#17 Practical And Romantic (Waking Up Jayla)

This story contain’s sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol it is rated R and 18+

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Practical And Romantic (Waking Up Jayla)

I came out from the Curt’s bathroom barefoot and swimming in his pajamas that were two or more sizes too big. I will admit only to myself; that I absolutely loved wearing them. I approached and Curt stopped in his tracks staring at me while holding two lit candles.

He was in blue plaid pajamas of his own with a plain dark blue t-shirt that fit him perfectly. I was in frumpy clothes and no makeup and feeling self-conscious. A bright flash of lightning made me bolt for the blue couch. Why the couch? I have no idea. There was a pretty green throw pillow there to protect me like a fluffy shield. Curt was chuckling as he set the lit candles on the Polished hand carved wood coffee table. I looked around. It was so warm and inviting. Like a home. Right he has a son. Curt came back with more candles and then brought out two glasses of water.

“Thank you.” I gulped half of mine and set it on the coaster.

I searched the room admiring the photographs on a shelf. Pieces of child made artwork were carefully displayed among the photos and books. It was all too far away for me to get a good look at and I had no intention of leaving the sanctuary of the overly comfortable blue couch to investigate closer.

I was too distracted by the thunder to notice Curt staring. I flinched and wanted to cry from embarrassment.

“I’m sorry to say this Jayla but you are adorable.”

“No I’m not. This is humiliating.”

Curt sat in the corner of the couch, grabbed my arm and pulled me in to snuggle. I must say he is very cuddly and I’m not about to complain. Comfort is number one on my needs list right about now.

Curt rubbed my back. “Humiliating is being pantsed in front of the entire graduation class, tripping on a date and getting a face full of dog crap or sneezing out a snot bubble during a job interview. Trust me I know firsthand, but I won’t admit to which of those is true.”

I laughed and hugged the pillow closer.

“Jayla I’m not judging. I’m sort of being selfish.”

“How?” I shifted to see his warm brown eyes.

“Yeeeeah… I have a hot as sin blue-eyed woman in my clothes, on my couch, afraid and hugging me as if the world is ending.” He tapped his chin. “I might go to hell for it but I’m digging the phobia and thanking the rain gods.”

“Hmm.” I inhaled deeply of his scent.

I actually yelped when the power went out. I was breathing fast but not entirely from fear alone. I smiled realizing that’s why he put out the candles. Not to be romantic, but to be practical, maybe both.

I felt no pressure to behave in any certain way and I had complete control of my mind and body. Sort of. My body had a horny little mind of it’s own and was letting me know that it approved of Curt far more than it ever did for Paul. Hell my brain approved of Curt too.

“Well there goes my idea to watch another movie and try for second base on the sly.” Curt kissed the top of my head. “Wanna make out? I promise to behave.”

I stopped breathing a moment. Every bit of me wanted to “make out” with Curt. The only thing that made me pause was the behave comment. I believed him, but I was apparently more upset about last night than I realized. Curt is not Bill. He’s nothing like him in any way.

“Here.” He shifted, took away my fluffy sheild and moved me so I was face to face. “You’re in charge.” It was a role reversal of sorts with him positioned sort-of beneath me.

The candlelight played off his brown hair, eyes and flickered on his stubble. I couldn’t resist. I moved closer and lowered my lips to his as the scent of warm candles, soap and the smell that is distinctly Curt, made me feel alive.

To be continued…

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8 comments on “#17 Practical And Romantic (Waking Up Jayla)

  1. Nel says:

    I’m applauding!!!!!

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  2. this is being alive..not being in charge but to start beliveing so one who we dont know giving charge on ourselves.. loved the update ..
    waiting for tommorrow

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