All Business – Mia (Part 6) (Sexy Saturday Serials)

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R.

 All Business - Mia

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All Business – Mia Part 6

Well I ended up skipping the bath since I was so exhausted and fell into bed. I took a long hot shower in the morning instead. I patted my mound amazed that I was tender but not sore. I expected sore, and even painful. Instead I was flushed and a little puffed between my legs. Aroused. Like a bitch in heat only not gross. I was fascinated by how horny I am after all that sex yesterday.

I Jumped at  a rap at the door and tied the white fluffy robe around my still wet body. I peeked out and a man stood at the door with a tray. I didn’t order room service. I left the bar bolt on the door and opened it the inch.

“Good morning.” He said before I could object. “Andrew sent me up with a complimentary breakfast.”

I glanced at his name-tag. Gerry.

I backed up and closed the door. Was I labeled easy? It would fit. Did I care? I should, but as Eric said, on this trip I could do whatever I wanted. Nobody knew me here. I swiveled the bar lock and opened the door for the young man. He was close to if only a year or so younger than I. A lean and tanned body supported a handsome face topped with light blond hair. Not rugged, more like model pretty. He turned his very dark blue eyes on me as he set the tray down. More than just my hair dripped.

“You’re wet. Let me help with that.” Gerry smiled and retrieved a towel from the bathroom.

“I can dry my own hair.” I reached for the towel.

“Nonsense, you are the guest here.”

Where have I heard that before? I smiled and didn’t fight as he started drying my hair. I didn’t object when he undid the robe and let it puddle at my feet. He preceded to gently rub my left arm, then my right. I shivered with anticipation as my insides fluttered and roused. He dried down my back to my left leg then back up to my right. He moved to my front and dried my stomach and up to my already alert breasts. He rubbed them dry. He spent far to long to accomplished this and the resulting friction sent bolts of arousal down to my core and outward.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t dry all of you.” Gerry pouted and dropped the towel on the terrycloth robe. “Not with the towel.” He gently moved me to the edge of the bed and sat me down. I was speechless. I didn’t know what do say or do. I wanted this total stranger who stood before me pushing out his dark grey trousers.

Gerry gently nudged me to lay back then lifted my heels to the edge of the bed forcing me to spread wide for him. Was this really happening? There I was on the edge of a hotel bed with a pretty blond man gently fingering my very wet folds.

“So wet.”

I was breathing hard and aching for more. So fast and so ready for whatever he wanted to do.  I watched as he licked his lips and lowered his mouth to my eager entrance.

I was skeptical. Never have I actually enjoyed oral to orgasm. It was okay, but any man to eat me out was timid and either rushed or gave up in seconds. I always felt it was an empty gesture to just get his penis in me. Gerry’s tongue full on licked my entire sex from perineum to clit. He repeated a couple times before using his fingers to open my petals wide. He languidly ran his tongue up through my most sensitive flesh stopping to focus on the hardening nub of my clit.

I Gasped and writhed and Gerry held my hips steady as he went to work on and around the sensitive bump. He made the sexiest soft moans as he worked my body, as if he were enjoying the activity.

“Oh God, oh, oh. Ohhhhhh.” I came fast as his rough tongue massaged my clit. It surprised me and left me panting. I expected him to stop and get down to business, but he didn’t. Instead Gerry slipped the flexed tip of his tongue down and circled my opening. Which was still pulsing from the orgasm. I could hear my own wetness as I clenched and released. It was arousing to say the least.

With a low groan in his throat Gerry pressed his lips to my southern lips and pushed his tongue into my well. I held my breath and concentrated on the feeling of his thick wiggling tongue licking at my inner walls. The muffled sound of his breathing shooting hot blasts of air from his nostrils through my upper crevasse and over my clit in harsh puffs. Gerry’s arms went under my legs to hold me firmly. I buried my hands into his abnormally soft blond hair as he brought me closer to another orgasm. Each meaty stroke of his agile tongue licked pleasure deep into my core.

I closed my eyes and pulled back my legs as I neared the edge of no return. I gasped and grunted finally crying out with the pent up release. My body shuddered and convulsed as Gerry sucked and moaned into me.

The intoxicating euphoria spread over me as Gerry stood. “There that’s better.” He smiled. “I’ve had my breakfast, now you should have yours.” He went to uncover the tray… I had other plans.

To be continued…

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