I think I’m doing damned well all things considered.

“Jayla you stupid bitch I’m going to kill you! Now give me you goddamn phone!”

“Go to hell Paul.” I had a plan and this was ending. I was no longer Paul’s bitch, his tool for revenge nor his victim. I hit the gas as he reached in, he hit his arm on the window frame hard as the car lurched forward and I turned right.

911 what’s your emergency?” I was pissed that it took five rings for them to pick up.

“My crazy ex husband is chasing me with his car. He has hit me twice from behind and just smashed my window with something at a red light.”

Stay calm ma’am where are you?

“I’m in my car and headed to the police station on Liberty. I’m not hurt.”

Is it safe for you to pull over?

“No! He smashed my window he’s threatened to kill me.”

I saw Paul weaving through traffic to catch up. I told the operator my name and my car model and licence plate. I told her Paul’s information and why he was after me. She did a very good job keeping me calm and I nearly burst into tears when the light turned red. New plan or not, operator on the line or not, I was in real danger and afraid.

“It’s red, the light oh no it’s red, what do I do?”

If you can turn right do so safely. There is a police cruiser on the way and officers waiting at the station. Please drive carefully.

I took shallow terrified breaths as Paul hit my car lightly and pushed me me into the intersection. I didn’t break and turned into the flow of traffic. Cars honked but thankfully I managed to make a right and Paul followed causing a car to veer and hit another.

“That asshole.” I swore. “He just hit me and pushed me onto Liberty, but he caused an accident at the intersection when he forced his way. I hope nobodies hurt.”

I’ll have emergency head over immediately. You’re close take a calm breath you’re doing fine Jayla.”

I listened to her give dispatch the location of the accident and whooped for joy when I saw the big sign for the police department. The victory finish-line. Paul wasn’t going to win, he wasn’t going to hurt me anymore and he wasn’t going to hurt anyone anymore. A cop car came up behind Paul and I and I turned into the parking lot. Paul pulled over and got out of his car.

I don’t think he saw were we were in his blind desperate rage as he stalked over to me screaming at the top of his lungs.

“You did didn’t you! That’s why you’re running. You recorded that conversation and I’ll kill you for this! You stupid fucking bitch give me your fucking phone now!”

I stayed still as a cop pulled his gun on Paul.

“Stop right there sir!” The large male officer yelled as another drew his gun. “And put your hands up where I can see them and slowly put them behind your head.”

Paul looked at the cop then the building then at me. I allowed myself as small satisfactory smile as he raised his hands. Game over Paul. Once he was secured an officer asked me to step out of my vehicle as Curt came running up and smothered me in a too-tight hug.

“Are you okay?”

“I am now.” I said as he let me go to look me over. I was shaking and felt horribly weak.

“Ma’am we will need your statement, perhaps inside would be better?” The officer smiled kindly at me. My hands shook and Curt kept his arm around me as we followed three police officers the short distance into the station.

To be continued…

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Next Chapter: Not Asleep Anymore



7 comments on “#40 Car Trouble (Waking Up Jayla)

  1. Sheryl says:

    Holy smokes I was tense the entire time. I’m glad she made it through that on her own so she knows she’s capable.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Nel says:

    Thank goodness she made it. He’s a stupid angry person, luckily.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I was tense all the time..I know she can do this… Brave girl.. Now that stupid will be in bars..
    Idiotic paul.. Jayla did wonderful by not being in panic..
    Hey nice update.
    Eagerly waiting for next
    Thank you

    Liked by 1 person

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