#30 I’m Not Sorry  (Waking Up Jayla)

This story contain’s sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol it is rated R and 18+

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I’m Not Sorry  (Waking Up Jayla)

 Curt looked down at the mess he’d made on my chest. “Oh sorry.”

“Don’t be.” I didn’t dare stand yet as my legs were shaky and I was aching so badly. “I’m not sorry.”

“This is insane.” Curt lifted me and leaned me on the table. It hurt a little since I was still a little sore from falling. His mouth found mine as he undid my shorts as his hand slipped down and behind my panties. The pain from my backside was forgotten. I bucked against his touch and whimpered as he slipped two of his fingers in.

I was sure I’d gone crazy. His fingers worked me inside as his thumb pressed and rubbed my clit. I knocked Curts mug over spilling the last of his tea, I lost control and cried out as I came hard and wet around his fingers. When I calmed he took his hand out and washed in the sink. I righted my clothes as he did his. I looked at the clock. Twelve minutes. I think I came in less than one. Oddly, I found that exciting as I wiped my chest and shirt with a paper towel then the spilled tea with a cloth.

“See you still have time.” I grinned tossing the cloth in the sink.

“You naughty little thing.” Curt grabbed me and kissed me. “It’s terrifying how badly I want you Jayla. I came so fast.”

“Me too.” I giggled.

“Do you know what that means?”

“We’re like horny teenagers?”

“Yes, but what I was going to say is that when I finally get you to myself it’s going to be mind-blowing.”

“Yay.” I clapped my hands as a child might when promised a trip to Disney as I followed him to the door. “You should go. I need to clean up properly.”

He eyed my stained top. “By far the hottest moment of my life, having you surprise me like that.”

I shrugged, grinned and held the door. “See you tomorrow.”

“For many reasons I can’t wait. Don’t’ be nervous, Everett will love you.” He said and walked away.

After the door closed and I was halfway up the stairs to shower and change, I realized that Everett was Rett. I’ve met his son already. I grinned like a silly girl. There was absolutely no reason to be nervous.

It didn’t seem to matter what happened, Curt was so steady with me. He made me feel alive in ways I never dreamed possible. I checked the two dozen texts from Asha and the ten texts from Theo all within the time I left the barbecue to now. There were at least eight calls missed from a combination of the two. I didn’t realize my phone was on silent. Maybe Curt turned the notifications as he sat on my steps waiting for me. It would be annoying so I totally understood if he had.

I called Asha since all the texts were a combination of: sorry, call me, and please call me. It was nice to know they knew they were in the wrong. At least I hoped they did.

I listened to Asha apologize in a string of non-stop sorry’s and I cut her short. I let her know my feelings were hurt and I was angry that she didn’t have my back. Theo conferenced in and said the same as she did. They regretted and wanted to make it up to me. Of course I’ll let them and I’l get over it, but I don’t think I’ll let them pick on me anymore. I certainly won’t hide Paul’s actions and treatment of me from them anymore.

They asked about Curt and why he snapped at them for being mean and at Theo for letting me leave while so upset. I told them I wasn’t ready to talk to them about Curt. The truth is they dont deserve to know about him yet. I’ve never heard Asha so upset and agreed to come over next week to talk since I told them tomorrow was out. They had to go take Henry to soccer so I ended that call.

I called Mandy and we talked as I cooked my dinner. I was too giddy from my impulsive rendezvous with Curt.

I told her about the Barbecue then my crying fit in the car and the gist of Curt coming by to make sure I was okay and about my sister calling and being distraught.

Ah Sweetie when you have a drama day you go all out Oscar worthy drama.

“I know.” I chuckled. “It’s crazy right? It’s been the strangest few weeks and one hell of a day. The weird thing is, I know Asha means it and Theo was never really bad just conflicted. Curt said Theo defends me.”

Are you excited for tomorrow?

“Too excited. I don’t know where only that it’s casual and local. Oh Mandy, Everett is adorable and as far as I know, he likes me. So that’s a win already.”

I’m sorry to say this Sweetie, but I’m glad you and Paul didn’t have kids.

I know she didn’t mean it to be cruel. Mandy was the most honest loving person I know. I sighed. “If I’m honest I am too. Especially now that I know he never wanted kids in the first place… or me.”

Ugh. Well I gotta go Sweetie. Let me know how the adorbs date goes tomorrow.

“I will. Love ya.”

Love you too Sweetie.

Just as I sat to eat my supper, my doorbell rang followed by a sharp knock. Lately a knock at my door was never a good thing. My stomach jumped and I took a deep breath.

“Of course someone’s at the damned door. Hmm I wonder… Bill or Paul?” I said to myself and sighed.

It didn’t matter which it was, I don’t have to answer the door to either of them if I don’t want to.

To be continued…

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  1. Nel says:

    Yes Jayla, dont ruin this high!!! Let them knock!

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