All Business – Mia (Part 8) (Sexy Saturday Serials)

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R.

 All Business - Mia

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All Business – Mia Part 8

I quickly read through the material Gwen had prepared for me. I thanked her profusely, even if I didn’t mean it, for the efforts she put into the summary of what we went through yesterday. I assured her I’d use them to train my co-workers. I wouldn’t but she didn’t need to know that.

Dr. Dwayne Liner came in and took me to the treatment room. I was antsy with anticipation. One would think three fantastic orgasms with Gerry was enough to satisfy me. Apparently not. I was a little concerned that might be a problem when I went back home. Not likely. I would probably have better luck finding a guy with a decent sex-drive and interest in oral. That was a new must for the potential boyfriend resume.

Dwayne locked the door and turned to face me. “Do you want a gown?”

“Do I need one?”

“I’d rather you didn’t. Please undress.”

“Yes Doctor.” I carefully disrobed and set my clothes on a chair. I hoped up onto the treatment bed and laid back.

“I’ll start by checking for any problem areas.” He began running his warm hands over my legs. “It’s good to feel for the trouble spots. never rely solely on x-rays, ultrasound or any other scans.”

“Yes Doctor.”

“You can call me Dwayne.”

I widened my eyes. Nah. I wanted a little fantasy play. Why not? I’ll never see him again. “But Doctor that would be inappropriate. I’m just here because I need a… treatment.”

His eyes sparkled and the corner of his mouth twitched. He adjusted himself and I went back to doe eyed innocence.

“Well then Miss, tell me where the problem is. I have just the equipment to help you out.”

Oh I know he does. “Oh good. First it starts here.” I pointed to my breasts.

His hands gently massaged and probed my sensitive globes. “I see the problem. Does it spread?”

“Oh yes Doctor. I get all achy and wet between my legs. It’s ever so uncomfortable. What do I do?” I suppressed a giggle when he adjusted again. Clearly this is on his fantasy bucket list. Too bad I’m not a real patient. Close enough I guess.

He went to the EMS and attached a singular wand. “I’ll have to treat the problem in your chest before I can diagnose and treat the other.”

“Yes Doctor.” I was enjoying the pulsing tension between my thighs. I resisted the temptation to touch myself or wiggle my hips. I wanted to enjoy this. It wasnt until he lowered the tip of the wand to my nipple that I realized what he planned to do. The electric shock sent instant jabs of arousal to my uterus. “Oh Doctor. I think that will make my other problem worse.”

“It has to get worse my dear.” He ran the jolting tip around my areola making my body writhe with desire and pleasure. “Before I can make it all better.”

He switched breasts and I arched my back, wet slid out and slid down between my but cheeks. The thrill was exotic, unlike anything I’ve ever felt. I’ve used a vibrator on my nipples before, but this was a whole new level of arousing. I spread my legs wide as I ached and throbbed.

“Oh Doctor.” I panted. “It’s pretty bad now.” Holy shit I never imagined this machine could do this.

He looked and groaned. He trailed the tip down my stomach the gentle buzz of electricity sending pulses through my skin. I clenched and moaned. His gentle hand spread my glistening lips and he inched the wand closer to my clit. I panted with need and fear. The second it touched I bucked. The intensity was too much it almost hurt. Almost. I covered my mouth and closed my eyes. Dwayne’s strong hands held me down as he gently ran the electrified tip over my clit. I clenched so hard I could hear the wet sucking sound of my own juices as my muscles worked toward climax.

“Oh my dear god.” Dwayne said as he watched me pulse and come. I nearly bit my hand to keep from screaming as I pulsed and bucked my hips. He removed the device and went back to watching. I felt his fingers slipping easily thorough my mess and I wrapped my pussy around his probing fingers an squeezed hard. It felt too good. He stood and changed the wand for two sticky pads. He put them over each nipple and I licked my lips.

He turned the machine on and the immediate intermittent pulses rocked my world. The pleasure from my breasts alone was worth enjoying. Sure enough the pulsing began again below. I felt a touch to my swollen labia and opened my eyes to see the second tongue of the day dart out to taste me.

“Oh Mia, you taste amazing.” With wild abandon he went at me with his lips and tongue. Not at all like Gerry’s deliberate administrations. The raw desire in his moans and sucking made me come. He licked and sucked and when I calmed he looked up and wiped his wet chin with a paper towel. He turned up the intensity on my nipples and I moaned with arousal. Five. Five orgasms in one morning and still I was ready for another.

This was the best business slash training trip of all time. The sound of him climbing over me made my eyes open, tearing my attention from my horny body. I looked to make sure he had a condom on. I’m on the pill, but I’m not at all interested in chancing an STD. I don’t know him after all and with a tool like this at his disposal, he must be treating someone else to this delightful sex-play.

I welcomed him in as his mouth found mine. I could taste myself on his lips as we desperately kissed and thrust. He reached over and increased the intensity and I went wild. The tingles evolved to raging aches as he thrust deep into me. This time as I approached the maddening precipice I raised my hips off the bed. The release was all encompassing. I heard Dwayne grunting as I clenched hard and repeatedly with each wave of pleasure. I heard a click and the electrodes on my breasts ceased their onslaught.

Eventually he moved off my sweaty body and disposed of the condom. He took two towels and dampened them. He handed me one and I cleaned off my body then between my legs. I dressed as he explained the procedures for the rest of the morning and afternoon.

To be continued…

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  1. Nel says:

    How she can still stand is incredible. I’d have jelly legs haha. Also, you might want to check part 7. I think it’s the same as part 1.

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