All Business – Mia (Part 7) (Sexy Saturday Serials)

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R.

 All Business - Mia

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All Business – Mia Part 7

Gerry had just given me amazing morning oral and was suggesting he was leaving. I moved faster from the bed than expected. Something deep inside me called out for me to gather more pleasure. And that was still hidden behind his bulging pants.

“Wait.” I said and stopped Gerry from uncovering the plate. “May I?” I asked and gently touched the button of his trousers.

His grin undid all his hard work of drying me up below. “If you like.”

I undid his pants with an expert precision I didn’t know I possessed and dropped his pants and his boxers in one swift move. He sprang free and bobbed tantalizingly before my face. As Gerry did before, I licked my lips and approached with my lips parted.

Now I knelt on the hotel carpet slowly taking a mouthful of Gerry’s pulsing thick head. I ran my tongue over his sensitive flesh and opened wide. There was no way I could have taken Andrew into my mouth like this, but Gerry wasn’t too wide nor too long. His soft yet firm rod slipped in and to the back of my throat. I swallowed to keep from gagging and he groaned loudly. I backed off and slurped and sucked as I took him deep again. The tingle between my legs grew tenfold with his moans of approval. My tongue massaged his length as he slid against the back of my throat. The feeling of him hot and hard in my mouth was erotic. This time when I backed off for a gulp of air he stopped me from going back for more.

“As much as I love a good blow job, and fuck you’re incredible, I’d love to feel your pussy strangle my cock like it did to my tongue.”

Such a compliment sent surges of need to my oversexed pussy. I retrieved a condom quickly from my purse on the dresser and rolled it over him while gently stroking his sensitive spots.

I wanted doggy off the edge of the bed so I climbed up and presented my hot wet opening.

“You are one hot piece of ass.” Gerry said as he entered me in one fast thrust. I yelped in pleasure at the invasion. My senses tripped and exploded as he thrust hard and fast into me. I angled myself to find the perfect point of friction and crooned when I got it just right. Gerry’s fingers dug into my hips as he pounded me from behind. The sound of his balls slapping and his groan-grunts made me clamp down in preparation of orgasm. The pressure made him come and with two hard final thrusts I came unraveled around him. I collapsed on the bed pulling myself free of him and let the cycle of pleasure wind down. I turned as he put his pants back on.

“Enjoy your breakfast Mia.”

I never told him my name. The thought that Andrew did was unsettling. Not in a bad way. I suppose letting two staff members have their way with me yesterday set me up as easy. The only thing stopping me from going down that self-degrading road was that none of them just had their way with me. They all made sure I got there first and paid attention to me never expecting more than I was willing to offer.

“Huh.” I went to the shower to freshen up and then sat at the small table to eat my cold breakfast of fruit salad, yogurt, granola and orange juice. How did they know what I wanted for breakfast? There’s no way they paid that close attention to yesterday.

I dressed similar to yesterday, a clean light grey pencil skirt, and a blue and lavender blouse. As I checked my purse for condoms I got excited knowing I was going to see Dr. Linen again. I headed down to the lobby. Henri was busy with a client who pinched a nerve in her neck so I applied my own sunblock. There was no need to be disappointing.  Gerry did more than enough to satisfy my immediate needs.

I strolled up to a smiling Andrew. “Good morning Mia. How was breakfast?”

“Tasty.” I blushed. I should hate that he knew and probably set that up.

“I see you have a late check out.”

“Once I’m done my training at three I’ll pack up and leave to the airport.”

“That’s too bad. Packing can be a chore. Have a lovely day Mia.”

“You too.” I left the hotel smiling and feeling on top of the world.

To be continued…

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    That’s how one start a Saturday morning

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