Amara – Itsinyou Designer Boutique (Part 1) (Sexy Saturday Serials)

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R.

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Itsinyou Designer Boutique

Part 1

I looked at the credit card sized gift card and then at my screen. It was a birthday present from a friend. I’ve never heard of the store, Itsinyou Designer, before. I frowned at the screen. No online purchases, in-store only. I couldn’t find the address. I clicked the redeem gift card button and entered the code on the back.

“This is just weird.” I read the address and looked at the map that popped up. It was only a few blocks from my apartment. “Well,” I said turning off my computer, “I don’t have anything better to do.”

I made my way to the boutique shop and pushed open the door. The sound of little tinkling bells sounded. The shop was tiny, with comfortable chairs and a couch in dark purple and gold. The walls were covered in curtains and there were racks of fancy designer clothes. A tiny black haired woman looked at me. Gave me a once over I’d expect from a man and held her hand out.

“Card please dear.”

“Oh.” I fished it out and handed it to her.

She swiped the card and stood. “Follow me please.” I followed her to an even smaller room with a chair and a computer screen.

“Answer honestly and read the rules.” She closed the door and left. The lights were dim as if it were nighttime.

“Okeydokey.” I didn’t see a keyboard so touched the ‘start’ symbol on the screen. The first screen had three options. 1. Straight 2. Bisexual 3. Gay.  I touched straight. The next screen asked for age, height, weight and gender.

I looked around and wondered what the hell Anna got me into. I shrugged. Again, I had nothing better to do today. I answered the questions and the next screen asked me to select a member.

“Holy shit.” I said under my breath.

There was at least twenty images of erect penis’s to choose from. From the average to extreme. I smiled and nodded. Anna must have got me a gift card for a custom sex toy.

“Cool.” I was intimidated by the girth and length of number twenty, and one wasn’t turning me on. However, number twelve was. It was wide and not too long. Circumcised and the head was bulbous and perfect. My lady parts started tingling. What fun it will be to play with that toy. I touched the screen.

The next was a screen of choices again. Three selections. One was as if it came out of the wall, second a chair and the third was the floor. I chose wall. Why not? Suction cups could be put on any flat surface.

The screen went blank and a door on the opposite side opened. By door, I mean secret door. I did not even know it was there. The screen said to follow the blue line.

I got up and followed the blue line. Sue would never send me on a dangerous adventure. Why the secrecy I have no idea. The hall was sterile and bright with ten doors on either side. The line ended at a door with a digital sign saying enter.

I pushed the door and entered the room. In the dimly lit room, there was a table with baskets and towels in one corner and a chair and a short waist high table with a thin cotton pad. A small screen came to life illuminating the room too brightly. I saw then that the one wall slanted like a room with a slanted roof built in an attic.

A pretty blonde woman started speaking. “Welcome to Itsinyou Designer. You may leave at anytime. This is not a paid service. It is a gifted service given only to those who wish to participate. Everything you encounter is clean and sterile for your comfort. All amenities are provided on the table for your use. There are no recording devices allowed in any capacity within the room. You will be monitored but not recorded for legal reasons. When your visit ends, you will be asked to answer a few questions via this touch screen. Have a designer day.” The screen went black.

I probably looked as confused as I felt. I went over at the table and peeked into the baskets. Bottles of water, condoms, lubricants and various things I’ve only ever seen in movies. The naughty kind of things such as nipple clamps and arousal jelly. Am I supposed to masturbate here? I didn’t see any toys yet. Despite the oddity of it all, I was aroused. My curiosity peaked when a small panel in the oddly slanted wall opened at the exact perfect height for… My eyes widened as the hard cock I selected came through the wall.

I think it would be called a glory hole. I stared at it and once my shock dissipated, my intrigue took over. “Not a paid service.” That’s good. I’d hate to think this was prostitution.

I inched over to the hard penis and testicles sticking out of the wall and touched it. If it’s not real it was an amazing replication. I looked closely. Definitely real. I think. It moved as I caressed it and my tingles turned into pulses.

I ran my fingers over the firm hot flesh and bent closer. I see no reason not to enjoy this; after all, I have nothing better to do today. I touched my tongue to the tip and tasted the salty beginnings of precum. I stroked it faster and put my mouth over it completely. If I were to stand, I’d have to bend over. I stopped licking and sucking realizing that’s the point of the wall.

I went over to the table and selected a condom. Clean or not, I have no guarantee they are. I know I am. I rolled the condom over the waiting appendage and shimmied out of my pants and panties. I was very wet from this unusual game.

“Hmm.” I pulled the heavy chair over to I’d have something to hold onto and looked at the glorious cock. I was going to do this. I can’t believe I’m going to do this. I moved backwards, grabbed the rod from between my legs, moved it through my lips, and fluttered my eyes as I pressed the bulbous end to my opening.

“Uhhh…” I pushed back and was filled by hot hard yet forgiving flesh. I gripped the back of the chair and moved forward and slammed back against the wall.

“Oh damn.” I moved faster, glad I had the forethought to use the chair for balance.

The friction of the mystery cock against my insides brought pulse after pulse of pleasure until I couldn’t take it and I pushed hard against the wall and came.

I stayed firm against the wall as my juices ran down my legs and I gathered my breath. I felt the glory rod pull away and the instantaneous sadness made me frown. Until it slammed back into place.


It did it again.

“Oh, my…”

… And again.

“Yes.” I pushed against the wall and bent down more as I was pummeled from behind. I reached between my legs and rubbed my clit as the glory cock slammed me faster. I think I get the point of the slanted wall if there is a person on the other side.

The slick sucking sound added to my growing aroused state. I panted and rubbed faster.

“Oh. Oh. Oh. Ungh… Ahhh.” I came hard and wet convulsing and gripping the glory cock hard.

I pulled away and went to my knees to catch my breath and senses. I heard the panel slide back in place and the little screen came to life.

“We hope you enjoyed your visit. Please take your time to tidy up and answer a few questions.”

The woman was gone. I grabbed a towel, cleaned myself, dressed and went over to the screen.

Did you enjoy yourself?’  I pressed yes.

Would you like to return?’ As if I needed to answer. I pressed yes.

Are you agreeable to alternate options/positions?’ I pressed yes.

Are you agreeable to blood testing?’ I pressed yes.

Are you agreeable to mandatory birth control?’ I pressed yes.

Are you agreeable to providing service from time to time?’ Service? I looked back at the hole. Would it be fun to be the anonymous body? I pressed yes.

Enter your cellphone number.’ I pressed the numbers.

A message came up on the screen. ‘Please take the card from the slot by the door. It is yours do not lose it. Follow the red line to the testing and contract room. We will contact you with further information and invitations. Welcome to Itsinyou Designer. Enjoy your day.’

After giving blood tests and signing a contract to never have unprotected sex, exercise and eat well, I left the odd little building feeling pretty damned good. I wondered how long it would be before I was contacted. I didn’t have to wonder for long. I received a text that very night.


To be continued…

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8 comments on “Amara – Itsinyou Designer Boutique (Part 1) (Sexy Saturday Serials)

  1. Well that was an awesome story! Sexy and imaginative.

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  2. Nel says:

    This is definitely going to be one sexy serial.

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  3. An original and arousing story, if you could see me now. I’m definitely reading part two.

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