# 19 It’s Not You It’s Me (Waking Up Jayla)

This story contain’s sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol it is rated R and 18+

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It’s Not You It’s Me (Waking Up Jayla)

Curt returned with fresh Pajama pants and a washcloth. I went into the bathroom, tidied up and went back to the couch. I needed to go home; I had to work in the morning. However, my clothes were super wet and I didn’t really want to leave yet.

I glanced nervously at the curtained window as another round of storm rolled in. I gripped my green pillow shield tight. Curt padded out in his bare feet and turned the flashlight off. The room was still awash in the warm glow of candles and bright white flashes of lightening.

“Are you hungry or thirsty?”

“No I’m fine.”

“Yes, yes you are.” He leered.

I smiled. “This may be the best first date in the history of first dates.”

“I was worried you’d be all weird by the time I got back.”

“I should be, but I’m not.” I contemplated this as he took my hand and pulled me off the couch.

Not one bit of this felt awkward or wrong to my surprise.

“If you want to stay, I will actually behave this time.”

I snickered. “I think I was half of that equation if not more. I could have said stop.”

“And I would have.” He kissed my forehead and I flinched ever so slightly. “I’m glad you didn’t. How about we turn this pajama party into a sleep over?”

I chewed on my bottom lip in indecision before answering. “Okay, but I have to be up early enough to get home and ready for work.”

“Now it’s the best first date in the history of first dates.” He bent down and blew out the candles. I was not prepared for him scooping me up into his arms. It was ultra-romantic in my books, I squealed and put my arms around his neck. I’m a woman in trouble and Curt was the cause of the danger. He took me to his bedroom where a solitary candle attempted to light the room.  The air was cool from the air conditioner even though it wasn’t running.

He tossed me on the bed. “You my little temptress are too hot for your own good.”

“Hot? Oh come on I’m wearing your…” I glanced down then at his playful expression. “That turns you on?”

“One of many things about you. Go on get in.” Curt held the sheets for me to crawl under them and he climbed in. “Now how about you tell me why you’re so upset tonight.” He asked as we settled facing each other on our sides.

“I’m terrified of thunderstorms.” I said as he pulled me closer. I rather like being manhandled by him.

“How about before that? What happened to make you flinch and purse your lips? What made your eyes misty in the car and you be so quiet? What caused you to keep looking away and pick at the water bottle label at the park?”

My eyes misted over now as he asked and I swallowed. Holy shit he’d noticed. Not only that but he had paid close enough attention to realize it wasn’t normal behaviour even though he barely knows me. My tender heart swelled and my chest felt tight. He was playing with a lock of my golden hair and it seemed so familiar a thing to do.

“Jayla, tell me if I’ve done something or keep doing something to upset you.”

I shuddered an emotional breath. “You’re too perfect. It’s not you-”

“Ugh. Do not say ‘it’s me’ Jayla.”

“No… Um. I don’t think you need to worry about competition anymore.”

“Did he hurt you?” Curt half sat up propping himself up on his elbow.


“Ooh that sounds like a lie.” Curt sat up fully. “What did he do? No man in his right mind would mess up a chance to be with you.”

I wiped the stray tears that started to collect in my eyes.

“Stop it.” I sat up. “Just ‘cause you say that doesn’t make it true. I’m a divorced woman who’s been rejected by my ex and by several stupid blind dates.”

“Don’t change the subject. What did he do?”

Could I tell him? I was embarrassed and angry about it. The more time I had to reflect the worse Bill’s actions made me feel.

To be continued…

Copyright © 2017 All rights reserved

Next Chapter: Letting it out


5 comments on “# 19 It’s Not You It’s Me (Waking Up Jayla)

  1. wow.. this curt damn good … i love him .. he is taking care of all small and little things.
    really this is the best date
    dont feel embrassed or anger jayla you done nothing wrong..
    loved it..
    thank you

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nel says:

    I had a freak out moment cause based on your title I thought she was going to run again. I don’t know if she should tell Curt what happened at this stage since she’s never seen Curt angry yet so not sure how he’ll react even though all signs point to him being a coolheaded individual.

    Liked by 1 person

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