#22 Reflecting And Realizing (Waking Up Jayla)

This story contain’s sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol it is rated R and 18+

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Title (Waking Up Jayla)

Reflecting And Realizing

I glanced at the text from Curt as I went to my car after work.

Call me when U get home ❤

My heart started thudding at the prospect of talking to Curt. “Oh boy am I crushing hard.” I unlocked my car and got in.

I was sufficiently aroused by the time I got home. All I could think of were his hands on my body, my outrageous reaction to him and how much I wanted him. I tossed my keys in the bowl by the door and went to make some tea.

I dialed Curt as I steeped a cup of strawberry peach herbal.

“Hey.” I said when he answered.

Hey yourself love. Good day?”

“It started off amazing, but the rest was alright. You?”

I loved hearing his soft chuckle over the phone. I could imagine the dimples on his cheeks forming as he ran his hand through his brown hair.

I had to go out of town till Friday. There is a huge contract we just landed and I need to oversee the transaction. I have a friends thing on Saturday if you’re comfortable coming with me.

I wanted to desperately, but I had to go to my brother in law’s birthday barbeque and unlike my older sisters, I don’t bail on them when I say I’ll be there.

“I have a family obligation Saturday.”

Well that’s to be expected. It will take a bit for us to mesh into each other’s lives. Sunday morning? I’d like you to meet Everett.”

Huge step, I managed not to gasp. I love kids, and I would have my own had Paul and I been able. Boy things would be a lot messier if that had happened. Did I want to meet Everett? Yes, I very much did want to meet him.

“I’d love to, are you sure? What if he hates me?”

Fat chance Jayla. Like his father, he has a thing for blondes. The kid is a flirt and it’s hilarious. Nine am?”

“I’m so excited. Okay Sunday at nine.”

Dress casual and comfortable. Night.”


I ended the call. It wasn’t night yet. I made dinner and daydreamed about Curt and wondered how Everett would be.

It was so strange to think of myself as in a relationship. I’m sure Curt did and if I’m honest I did to. I was both excited and nervous to have sex with him and thought it was amazing that he was taking his time and not just going for it.

I couldn’t help but reflect wistfully over how amazing Curt is and that he wanted me to meet his son so soon.

I managed to make it through the entire week without having to talk to Bill. I saw him at work a few times and he glared but he didn’t bother to call or text or try. I think it’s safe to say that’s over with him. So much for Mr. Nice-guy. The second he didn’t get what he wanted he backed off. Fine by me I’m still angry at how hard he’d pushed. How does someone go from funny and charming to mean and pushy?  I had no idea. Maybe he was always that way and only pretended when we dated. I didn’t dare ask around since technically we’re not supposed to have personal relationships of that nature with co-workers. Boss was stingy about it.

What I thought about the most was how much of a struggle it was with Bill. I didn’t see it at first but conversation wasn’t easy, we don’t have much in common and he never actually listened to me or asked me anything important. Unlike Curt who was like a comfortable shoe. He fit perfectly and was a good balance of talk and listen. Having someone pay attention to me, enough to know when I’m not quite myself, is heart-melting.

I sat on the floor of my Living-room on Friday night. I was wrapping my brother in law’s present in yellow paper, daydreaming about my date with Curt and his son while watching a movie solo.

Everyone had plans and frankly, I was fine with a quiet night in. Tomorrow would be challenging since my sister and their friends all liked Paul.

I sighed as I tied the soft blue ribbon on the present. I liked a fun decorated gift. I put a lot of thought into it so I hoped Theo liked it. That thought brought on the next hurdle of my life. Do I tell them about Curt? Or do I wait and see how serious we are?  I haven’t mentioned him to anyone in my family. They were all so supportive of Paul when we divorced.

My sister Asha and Theo claimed to be impartial and they constantly told me to leave them out of the drama since they were stuck in the middle of Paul and I. It sucked because I’m family and Paul’s not. That and Asha wasn’t so supportive about Bill and I was still chapped over that.

“So do I tell them?” I started wrapping the small present I bought my nephew for fun.

As I reflect on all that’s happened, I realize I’ve come a long way from who I was when I kicked Paul out. I can see that now. I stand up for myself more, but maybe I could stand up even more for myself. I stood up to Paul and Bill and a year ago I never would have even said no, let alone fight back.

Now all I had to do was reclaim what Paul took from me. He took my friends and family by telling them his version of events and they believed him. Paul was such a charming ass, I swear he’d be the best used-car salesman on this continent if he applied himself. Only as far as I know he’s never actually succeeded at anything.

I jumped and nearly punctured my leg with the scissors when someone knocked loudly on my front door.

To be continued…

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8 comments on “#22 Reflecting And Realizing (Waking Up Jayla)

  1. Nel says:

    I wouldn’t tell anyone except like a best friend at this point. It’s going good and she wouldn’t want her family’s opinions, especially the negative ones sour her good, confident stride. I bet that’s Bill at the door. Glaring didn’t get the grovelling reaction he wanted….

    Liked by 2 people

  2. The sister and brother-in-law, don’t deserve her new relationship info, they still include her past(Paul) in too much and over Jayla at times.
    I know it’s Bill at the door….Smh😒

    Liked by 1 person

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