#23 Unwelcome Guest (Waking Up Jayla)

This story contain’s sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol it is rated R and 18+

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Unwelcome Guest (Waking Up Jayla)

I huffed and went to get the door as the visitor pounded again. It had to be Paul, he was due for a berating session. I opened the door and Bill pushed past me.

“The hell.” I said as he pulled me into the house and slammed my door shut.

“The fucking hell indeed Jayla. You stood me up and now you’re ignoring me all week?”

“Woah back up there buddy.” I was actually afraid.

I don’t know Bill this well. I had no idea if he was violent or not. I don’t think so, but he was being aggressive and he did turn out to be anti-nice and super pushy.

I scowled at him. “You didn’t even apologize Bill. You are the one that needed to contact me first. I forgot about coffee on Monday because I was busy.”

“I bet you were.” He snapped. “Whoring it up with the other guy were you?”

“It’s none of your business what I was doing. It’s over with us Bill, you’re not welcome here so please leave.”

“No. Not until I have my say. What you did was wrong Jayla. You can’t tease a man, lead him on and get that damned intimate then say no like you did.” He held his hand up to stop me from talking. It was reminiscent of a pre-strike. That infuriated me more than his words did. “I liked you, I was ready to make an effort with you.”

“You make it sound like you-”

“Shut up.” He cut me off. “You’re far from ideal Jayla. You would need a lot of work to be a good partner. What with your issues and you’re abundant emotional problems.” He rolled his pale blue eyes. “But I was willing to work on that. But oh no, you have to be difficult and leave me high and dry.” He laughed meanly. “Actually high and dry. Then you stand me up after all I’ve done?”

“All you’ve done?” I was stunned. His point of view was very different from mine and I don’t think mine’s askewed.

“It doesn’t matter now does it Jayal? You’ve picked haven’t you?”

I looked away. I had. It was an easy choice to make after Bill’s behaviour.

“I knew it. Does he know you’re a paragon of pathetic? That you’re completely broke? That you can’t manage money let alone a relationship? I was pissed when I found out and I was contemplating still taking you on.”

“What the hell Bill! I’m not a charity case.”

“Yeah you are. I bet that other man started after you thinking you’re still the rich daughter of the famous lottery winners. Does he know that unlike your sisters, you don’t have a dime left? Failed marriage, failed financial stability and now you’re about to find out what it means to cross me.”

My parents did win the lottery. A year later, they died on a trip. I was devastated. They were happy and living life to the fullest. I didn’t care about money, I would live in poverty to have them back for just one day. Even one hour. They made headlines for about a week and so did my sisters and I.

Asha and Theo invested their inheritance and even though they are set, Theo still runs his father’s shipping company. When Theo found out my money was gone it was a nightmare. They blamed me. Where did it go? How could I be so careless? Paul said he was investing in a business but that never happened. I don’t think it happened. He kept me out of it all saying he’d handle it. And the fool that I was, let him. I trusted him and I never said otherwise.

I didn’t see the point in pointing fingers. Paul was a smooth talker and everyone loved him. What good would it do to make him more miserable? He would just lash out at me so I let it go. I don’t mind working and Theo got Paul a job at a friend’s company. Not that I know what that is since neither feel obligated to tell me anything anymore. I’m the disgrace. Not that I did anything to earn that title. Though I suppose not doing anything was just as bad so I took that title too. I’m done with being the whipping horse for someone else’s mistakes.

Even my Delilah owns a chain of high-end boutiques and investments and constantly rubs it in my face. I haven’t actually spoken to Delilah more than a few times this past year. She think’s its hilarious and pathetic that I couldn’t keep a man as amazing as Paul happy.

I looked at Bill with his smarmy smug threatening face and wanted to punch it. I won’t of course. Paul deserved it. Bill might deserve it, but he would have to hit me first. I am however sick of men threatening me.

“Get out.” I moved to open the door.

Bill stepped between me and the door to stop me. Then it occurred to me.

“Wait.” I said. “How did you know I’m broke?”

“I have my ways. Fuck I was disappointed to find out I was wasting my time and was misled about you.”

“You were just after money?”

“What else is there? Surely you don’t think I’d actually want you do you?”

His mean laugh and sour breath turned my stomach.


“Oh you did. God you’re boring. You have nothing interesting to say, no sense of fashion or humor. I bet you’re lousy in bed too. Given how dry you were, no man wants to fuck a dry pussy. I might as well rub myself raw with a towel.”

I slapped him. I didn’t mean to, but he crossed too many lines. How did he get so cruel so fast? Was he always this way? “Leave now or else.”

“Oh or else what? You struck me first Jayla.” He taunted with his face close to mine. “Tell you what cock-tease, I’ll leave when I’m good and ready. Apologize now and I’ll walk away and maybe leave you alone. If you don’t I’ll destroy what little of your pathetic life you have left.”

My fear was real. My fury was even more real. “I thought you were a nice guy. Go to hell.” I lifted my knee and connected with his groin shoving him as he sucked his breath in. I hauled back and punched him as hard as I could in the stomach. He doubled over and I opened the door. As his face went purple, I grabbed his hair and pulled making him stumble. With a good hard shove, he fell out the door onto my porch. I’m not above a low blow if I need to. My self-defence instructor said to always fight as dirty as possible. There are no rules when saving yourself.

“I’m calling the police.”

“You do… that.” He huffed. “And you’ll be…. the one charged. I never laid… a finger on you, the… law is on my… side you penniless whore.”

There was truth to that. I did hit him first and a friend of mine was charged not too long ago for punching a boyfriend in anger. He hit her back, but it didn’t matter. She hit first.

“Leave me alone.” I slammed the door, locked it and leaned against it for all of two seconds. I then ran to check my back door and all the windows as I tried to remember where I left my cellphone. I saw Bill drive away and finally found my phone.

With shaking hands, I called the police and after explaining, I was told that since I hit first and assaulted him he could press charges. Since I hit him more than once and he didn’t hit me at all, I was not the victim. I guess threatening me didn’t count? Without proof it was hearsay and I was still the bad-guy in the scenario, but if I wanted to I could file a complaint she’d take it down. I gave her my side of the story including the threats and she said if I wanted to make it official to come down to the station. She asked if I felt in danger. I didn’t, Bill was gone and I couldn’t see him coming back now. She then asked if I planned to contact him or go after him. I said no.

I hung up feeling betrayed by the law. I hate the idea that to defend myself I have to wait to be hurt first. It was bullshit but, I could see the truth to what the woman explained. Would Bill press charges? Maybe, I doubt it. I did wonder what he would do.

 To be continued…

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9 comments on “#23 Unwelcome Guest (Waking Up Jayla)

  1. Nel says:

    I knew it was Bill. Is that really true that you have to hit first even if you’re being threatened band scared for your life? That’s ridiculous. Does bill have ties to Paul? Real curious where he got his information? Can she call Curt? She needs some serious comforting!

    Liked by 3 people

    • I suppose you’ll have to wait until tomorrow… Sorry.

      Yes she could be the one charged since she hit him first and more than once and he never struck her. If he had swung at her and she hit him first then she might not have been in trouble, but there are no witnesses to testify either way and its her word against his and he has the injuries. If she hadn’t hit him he could have been in trouble for the threats but again, word against word.

      Don’t worry I don’t think she’s so ‘asleep’ anymore… 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Sheryl says:

    I’m excited to see where this is going.

    Liked by 1 person

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