#32 When It Rains… (Waking Up Jayla)

This story contain’s sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol it is rated R and 18+

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When It Rains… (Waking Up Jayla)

I had no idea how long I stared like an idiot at Detective Fig and Officer Hunt. Eventually I gained my senses and picked up the paper and pen. Tears pricked my eyes despite how awful Bill had been.

“I’m sorry to shock you like that.” Detective Fig said.

“It’s… it’s okay.” I sniffled. Bill was dead? Not just dead he’d been murdered. “We were work friends for almost two years. We tried dating. But we… I…” I wiped the tear that hit the paper in a splat. “Sorry. He was awful as a… But he was nice before we dated. I think.”

I bit my bottom lip and with a shaking hand wrote down Asha, Theo and Curt’s numbers and names and relationship to me. I put boyfriend beside Curt. It was true even if we hadn’t vocalized it.

“There were a bunch of people that saw me there.”

I added Paul and Delilah to the list. I had to trust they would be honest about this. Since I said I walked in on them, I probably include them. I handed it over.

“If you need more I can get them, but I don’t know them off the top of my head.”

Detective Fig looked at the list. “No this should do fine. Boyfriend?” He looked at me sharply.

“It’s complicated. I was sort of being pursued by two men. They both knew and I never lied to either. I chose Curt and Bill wasn’t happy. But he… On our last date before I ended things. He.”

“You mentioned already that he tried to force you.” Officer Hunt said carefully.

“Yes. I said no, but he kept pushing. He almost…” I looked at my hands in my lap. “But he didn’t. I really did like him. I was emotionally hurt and he was a jerk after. But… murdered?” I wiped my tears. “That’s awful. I can’t imagine he or anyone deserves that.”

“No. Nobody does.” Officer Hunt said and reached over to pat my arm. “Detective do we need anything else?”

“No.” He stood. “Ms. Markson I’m sorry for all of the trouble and upset.” He waived the notebook casually. “As long as your alibies check out we won’t need you to come into the station.”

The detective asked to use my kitchen and I nodded as Officer Hunt stayed with me. I didn’t expect him to call them now and I assumed I would have to go to the police station. My mind was racing with too much thought as we sat in silence. The sunny day had given way to late evening and I got up to turn on a light or two. Officer Hunt isn’t the chatty sort. Her attempts at comfort were stilted and forced.

“Are you okay?” She asked me as I sat back on the chair and rubbed my face.

“Yeah.” I nodded. “Just shaken is all.”

We sat in awkward silence until Detective Fig returned.

“All five confirmed your story. Your sister is on the way over to be with you.”

“Which one?” I asked.


I nodded and did my best to not react to that crappy news. I did not want her here. It seems I’m not getting a reprieve from this new drama storm. My cell rang. It was Asha, and then Curt’s chimed in seconds after. I wouldn’t dare answer them with the police still in my home. It seemed rude or wrong somehow.

“We’ll be in touch if we have any questions. Take care Ms. Markson.”

“Thank you.” I saw them out and answered the next call that came in. Asha. “Hey.”

I explained quickly and she knew Delilah was on her way. She was still at Soccer with Henry and didn’t want to upset him by leaving early. I ended that call to take Curt’s.

“Hey Curt.”

Jayla love are you okay?

“Yes. Yes, I’m fine. The cops are gone they wanted alibi’s. Bill was murdered.”

What! Jayla, that’s… Never mind. Let me get a sitter I’ll be right over.”

“No. Don’t. I’m okay. My sister’s on her way over. Don’t upset Everett for nothing. It was a shock is all. I appreciate your offer, but I’ll see you tomorrow.”

I hate to leave you upset; This is a lot to deal with.

“I didn’t love Bill. He was awful, remember? Sure I’m sad he was killed and pissed that he tried to incriminate me for embezzlement, but I’m okay.”

Embezzlement? Do you need a lawyer?

“I have one. I’ll send her an email and let her know what happened.”

Okay. I still want to come over. Why don’t you take a taxi here?

“Curt I’m fine honest. I wasn’t accused or arrested. I did nothing wrong.” I heard a knock at my door and looked to see Delilah. “She’s here. If I need you, I swear I’ll call you. I’m very excited about tomorrow. This sucks but it’s not stopping my life.”

He sighed heavily. “Okay love, call me before you go to sleep, promise.

“Yes of course. Bye.”

I ended the call and grit my teeth at the peppered knock at my door. I was beginning to loathe the sound of my door being knocked on. I opened my door to someone I did not want to see again today.

To be continued…

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