All Business – Mia (Part 10) (Sexy Saturday Serials)

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R.

 All Business - Mia

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All Business – Mia Part 10.

The taxi ride was swift and boring. As was the security check at the airport. I didn’t feel like toting my bag so I checked it this time. I grabbed a coffee and walked slowly to find a seat near my departure gate. I sat and read texts and emails from my phone as a large number of people came and went. I only looked up when someone sat in the seat directly beside mine. It was odd because there are so many empty seats around me.

“Oh!” I was startled to see Eric and his glorious copper gold flecked eyes.

He smiled. “How was your visit Mia?”

I honest to goodness blushed.

“That good huh?” He winked. “Don’t worry there is a sort of freedom in a break from reality.”

I was unnerved that he seemed to be reading my mind. He stood and held out his hand to me.

“You have time.” he smiled slyly and I took his hand and followed him. He led me over to the far end of the terminal and moved me in front of him at the window. I have to be insane. This entire trip I’ve been too horny for my own good. Not only that but happy and willing to let perfect strangers do as they please.

Eric’s hand slipped around my waist from behind and down the front of my yoga pants. His thick finger slipped down and over my clit making me gasp quietly.

“You are a sexy woman.” Eric whispered from behind. “You were my fantasy as I made love to my fiancée. She loved hearing about how.” He said as he slipped two into my opening.  “Tight, wet and…” We were out-of-the-way and unless someone stared they couldn’t tell what was happening. “…hot you are.”

Eric moved his thick fingers stroking my g-spot until I came. I covered my mouth and shivered as orgasmic pleasure filled me. He removed his fingers and sucked them clean.

“Don’t settle anymore.” He took my free hand in his very large one. “Have a safe trip home Mia. Take from this business trip what you will and be happy.” Eric kissed the back of my hand and it was as if a spell was broken.

He turned and walked away before I could respond. I watched him weave into a large oncoming hoard of travelers and lost track of him.

I gently touched the back of my hand and jumped when the flight attendant announced my flight was preparing for boarding.

“What just happened?” I muttered and smiled.

I felt amazing, confident and sexy. Powerful in a small way.

“Take from it what I will…”

I smiled and stood, preparing to join the line of regular passengers waiting for the pre-boarders to pass through the final identity check. In that moment I understood. Life isn’t all about business, it’s about fun too.

I sat in my seat, stuck in emergency exit row. The man who sat next to me smiled nervously. He had a fantastic smile that went right up to his dark blue eyes.


“Hi, I’m Mia.” I held my hand out. Totally not what I would normally do.

“Jack. Are you coming or going?”

“Going home.” I smiled and adjusted my comfy blanket. “You?”

“Heading home myself.”

I didn’t turn away or try to brush Jack off. His very dark blond hair was slightly lighter at the tips by natural effect. Was it soft? I have no idea, but I wanted to find out. Jack talked of his reason for visiting, his sister was just married and he was house sitting and taking care of their dog.

“That’s a long way to go to house sit.”

He shrugged in the most adorable way. “She’s my baby sister.”

Jack did not seem the type of guy to want a meaningless quickie and I didn’t want to just jump him. Yes I was attracted to him and he gave me the most intense sexy butterflies. Yes he turned me on when his hand grazed mine. But Jack would be worth some effort.

By the time the flight landed we’d exchanged numbers and he insisted on meeting up for a night out. He seemed genuinely interested in me and I wasn’t obsessively focused on work to miss it or dismiss it.

I guess I’m not a dull all business girl anymore.

The end.

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  1. Nel says:

    Not dull at all. That’s a good outlook on life.

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