#21 Forgetting Something? (Waking Up Jayla)

This story contain’s sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol it is rated R and 18+

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Forgetting Something? (Waking Up Jayla)

I woke suddenly taking a moment to recall where I was. Curt had his eyes open and smiled brightly at me. The room was warmly lit by sun.

“Sorry love, no power still and I forgot to set my cell alarm.”

I tensed to jump up and scramble. What would be the point? Late now will still be late later.

“So did I.” My tension tapered off and I rolled over to face him properly. “Now what?”

“We get up, I make you breakfast and drive you home.” His hand roamed up my shirt, or rather his shirt, to my breast. “Mmm.”

My body jumped to aroused status the second his fingers raked my nipple. I licked my lips and opened my mouth to breathe more quietly as he pinched and rubbed. I moved my hand and he stopped me. “Nope. Stay still.” He chortled. “At least keep your hands to yourself.”

“Okay wh…” The question died on my lips as his hand slipped down and behind the pajama pants. I gasped at my body’s response. I did not tell my legs to part, but they did. I was aching and hot so suddenly it was almost frightening.

“Oh you’re mostly smooth.” He looked at my face with a lusty expression as his fingers found the small patch of trimmed hair. I liked to keep a neat garden. Brazilian waxes were my favourite post separation discovery. I preferred a tidy triangle of trimmed hair but the rest was hairless. I moved my hips as his fingers explored my landscaping.

“What a sexy surprise Jayla.” His voice sounded strained. His fingers moved lower to my sensitive flesh and he pressed his fingers deeper, getting closer to my opening. His wet fingers moved to my clit and gently massaged. I whimpered with pleasure and spread wider. It was safe to say this man could do whatever he wanted to and or with me. He increased the intensity of the rubbing and I arched my back.

“Curt, oh Curt yes.”

“Oh my…” He said as I came hard.

I figured he was done and so was I. He moved his fingers down and with a wet sound wiggled them inside me. He stroked and my eyes widened at how quickly I was aroused.

“Curt?” I said unsure as his two fingers worked me closer to another, yet different orgasm.

“Relax love.”

I laid back completely as he fingered me faster. The sounds of his fingers loud in my ears as the pleasure built up swiftly. “I can’t believe it… I’m…Ohhhhh.”

I shut my eyes and curled my toes as I approached climax. “Ah! Ah! Ohhhh Curt.” The power with which I came was unbelievable. I pushed against his hand as I throbbed and clenched around his fingers.

I realized as my breath calmed that his was now laboured. I reached behind his pajama pants and gripped his ridged flesh. He moaned as I got my first feel of his true stature. He was a thick, a good length and circumcised. I wanted to look but something made me watch his face as he had mine. I stroked faster as he closed his eyes.

“Jayla I’m going to come.”

I kept stroking until he grunted and let loose. I pulled my hand out and waited for him to open his eyes.

“Does this still count as the first date or second?” I grinned.

“I don’t know what it is about you but I’ve never reacted so intensely to a woman before.”

I clapped my hands. “Yay for me. In fairness I’ve never…” I bit moth my lips. Not what I should be saying. Why on Earth did I feel the need to confess things to this man.

He sat up so suddenly. “You were married. He wasn’t your first was he?”

“No.” I grimaced. I did not want to discuss past lovers.

“Oh holy shit. You’ve never had a multiple orgasm have you?”

Intuitive little jerk. I barely had time to react before he had me pinned to the bed.

“Have you?”

“No.” I laughed as he rubbed his scruffy chin on my neck. “I’ve never thought of sex as something I had to have, but liked to do.”

He continued his scruffy attack on my cheeks eliciting peels of laughs and giggles. Then stopped and looked me in the eyes. “Just you wait. You’re in for one hell of a ride.”

“Now?” I was a bit concerned on how late I might be for work and I had a fleeting fluttery sinking feeling in my stomach. Was I forgetting something?

“Oh no. I want the first time we have actual sex to be much more meaningful than this.”

I don’t know this seemed meaningful enough to me. I could call in sick. I wonder how much guilt would eat at me for that. I rarely called in. My workload wasn’t easily delegated to others and I was swamped right now.

“You’re pouty little lip is adorable and flattering to my ego.” He smacked my hip. “Get up my little temptress.”

He showered quickly as I watched the rain falling steady out the window. I called my supervisor and she said I wasn’t the only one running late from the power outage. She’d laughed and said to get in as soon as I can. Guilt nagged at me and by the time Curt came out looking super sexy in his spiffy grey suit, I was eager to get home.

“What do you like for breakfast?”

“I really can’t. I need to get to work.” The feeling that I was forgetting something started eating away at my gut.

“Interesting.” He went to the fridge and took out the container of cut up fruit left over from our movie in the park. He took out a box of granola and retrieved some yogurt. “I’m not going anywhere until I eat something. You can sit and watch or have some.”

“Bossy in the mornings aren’t we?”

He was preparing two bowls anyway.

“I’m only bossy about things that matter. Ultimately you’re the boss of yourself Jayla.”

“So if I don’t eat this?” I took the makeshift yogurt parfait and started to eat the delicious concoction.

“You’ll be hungry, probably cranky and like I said, it’s up to you. I’m just offering.”

We ate in silence as I contemplated. I frowned and tried to cover it.

“I saw that.”

“Don’t take it personally Curt. I don’t like the idea of being dependant for any reason.”

“I see.” He finished his last bite and took my empty bowl. “You do realize there is a big, yet sometimes confused, distinction between being dependant on someone and being able to rely on them right?”

I didn’t. They are the same thing aren’t they? “Oh wow.” It hit me. I wasn’t dependant on Curt but I liked that he was there for me last night. I didn’t have to stay, I wanted to. I don’t have to see him again for my life to move on, but I will.

He leaned and kissed my forehead. “That little gem took me a long time to polish up. Now lets get you home so you can get your hot little ass to work.”

“My clothes?”

He retrieved a bag with my still damp clothes. “Now you have new pajamas to wear and think of me when you sleep.”

“Is this a fet thing?”

“Nah. Maybe a possessive thing.”

“It’s a fetish.” I teased as we left his apartment.

After a steamy and fantastic kiss goodbye, I rushed to get ready for work. I was driving myself crazy trying to recall what I was supposed to remember today. I was only two hours late. It was as I walked through to my office that I remembered I was supposed to meet Bill for coffee. I looked at my cell. There was a text from Mandy asking how the date went but no calls or texts from Bill. “Oops. Now I know what I forgot.” I slipped into my office to begin working.

To be continued…

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Next Chapter: Reflecting And Realizing



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  2. Nel says:

    Such and insignificant thing to forget 😎. Curious to see how Bill is going to take it though. Seems like he’s gonna make that face to face interaction

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