All Business – Mia (Part 9) (Sexy Saturday Serials)

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R.

 All Business - Mia

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All Business – Mia Part 6

I spent the rest of the morning and afternoon treating actual patients. The hands on training was a thousand times more valuable than I anticipated. I thanked Dr. Liner and Gwen for all their help and training assuring them I was prepared to train and use the machine myself. Though there was no way I wasn’t going to think of how Dr. Liner used it on me. Our parting was professional and that was perfect. Sappy or weird wasn’t desirable. I did give him my cell number. Maybe some naughty texting might tie me over when I’m bored back home.

I walked through the lobby feeling disappointed to see someone else behind the counter instead of Andrew. I went to my room to pack. I already filled out the checkout forms and all I had to do was drop off my key at the front desk. It was almost over. My naughty trip. I’d had sex with the same number of men in two days than I have altogether before arriving. Not counting Eric who only fingered me on the plane. I’ve had more orgasms in two days than I did with my last boyfriend of three months. That’s sad and will never happen again.

I closed my suitcase and decided to shower before putting on my travel clothes and leaving. I had plenty of time.

I jumped and ran for the door half dressed when I heard a knock. I peeped out to see Andrew and opened the door quickly. His lazy smile warmed my insides nicely.

“I came to make sure you were packed and carry your bags down.”

“You dont have to do that. I can carry my bags.” It was just a rolling carry on and a back pack with my blanket.

“Nonsense you are the guest here.”

I loved that line. “Well then, thank you.”

“Honestly Mia I’m here for selfish reasons.”

I hoped he’d say that or something like it. “Oh?”

“Yes oh.” He moved close and I backed up against the wall. “You see, I’m never going to see you again and I want to see your sweet face in orgasm.” He pressed his large hard bulge against my stomach and the instant tingly hum lit up my pussy. “I want to feel you grip my cock as you soak it with your juices again.

I reached between my breasts and unclasped by bra. As if I just shot a starters pistol Andrew removed the bra, my yoga-pants and panties and started licking and kissing my neck as his hands gently massaged my breasts.

How on Earth am I so horny so fast? I’m a little concerned that this new found lust will affect my life back home. Fuck it. I reached for Andrew’s shirt and unbuttoned swiftly. I tugged the hem free from his pants and he let it fall to the floor. Andrew was a very fit man. My hands were in heaven as they roamed his tight body. The contrast in tone between us was arousing all on it’s own. Back to business, after all I was here on business right? I undid the belt buckle and his pants as his mouth found mine.

Sweet and sensual. That was the only way to describe Andrew’s mouth. His fingers found me wet and hot as I found him hard and ready. I wanted to try oral, but found myself being tossed to the bed.

“Damn you are a tempting little pixie.” Andrew said as he opened a condom. “I can’t even wait.”

“Neither can I.” I was too revved up to care about foreplay. I stared in awe at his member as he climbed on the bed. It bounced slightly as he moved and I became wet and frantic. I reached for him eagerly. His tongue invaded my mouth as I spread as wide as I could. The pressure of his slow entry was arousing and somewhat painful. Halfway he pulled out and plunged back in. With more wet on him he was able to bury deep into me.

I pulled my mouth from his and gasped. “Oh God wait.” I panted as I adjusted to the girth.

Andrew’s hand went between us and thumbed my clit. “Come on me.” His mouth went to my earlobe and started nibbling.

The fullness inside coupled with his thumb working my wet clit sent me over fast. “Oh, Oh I’m…”

“Yeah baby, soak my cock.”

I did too. Not squirting but the slickness became more noticeable. Needless to say I was ready for more. I wiggled my hips and Andrew began a slow and long thrust.

“Fuck you’re so tight and hot.” He licked my lips. “Wanna ride my rod?”


He grabbed my arms and simply laid back. I adjusted to straddle him and began my own steady rhythm. His hands worked my nipples, pinching and rolling them hard.

“Ride me Mia. I want your juices to cover my balls.” He slapped my ass and I yelped and moved faster. I got my groove and started bouncing up and down hard, my breasts bounced freely as his hands went to my hips to guide me. It was crazy wild and noisy. We both grunted with each thick plentiful drop.

“Fuck Mia I’m close.”

“Me too.” I moved my hand to my clit and rubbed as I bounced. Andrew moved suddenly rolling me to my back and began thrusting fast and hard to my delight. I screeched and clawed at his back as I came. Wetter than I’ve ever come before. He held still as he jerked and came.

He moved off of me and grinned. “I’m going to miss you.”

“Well if you’re ever in my neck of the woods look me up. I’m sure my info’s on file.” I got up and went to tidy in the bathroom after he came back out. He was dressed as I went to dress. He waited and cracked witty comments making me laugh as I double checked that I had everything. The journey to the taxi waiting out front was more subdued.

He kept the farewell professional as if we didn’t just have mind blowing sex moments ago. He was gone before the taxi pulled away. I’d likely never see him again and I was oddly okay with that.

To be continued…

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New chapter coming next Saturday

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  1. Nel says:

    Hmm. I could be wrong but I think Andrew may see something in Mia that he doesn’t want to let go.

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