All Business – Mia (Part 5) (Sexy Saturday Serials)

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R.

 All Business - Mia

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All Business – Mia Part 5

I stopped for a light dinner before heading back to my hotel. I wasn’t sure what to do with my evening. Traveling alone made it awkward to sight-see or do anything fun. I flew out tomorrow night so this was my only time to really do anything. But what?

I walked up to the front desk surprised to see Andrew still there. “Working late?” I asked casually.

“Just finishing up.” He smiled. “May I help you with anything?”

“Well I wondered what there is to do. I don’t want to be up too late, so no clubs, but something fun maybe?”

Andrew scratched his chin. “Do you have comfortable shoes?”


“There’s a lovely trail that is perfect for an early evening stroll.”

I semi-grimaced. “I’m here alone, that doesn’t sound like a solitary activity.”

“I’d be happy to go with you.” He smiled and leered and my insides cheered. Really? I was shocked to find myself becoming aroused. Maybe something’s wrong with me.

“You don’t need to. I’ll be fine on my own.”

“Nonsense, you are the guest here. I don’t have any plans or anywhere to be. Go change and meet me here in twenty?”

I didn’t have to think about this. Time alone with this magnificent man was not something to pass up.  I nodded and went to my room to take a quick rinse. Sex with two different men, even with condoms was a bit off putting.  I couldn’t bring myself to feel bad about it. I changed into a pleated skirt and fitted t-shirt that didn’t need a bra, so I didn’t bother with one> Maybe Andrew would appreciate the bounce of them as I walked I Know I will. I donned my cute pink sneakers and met Andrew in the lobby. He was in jeans and a black t shirt that made him look godly.

Conversation was light, he talked about the city and it’s history. About some of he interesting people he’s met. I talked about why I was here, but couldn’t bring myself to tell him about my personal life. Why? I have no idea. Maybe it was because I’m not me here.

As we entered the forested area, only a couple blocks from the hotel, with the gorgeous view of the ocean I relaxed. Sure this could be dangerous, but it didn’t feel that way. It was still broad daylight and Andrew’s hands were very touchy. I didn’t mind in the least. We passed an occasional jogger or two as I enjoyed the fresh green of the trees and smell of earthy decay below.

We stopped at a photo vantage point to look down the bluff over the water below. The serenity of it all was amazing. Andrew came up behind me and slipped his hands up my shirt. I pressed back into him as his hands pulled my nipples. His mouth went to the back of my neck and I reached back to feel his bulge. He removed one hand and slipped it under my skirt from behind as he rolled my nipple and breast with the other.

“Wow are you ever wet.” He said as his finger trailed over my damp panties. “I want to feel you stretched over my cock.”

“It’s too public.” My meager protest was ignored.

“I want you to drench my cock with your juices.” His finger slipped the edge of my panties to the side. “But not yet.” He pressed his finger in and I whimpered and looked around. I felt his finger wiggle and stroke. He took his hand out and sucked his finger. “Mmmm.” He adjusted his erection so it was trapped by his underpants and jeans pointing up.  Then he took my hand and kept walking. “The thing about public is it’s fun to get caught.”

“I don’t know if I want that.” Honestly I wasn’t sure I cared, I just wanted some part of him in me. Fingers, tongue or cock.

“Shh.” he tugged my hand and we left the main trail. He stopped and listened then held his finger to his lips and pulled me off the trail. We stopped and he unzipped his pants and knelt sitting back on his feet forcing me to sort of sit on his legs. He put his hands back up my shirt to fondle my overly sensitive breasts and pointed at a couple I hadn’t noticed until now. We were hidden from their view by a shrub but we could see them. The man thrust slowly into the woman who was pinned up against a tree.

At first I as embarrassed to be spying on them. Then I found my hand reaching behind me and pushing the boxer-briefs down to free Andrew from his confines. I gasped when I couldn’t get my hand around him and turned to look.

“Holy shit.” I whispered in shock.

Thick, really thick.  The throbbing between my legs became a pounding ache. He pushed my panties down to my knees and I sort of stood to take them off. Apparently I was going to do this. The couple moaning away was more of a turn on than expected. He stopped and looked our way. When he winked I covered my mouth then he moved his woman to take her from behind.

“That’s hot.” Andrew whispered, I heard the sound of a condom and fairly dripped from anticipation.

“He saw us.” I gasped when the woman looked over and then fondled her dangling breasts. I looked to see Andrew’s vein covered thick staff ready to go. The sounds from the couple were making me frantic.

“Come on.” Andrew urged me to lift my bottom up. “Wrap that pretty pink pussy around by big black cock.”

I reached between my legs to part my wet lips and lowered my opening to his tip. Just that seemed impossible. Sure enough it went in as I set myself down slowly. I had to take my time to adjust to the girth. It burned and I grit my teeth as I reached the halfway point. Behind the pain of being stretched the pleasure licked my insides as he rubbed every bit of my walls. Panting from the sweet pain and effort I waited as I straddled him in a squat, stuffed completely full. It’s a good thing I do power squats regularly and a lot of them.

From behind Andrew worked by breasts and kissed the back of my neck. Once I felt the stirring of arousal and more wet slip between us I lifted and felt him tug at my insides as he vacated.

“Oh my God.” I gasped as I dropped back down and was stuffed full again.

Andrew lowered his hand and pulled up my skirt. He was not only giving the now watching couple a good view but he started rubbing my clit. I covered my mouth as I came. The resulting slickness and the feel of him as I clenched brought me right back to fully aroused.

“Turn around and ride me hard.” Andrew said and I complied.

This would be easier with his shoulders for support. I lowered back over him and whined at the joy of it. He lifted my skirt baring my ass and sex to the world as I lifted and lowered. I was mad with want and crazy with need. I’ve never rode so hard in my life.

I gasped and whimpered not worrying one bit if they were watching. In fact it turned me on even more.

“Get up, turn around.” Andrew pushed me up. I put my hands on my knees and backed into him as he started to penetrate.

He grabbed my hips and pulled hard as he thrust forward. I cried out as my body tensed up and the blinding orgasm shook my body. He held me up as he came hard into me and my body came back into my control.

I opened my eyes to see the couple righting their clothes with big grins. They took off and I stood and put my panties back on.

“That was fantastic.” Andrew said as he tucked away.

“Yes, yes it was.”

We made our way out of the forested area, I bid him farewell and went back to the hotel. I was exhausted, needed a hot bath and some sleep.

To be continued…

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  1. Nel says:

    I wish I had that kind of sex drive. Damn, what a day!

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