#10 Sweet Messages (Waking Up Jayla)

This story contain’s sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol it is rated R and 18+

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Sweet Messages (Waking Up Jayla)

The week flew by in a whirlwind of new tasks and clients. I had more work to do than I could handle and was loving it. I was getting the impression that my boss was taking advantage of my desire for the promotion. Unfortunately, the extra work meant I was also too busy at work to talk to Bill directly. Bill had a very busy social calendar on work nights. How he managed I had no clue. Most of it was jamming with his friend’s or whatever; the rest was doing chores for his mom.

I was too excited to sit still. I had not one, but two dates this upcoming weekend. Both men are fantastic in their own ways. Bill has been sending me little notes secretly at work tucked under a coffee he left on my desk each morning. Cute little cheesy things like ‘Something hot for someone hotter. –B’ and ‘from your not-so-secret admirer –B’ I loved it. So sweet. I left Bill a secret present today. When he went for a lunch meeting in the boardroom, he walked past me and I slipped the pin in his jacket pocket as he went by. I attached a little note that said. “Thought of you.”

I was meeting up with Mandy, my best friend, for drinks tonight. She’s been traveling a lot with work and was heading out again Sunday. I was packing up to leave when Bill came into my small office and closed the door.

“You are amazingly sweet.” He said and advanced on me quickly. “Where did you find the pin?”

“The market.”

Bill glanced over his shoulder then back at me. “Fuck it.”

He kissed me with more passion than he has so far. It was nice to feel desired. We agreed not to give any obvious sign we were dating at work. This was obvious. As his hand moved down to grab my backside I had a flash of guilt detonate inside and destroy the arousal that was starting. Curt’s smiling face popped into my mind. I backed off, my face red from guilt and embarrassment for the potential of being caught.

“I can’t wait for tomorrow. I bought my favourite wine and you’re going to love dinner.”

I smiled then guilt pummeled me again. “Um Bill?”


“I need to be honest with you.”

His face fell and his defenses went up. I became instantly nervous because I need to fess up. I cannot go forward and hope for any sort of relationship with lies.

“Oh it’s not what you think. But, I need to be fair. Before we get too serious you need to know I’m-”

“Divorced, yeah I know.”

I waived my hands dismissively. “No not that. I’m going on a date Sunday.”

“No we’re having dinner on Saturday night not Sunday.”

“With another man.”

He got that blank contemplative look he often gets when I say or do something contrary to what he wants or expects. “How serious are you about him?”

“I don’t know.” I looked away and bit my bottom lip as the silence seemed too loud to bear.

“I don’t like it and I don’t approve.” Bill said harshly. “But, we’re not exclusive yet. I’m not okay with being the other guy or competing with someone else. You need to decide sooner than later if you want to be with me. I won’t be strung along Jayla.”

“Decide.” I sighed and looked at the door. “I’m not even sure I’m ready for a relationship. For me dating is new. I like you Bill, please don’t think I’m being callous.”

He smiled and petted my head. “I don’t think you could be on purpose. I shouldn’t be surprised that another man is after you. I guess I’ll just have to prove I’m the better man.”

“You’re taking this well.”

“I’m not about to give up on you.” Bill kissed the back of my hand. “I have a serious interest in you and I know we can be good together.”

I smiled. It was likely true. “I’m looking forward to dinner.”

“You’ll enjoy it I promise you that. I’m putting a lot of effort into it and into you.  I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“Yes absolutely.”

He pecked my lips with a kiss and left my office.

“Decide.” I shook my head and grabbed my bags.

 I went home to prepare for a night out with Mandy. How on Earth did I get into this situation? I am not the kind of woman to date two men at once. A month ago, I was dreading blind dates and set-ups that were dismal disasters. I was looking forward to an evening of dancing and girl-talk.

To be continued…

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Next Chapter: The Bill Vs. Curt Dilemma



6 comments on “#10 Sweet Messages (Waking Up Jayla)

  1. Spellbinding story. Enjoyed reading it. Bravo!

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  2. nice update.. two dates what jayla is going to do.
    bill or curt..? enjoyed reading it..

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