#11 The Bill Vs. Curt Dilemma (Waking Up Jayla)

This story contain’s sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol it is rated R and 18+

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(Waking Up Jayla)

I was killing it in my hot pink spaghetti strap dress. I felt as sexy as I looked as I threw back my third tequila shot. That was my limit. Lame I know, but I don’t like being drunk. Mandy in her teal blue dress pulled me back to the rowdy dance floor. It’s been a long time since we had this much fun. With us both being single it brought a very different air to the night.

Despite having two suitors I flirted, danced, and enjoyed the roaming hands of men trying to seduce me. I’m not a free enough spirit to go home with any of them. Curt was the first man to kiss me after just meeting me. I’m terribly conservative when it comes to kissing and sex. I thought about him too much. I found myself daydreaming and wondering what we would do on Sunday. Would I find out more about him? Enough to help me decide which man to keep dating?

Mandy had a higher tolerance and was lapping me on her drinks. We took a break and managed to snag a table far enough from the dance floor. She talked about her new position as national sales manager and how much she loved traveling. She’s not one to settle down or even settle on a man, so she has been enjoying the men each city has to offer and apparently some women too. That was new and she was excited to tell me.

“So what about you sweetie, you going to bang both men?”

I did not take offense. Mandy and I have been friends since high school. She hated Paul from day one, told me so, but was supportive regardless. Mandy is blunt and has no filters, so Paul hated her in return. He made it difficult to go out with her. In hindsight, I now know he was controlling to the point of abusive.

I hadn’t though past the dates let alone sleeping with either or both. I wanted to.

“I don’t think I could.” I laughed and shook my head. “Bill is so sweet and fun. He’s very clear about how he feels.”

“Yeah but as long as it’s a secret right?” Many shook her head. “So what about your hottie?”

“Curt.” I sighed and smiled before continuing. “He’s not like Bill at all. He’s…”

“Ugh you know what I’m hearing?”

“No but I’m sure you’ll enlighten me.”

Mandy laughed and downed another shot. “Bill is the white picket fence, the man who is good enough and safe. He’ll open you up to his world whether you want to or not. Curt is all passion and excitement. He has a kid so he’s responsible. He’s persistent and charming. Oh and melts your panties. Hmm… I know which one you’ll pick.”

When she put it that way, it seemed like they were more similar than I thought. Even if they are still completely different. Both had long-term possibilities. Bill cared for his mom so I know he’s kind and loyal. Curt listened as much as he talked and so far I’ve enjoyed his company. Curt also has a son and is dedicated. While Bill was quirky and fun, Curt is charming and easy to be around.

I’m attracted to both, maybe one more than the other, but I know that attraction isn’t everything.

“Oh? Which one do you think I’ll choose?” I asked

“The one that is practically Paul.” She grabbed my hand and pulled me up. “Look sweetie, you play things safe all the time. I’m utterly and completely shocked you’re dating two men at once. If you sleep with them, their true colours are bound to show. I recommend you give both a go, see which burns up the bed sheets, and keep that one. Let’s go dance and rub up against hot buff strangers.”

I laughed as she dragged me back to the dance floor. Which did she think was like Paul? I know better than to ask. I’d just get a lecture about looking at the bigger picture. I tried not to let my mind fuss as we danced.

It was hard not to think about it now that Mandy put it in my head about Paul. Was I just searching for a replacement? Did I choose men that are domineering and aggressive? Paul always controlled me whether I knew it outright or not. Hindsight gave me a spectacular view of just how bad Paul had me under his thumb. So was I just being pathetic and looking for someone to fill Paul’s familiar and vacant role in my life?

Tomorrow I would take it a bit further with Bill and find out how much he wanted me and I suppose how much I want him. I’m not ready to sleep with Bill, but I wouldn’t mind playing a little. Sunday I… well I didn’t know what to do about Sunday. It’s weird to go on a date on a Sunday, but since Curt had part custody and his time was divided I would respect that. How do I decide?

To be continued…

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10 comments on “#11 The Bill Vs. Curt Dilemma (Waking Up Jayla)

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  2. Nel says:

    I’m conflicted too. Bill is a nice guy even though he can be a little boring and Curt is just fine but she definitely needs to know him more since he has a kid. Ah Cim! You’re so good at this lol

    Liked by 1 person

  3. MsBad says:

    Bill is the new Paul, run Jayla!! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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