All Business (Part 4) (Sexy Saturday Serials)

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R.

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 All Business - Mia

All Business – Mia Part 4.

The first half of the day I spent listening to Gwen go over the new Electronic Muscle Stimulation machine. How to use it, the safety features, the never-ending explanations of the buttons, knobs, settings, readouts and everything in between. We were getting one of these in the office and Dr. Kinsey wanted one of us to be the primary. I was chosen. I already read the damned manual so Gwen was boring the shit out of me. I honestly don’t know why I had to come all this way to learn what a video can teach me.

I was taken out for lunch by Gwen, Gill the knobby kneed bald guy and a man named Dr. Dwayne Liner. Let me explain Dwayne. He was a walking wet dream. Dirty blond hair, bright blue eyes and a tan that screamed ‘I spend time outdoors shirtless showing off my sculpted bod.’

Since my body decided to be a slut this trip, I enjoyed the thrum between my legs as Dr. Liner touched my hand or arm as we talked. Gwen was too preoccupied with her cellphone to notice my flushed cheeks and Gill was too busy looking down Gwen’s ample bosom.

Gwen prattled away about things I half-listened to. Dr. Liner was touching my leg with his under the table.  Was I hyper sensitive? Or was he flirting? As we walked the short distance back to the office Dwayne’s hand touched my back three times. Yes I counted them.

“Dr. Liner will show you how the machine works on the body today and tomorrow you’ll get some real experience.” Gwen announced.

I nodded as Gwen kept talking. Finally back at the office Dr. Liner led me to a treatment room. I recognized many of the machines. Some for skin rejuvenation others for body sculpting. We had them at our clinic, but we focused mostly on the sports medicine side of things.

“Okay Miss Mitchell.”

“Mia please.”

“Well then Mia.” He smiled so sexily I nearly melted. “Call me Dwayne. Have you ever used one of these?”

“No. Though I’ve seen the home versions of them. While helpful, they are not strong enough to treat damaged or weakened muscles properly.”

“Then you should know how they feel to be used. I always insist my staff learn how each piece of equipment feels before I let them treat patients.” He handed me a thin cotton gown. “Please put this on and I will demonstrate. If you have under-wire please remove it. Leave the straps untied.”

When he turned his head I undressed down to my panties and the gown. I climbed up on the soft cotton cloth-covered table. He began by putting electrodes on my leg. The muscles constricted and released. He demonstrated how the increased pulse rates and intensity felt. I wont lie as he turned it up it hurt.

“It’s important, as you can feel, to not advance a patients treatment too quickly and make sure they understand that this is a slow graduation of treatment.”

I was glad turned the machine off. “I can see how it would help and hurt if not done right.”

“Sorry about that.” He gestured for me to stay laying down. His hands on my leg sent shivers to my core. He removed the pads and rubbed my leg gently.  I didn’t mean to but I glanced at his crotch. As his fingers rubbed my leg my nipples hardened. Through the gown it looked exaggerated. Our eyes met after he noticeably checked out my glass cutters.

He took more pads and attached them to my ribs. His hands grazed my breasts more than once. I didn’t object. This was probably sexual harassment, only I wanted him to. Otherwise I’d say to stop and call him out on it. My thoughts were pretty risqué at this point. He demonstrated the muscle contractions again then moved the pads to my hip. Damned if I wasn’t wet from his hands grazing my skin as he kept changing the position of the pads and massaging after each demonstration. He explained in detail how working the muscles by force helps with rehabilitation and even relaxation of tense muscles.

He finally turned the machine off completely and removed the pads. “Are you okay?”


“You look flushed. Did I hurt you?”

“No.” I sat up.

The fantastic outline of his full on erection was more than a turn on than expected. There was something arousing about seeing the fine details muted by fabric tightly covering the penis. How was I so turned on? I had sex already today.

“I’m just…” I couldn’t tear my eyes from his crotch.

Dr. Liner adjusted and gave himself a small rub. I looked up to meet his lusty eyes and let the gown fall off my body.

“We don’t have a lot of time.” He glanced at his watch.

I reached for his belt. “I’m okay with that.”

I didn’t say more as his mouth crashed into mine in a glorious passion filled desperation. I had him freed and in my hands as fast as I could. I stroked his thick length as his hands groped my breasts. I moved back to the table, he pressed a button lowering it and I managed to break my mouth from his. I may be mad with desire, but I’m still not stupid.

“Condom.” I reached for my purse. My pharmacy visit was part of my fantasy; to be doing exactly what I was doing right now. He wrapped up as I spread my legs to welcome him in. I sat on the edge of the table as he thrust evenly, kissing and moaning as we spent our pent-up desires.

Our bodies met thrust after thrust until I couldn’t take it anymore and my climax spilled outward in a magnificent crescendo of pleasure. He came and pulled out a moment after.

As I caught my breath and dressed, he watched. “You’re not going to file a complaint are you Mia?”

“Hell no.” I smiled broadly. “Are you?”

“Hell no.” He chuckled and turned with his clothes back in place. “Tomorrow I’ll show you alternate applications if you want to learn. Before you practice on patients.” His offer sounded sexy and promising.

“I’d like that. I can see myself out.”

“I’ll see you in the morning then?”

I winked, I have no idea where that came from, but I did it and turned to leave. I was on cloud nine and not in the least sore. Double win in my books.

To be continued…

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