#26 I almost forgot My Purse (Waking Up Jayla)

This story contain’s sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol it is rated R and 18+

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I almost forgot My Purse (Waking Up Jayla)

I’d had enough of Paul and Delilah so I headed over to talk to my Sister and Theo. I don’t want to be here and I’m only here because it’s Theo’s birthday.

“Jay, I want you to meet a friend.” Theo smiled his naughty, I’m about to set you up smile.

I shook my head at Theo. “Please don’t. It’s…” I glanced over at Paul and Delilah as they disappeared into the house. “Awkward. Besides I’m seeing someone.”

“Really? What’s his name?”

I opened my mouth to answer as Asha poked me in the arm.

“Don’t lie Jay. She’s not with anyone. She just broke up with a guy she had like what, three dates with? They never had sex and she really pissed him off.”

I never mentioned Curt to her because I knew she wouldn’t believe me or be as she is now. Asha likes to meddle in my business and right now she’s pissing me off more than usual. Normally I just let them be jerks but I’m tired of it and I’m not going to give them ammunition they don’t deserve to have.

“Three dates? That’s not really dating Jay.” Theo laughed. “Don’t worry you’ll get the hang of it.”

Asha laughed. “It’s been over a year Jay. Maybe if you weren’t such a prude and put out you might land a decent guy.”

If I told them about Curt now they would tease and make fun. They mean well, but get a bit bully-ish when Paul is around. Like they want to impress him or keep him happy.

“Still, I can introduce you to my friend. I saw him head-”

“Please leave it be.” I glanced at Paul. “Would you mind if I left early? I don’t want to be the damper.”

Theo’s smile faded. “No I don’t mind. I get it. At least have some food first?”

“Sure. I’ll stay as long as I can.”

Asha pinched her lips and watched Theo walk away. She turned the second he was out of earshot. “It’s not our fault you two divorced.”

“And it’s not my fault that he slept around.” I clamped my mouth shut.

“Are you sure about that?” Asha said and covered her mouth. “Sorry.”

“Nice Ash. Way to not pick sides.” I nodded curtly.

I turned my back to her. Okay so now Asha was hinting that somehow I forced Paul to have sex with others. She didn’t know about Delilah. I was sorely tempted to just tell her. No, there is a big line between being strong and being spiteful.

I headed over to the food and lost my appetite along the way. Suddenly all eyes seemed to be on me, whispers of what I did to cause Paul to seek love and sex elsewhere rang in my imagination. I looked around. Nobody was staring, but Theo was listening to Asha talk hushed and looking my way. Oh great. And now he’s headed my way.

“AJ!” Rett came running over all energy. “Henry wants to know if you’ll show us how to double Dutch jump rope my dad say’s he has no clue how to jump but is swinging the ropes and we can’t get it.”

Theo was closing in with a blank expression. The fact that I was happier playing with the kids said a lot. I didn’t feel welcome here, not really. Was it my imagination? Or was I finally seeing things clearer?

Theo ruffled Rett’s hair. “Run along bud, I need to talk to Jay.”

“Okay Theo.” Rett grinned and skipped off.

“Inside.” Theo said with a nod of his head.

I was about done with this party. I have behaved all but one comment to Asha and she deserved it.

I went into the house and through to the empty Livingroom. I saw the kids playing outside and heading back to the side yard, I waited for Theo to launch into a lecture.

“I’m sorry Jay, I thought enough time had passed.”

I didn’t respond.

“Look, Paul and I have been friends a long time. He’s friends with a lot of my friends and I don’t want to have to choose.”

“But?” My anger flared up.

“Paul was good to you, treated you like a queen and he made a mistake.”

“Yeah.”  Thirteen mistakes, multiple times over. I was not petty and being so now would make me look worse. “More than you care to know.”

“Stop, I get it, you’re still angry. But you have to move on Jay, let it go.”

“I’m not angry Theo, I’m hurt. Not about Paul, I’ve put that to rest. He did what he did and I’m free of him… mostly. But I just don’t understand how everyone seems to think adultery is okay or that for some fucked up reason it’s my fault he cheated on me.” I wiped my eyes. “I’ll go, you asked me not to make you choose sides. I didn’t, but it looks as if you did anyway. Happy birthday.”

I went to the door and pulled it open as Theo rubbed his face.

“Crap I almost forgot my purse.” I closed the door, stormed up the stairs and Theo followed.

“I’ll get it for you.”

“I can get it myself.” I snapped. “I’m sorry I was rude.”

“I hate that you think I chose Paul over you. But-”

I waved my hand at him and opened the door. I didn’t want to hear what followed that but. I should have let Theo get my purse.

 To be continued…

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8 comments on “#26 I almost forgot My Purse (Waking Up Jayla)

  1. Nel says:

    Please, please please please PLEASE tell me the friend is Curt!! AAAAAH cliffhangers!!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. MsBad says:

    Hmmm, I wonder where Paul and Delilah are? So now I’m torn between wanting Curt to be there to support Jayla and not wanting him to see this happen to her. Her family is awful by the way, I would have played with the kids too if I were her!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. It’s not easy writing people to be mean when logically they should be nice. I don’t think it will take much more to make her stand up to them… I seem to be mean to my characters, but then they wouldn’t grow and it wouldn’t be interesting.


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