#27 Not What I Expected… (Waking Up Jayla)

This story contain’s sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol it is rated R and 18+

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Not What I Expected…

I almost laughed when I opened the spare bedroom door to retrieve my purse. There was Paul, balls deep in a bent over Delilah. My sister has no control or dignity, my ex? Well he never did.

“What the fuck! Get out!” Paul yelled not missing a stroke.

“Close the door!” Delilah yelled and then actually yelled just noise from her supposed pleasure.

Theo nudged me to the side, stepped in, grabbed my purse from the large chair and closed the door. He turned to me and held it out.

“Good thing Paul’s not engaged or anything serious.” I said snidely.

“Don’t get involved.”

“You know what Theo.” I pointed at the closed-door. “If seeing it with your own eyes doesn’t convince you he’s a no good rotten cheater of a man, then what chance do I stand?”

“I’m sorry. I get it.” Theo said rubbing the back of his neck. “But…”

“But? Are you serious?” I turned too fast and nearly bumped into Curt who was right behind me. I was shocked to say the least. Of all people in the world, he was the last one I expected to see at Theo’s party.

“You.” I said in monosyllabic disbelief.

My surprise was nothing compared to his. My heart hammered and I was instantly nervous and terrified. Curt looked from me to Theo. No, no, no, no these two worlds cannot collide. Not yet. Already at the end of my emotional control, my tears welled up.

“I heard yelling, is everything okay?” Curt looked at me with as much surprise as I had.

I wiped my eyes and started toward the stairs.

“Let her go Curtis.” Theo said. “She needs to leave.”

Something in me snapped. I spun around at the top of the steps. “Why Theo? Why are you and Asha so hell-bent on taking his side?”

He was about to answer when the spare bedroom door opened, as if this couldn’t get any worse. I was a melting pot of emotions and I had no idea which to focus on.

Paul came out, shot me a smarmy look then saw Curt. “Hey Curtis my man, long time no see!” He grinned and they shook hands.

“I saw you yesterday.” Curt glanced at me and I bet I looked like lunatic.

Curt appeared to be putting pieces together. I was one-step ahead. If Curt knew Paul then Paul would have told him all about me. If he hadn’t he sure would now. Never mind that most of what he’d say was lies and outrageous ones at that. Paul was believable and I was too nice to try to fight him socially.

Paul looked my way. “You better not post about that or my lawyer will have a heyday.” He looked at Theo, “Why is she still here?”

“I was invited Paul. Tell me what did I do? Why does everyone think it’s my fault?”

“It is.” Paul smiled coyly. “You weren’t good enough. You didn’t do enough and frankly you’re pathetic and insane.”

“I’m insane?” I blurted and all three looked my way joined by Delilah who came out looking flushed and contrite.

Delilah smiled too sweetly. “As insane as they come.”

“I’m insane! Right! Okay.” I turned and misjudged my footing and slipped on the top step.

I went down and thudded on my ass half way down the hardwood steps before stopping. It hurt like son of a bitch and I cried out as Paul and Delilah laughed hysterically.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Curt yelled from atop the stairs.

Great now he’s on their side too. It was too much. I got to my feet, grabbed my fallen purse, tried to ignore the pain and bolted for the door. Maybe I have gone insane, that must be it, I’ve gone loopy. That was the only explanation I could think of. I managed to get to the sidewalk and tripped.

“Woah.” Curt said from behind me.

I didn’t hit the ground. I realized Curt had me by the waist and righted me.

“You can’t drive like this.” Curt said moving to face me. “Are you hurt?”

“Not really.” I rubbed my backside and glanced back at the house, glad the kids were gone.

Theo stood there with his hand over his mouth and started walking toward me. I did not want to hear him glorify or defend Paul anymore. Curt was friends with Paul somehow, and I wanted no part of that either. “Let me go.”

“Jayla,” Theo said quietly as he approached. “I’m an ass. Forgive me please. Stay.”

I could see he was genuinely sorry. I’ve always gotten along with Theo. He was as close to a brother as I could have. “I can’t I’m sorry I ruined your Birthday. It’s still early enough to save if I go.” I yanked on my arm.

“It’s not ruined.” Theo said softly.

“What is going on?” Curt asked looking between us.

“She’s Paul’s ex.” Theo said and Curt let my arm go abruptly.  “And the woman he just had sex with in my spare bedroom is her sister.”

“You’re joking.” Curt scowled at Theo. “Delilah?”

“Wish I was man.”

“He’s engaged to Candie.” Curt said with dismay.

I laughed, I didn’t mean to and it made both men look at me. “If vows mean nothing to Paul, then a promise doesn’t stand a chance.” I turned and limped to my car.

“Jayla.” Theo said as he approached my car. “You don’t understand. Paul…”

“I understood perfectly. Paul spun his own tale and it as more believable than the truth. Honestly Theo it’s fine what Paul does is his business and not your fault. It’s his word against mine and I guess seeing isn’t believing. We’ll get over this. Please go enjoy your party. You know I can’t say mad at you and I’m not.” I closed my car door and saw Curt walking back into the house.

So much for that I guess. I turned over the engine and drove away as my heart struggled to beat in my chest. I pulled over two blocks away and bawled my eyes out then I went for a drive around the city to clear my head.

Hours later, I pulled into the driveway and parked. I saw someone sitting on my front porch steps and gasped.

To be continued…

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Next Chapter: Cliché Damsel In Distress






9 comments on “#27 Not What I Expected… (Waking Up Jayla)

  1. Nel says:

    Oh Jesus Christ. That better be Curt again and not crazy Bill. Jayla’s had enough for one day. I hope Curt had some words with all of them with that determined stride into the house! I need to read this again lol

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  2. Omgosh, what a night for her..Smh, what’s with Curt staying behind?😑
    Excellent and exciting ✍in💋💕

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