#16 Thunder And Lightning (Waking Up Jayla)


This story contain’s sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol it is rated R and 18+

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Thunder And Lightning (Waking Up Jayla)

The movie started and I couldn’t contain my glee. I love cheesy romance and this movie was at the tip-top of my favourites list. I was grinning like a crazy person.

“I knew it. You were reading a romance novel weren’t you?” Curt laughed and shifted to pull me to his side. “Before you tossed it to the ducks.”

“Yes.” I changed my position to snuggle into him as we watched.

Three quarters the way through, he tugged me onto his lap so I could lean back against him. My mind wandered from the movie to the smell and feel of Curt behind me. He smelled fresh and spicy. He felt strong and stable. His hands went around my waist to rest on my tummy. My heart started thumping double time like thunder as he played with the sensitive skin above the hem of my shorts. With that single, gentle and subtle move I was more aroused than the entirety of Bills affections the night before. I glanced around nervously. Nobody was even looking at us that I could see.

As Curt’s hand disappeared beneath my top slowly; he breathed on the back of my neck. It sent sexy shivers across my entire body like micro lightning strikes. I tried to keep my breath even and steady as his hands tickled and played with the skin of my abs and stomach. I’m not sure when the credits started and only became aware when he suddenly denied my skin his touch.

He stood and held his hand out for me, I took it and he pulled me to my feet. A fat drop of rain hit me square on the nose and Curt looked up as the clouds let loose their burden.

Curt rolled his eyes. “Rain, of course.”

Laughing I grabbed the basket and he quickly folded the blanket. We were of many that were scrambling.

“We’re getting soaked no matter what.” Curt chuckled, grabbed my hand and we half jogged toward his car.

By the time we got there, the lightning started and was flashing bright as the thunder boomed. Usually they roll in and there is lead up. Maybe it was behind us and I didn’t notice it coming. Curt was distracting.

“You’re car’s going to get wet.”

“It’s only a car and water wont hurt it. Get in.” Curt closed the trunk and got in to drive.

“I’m soaked through.” I jumped at the flash of lightning.

I hate storms and any that happened over the past year I’ve been alone, I’d hide in my bed and call a friend. Pathetic? Yes. Do I care that it is? No. I can’t help it.

“You okay?”

I failed at nodding convincingly and took out my phone to check my weather network app. The storm was going to last at least two hours. I may have whimpered when the thunder was loud enough to shake the car. Maybe that was my imagination, but hey a fears a fear.

Curt took my hand and held it as he drove. Great now he knows my embarrassing phobia. I can pick spiders up by hand and even kiss a snake. Skydive? CN Tower walk? No problem. Jump off a cliff into water many feet below? Sure. But this?

“Why are you embarrassed?” Curt asked.

I wanted to sink into the wet fabric of the chair. Even better it’s obvious. Scratch embarrassed try humiliated. I couldn’t answer and closed my eyes to stifle my tears. I want Curt to like me not think I’m pathetic.

“You know Everett is afraid of monkeys. Any monkey. He cries and screams when he sees them. For no reason me or Tash can figure out. I scream like a little girl at freaky flash images. Like when you’re tricked into watching a quiet video then a scary face pops up. That and spiders. Spiders freak me right out. Creepy little Satan spawn.” He grumbled the last part.

I snickered and then tensed at a particularly bright flash.

“Being afraid of something irrational doesn’t make us weak Jayla. What do you do when you’re alone?”

“Hide and force a friend to listen to me babble until it passes.”

“Okeydokey.” He pulled into an underground parking lot and parked. “Don’t worry I won’t bite or take advantage of you.”

He said it so lightly, but it hit hard. I clenched my jaw as we got the basket and soaked blanket from the trunk.

“Come on. Let’s get dry off and try to relax.”

I hesitated at the elevator.

“It has a back-up generator. Lot’s of places do.” He took my hand and pulled me in. I stayed silent the entire way up to the top floor. Of course. I followed him numbly into his apartment.

He turned on the lights and we kicked our shoes off. I stood still afraid to get anything wet. I could see the kitchen from my position. It was clean and big for an apartment. I admired the natty black appliances and counter tops with dark wood cupboards. Curt disappeared and returned with a large fluffy blue towel.


“Dry off. The bathroom is down the hall the only room on the right. I put some dry clothes in there. They won’t fit.”

I caught the glint in his eyes as I padded down the hall to the bathroom. I passed the living room in deep blues and greens. It was reminiscent of my own. The other rooms’ doors were closed except the bathroom. I went in, stripped my soaked clothes off, and set them on the edge of the tub. I was chilled and tried to dry quickly.

Going commando wasn’t my preference but it would be more comfortable. I put the pajama pants on and rolled the bottoms and then the black t-shirt. I looked in the mirror and decided to quickly wash my smeared makeup off. I towel dried my hair and went out to the living room jumping at the loud crashes of thunder. Oh great. What have I gotten myself into?

 To be continued…

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  1. Nel says:

    What have you gotten yourself into indeed! 😀

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  2. Nothing like a little storm to stir up opportunity… and other things.

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  3. You have kept us waiting.. What happens next…

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