All Business – Mia Part 3 (Sexy Saturday Serials)

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R.

 All Business - Mia

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All Business – Mia Part 3.

It was late by the time I stopped at a pharmacy and checked into my hotel. The room was typical but nice. I showered, dressed in a grey pencil skirt and a simple light pink blouse. It was mid summer so no need to over dress for training.

I finished brushing my shoulder length light brown wet hair and made my way to the hotel restaurant for a light breakfast. I had two hours before I had to check in at the office.

I will admit I spent a lot of my empty time thinking about Eric and his fat fingers. That and him and his fiancee going at it while talking about it. While his advice was exciting, it wasn’t practical. Running into him was a fluke. I have no idea how to seek out stranger encounters. To keep it casual and anonymous. The problem I now had was I was horny. Really horny. After thinking about the potential of random sex, I was all worked up.

Instead of eating quickly to get away from everyone, I nibbled on fruit salad and looked around. Mostly couples, some single women in small groups and a handful of possible single men.

I rolled my eyes at myself. “What are you doing?” I muttered under my breath. I was here for work not play. I got up and set my tray on the cart and went to find some sunshine. I went to the front desk and approached a lovely man with dark skin. I peeked at his name-tag. Andrew.

“How may I help you?”

I’m horny and need to find someone to fuck me. Yeah like I’m brave enough to say that. “I need some suggestions.”

“Are you here for business or pleasure?”

The way he said pleasure made me wet. That’s new. I don’t normally respond to simple statements by getting wet. It often took a lot of flirting to even get me aroused. Then again I don’t normally bother talking to people that aren’t friends, coworkers or patients lately.


Andrew’s eyes dipped quickly to my tasteful cleavage. “Perhaps you need to try both.”

And now I’m tingling between my legs. “I’m heading over to 10th ave is there anything interesting between here and there? I have some time to kill.”

“I suggest cutting down to the waterfront and walking the boardwalk up to Eastbound road then up to 10th.” He gave me an appreciative once over. I take care of myself so I know I look good. I may not be gorgeous or model thin, but I can hold my own. “But first I suggest you go see Henri at the salon. Your fair skin will burn in the hot sun.” He gestured at the salon across the lobby. “I insist you go. Tell him I sent you.”

I looked over my shoulder. “Oookay. Thank you Andrew.” I smiled and decided to go see Henri. Why not? I did forget to put sunblock on. But I figured in the early morning it wouldn’t be too bad.

I entered the salon and explained to a woman why I was there. She retrieved Henri for me. Henri was gorgeous and in his tight white t shirt looked like a bronze god. He introduced himself and led me to a back room.

“Please remove your blouse and skirt. I do not want to get sunblock on them.”

“Oh I can put it on myself.” I said unsure.

“Nonsense. You are the guest here.”

It was that moment that I realized Henri was sporting a bit of a bulge behind his white trousers. I took my blouse and skirt off. Why did I look at his crotch?

“Sit.” He said pointing to the massage table.

I did and he took off my pumps and began rubbing my legs with the sunblock. I was already horny so I decided to enjoy the contact. Innocent or not. I gasped quietly as he worked my legs going higher than necessary.  when his finger grazed the damp spot on my panties I sighed. Was he asking permission?  He stood me up and started on my arms and up to my neck. I don’t even know when my bra was undone but as his hands went over my shoulders to my upper chest. I felt the fabric slide down and onto the floor. Apparently I was going to play a little before I went to work.

His nimble hands were done with the sunblock and moved over the mounds of my breasts from behind.

“You have lovely breasts.” he rubbed and pushed them together in such an erotic way I groaned quietly. Henri slipped his hands down my torso and inched my panties down over my hips. They fell to the floor and Henri pressed his rock hard bulge aginst my ass. “Would you like to relieve your tension?”

“Yes.” I pushed back against him.

His hands went to my arms and he moved me to lean them on the massage bed. I looked as he undid his pants and freed his proud hard staff. In what had to be record time he had it shrouded in a condom and had his hands back on my body. Henri caressed my hips and pushed me over the table and patted my left leg so he could lift it.

I was pulsing with anticipation as he ran the round head through my wet folds. I whimpered with need as he pressed in from behind.

“Oh yes.” I said as he entered me fully.  The sensation of him in me filled me with an urgency. I clamped down and pushed back.

“Fuck.” He pulled out and pressed back in.

“Yes. Yes, oh yes.”

Who am I? I have no idea. I wanted more. It was like Eric awoke something in me and now I was letting a complete stranger have sex with me.  I grunted as Henri picked up the tempo, stroking my insides with sturdy friction. I was close and that surprised me. It usually took a lot more than that. Even with my last boyfriend I didn’t always get there before he did.

“I’m coming.” I said.

I grabbed the edge of the bed as Henri thrust firmly against my backside. The orgasm washed over me sending as shiver of pleasure across the entire surface of my body. He pulled out and handed me a fragrant slightly damp warm towel. I cleaned myself and got dressed as he took care of his end of things.

“Enjoy your day.” Henri handed me a card. “Stop by tomorrow if you need more sunblock.”

I smiled, nodded and left the salon. That was surreal. I surreptitiously glanced at Andrew, he winked and leered causing my body to respond. Holy crap, what’s gotten into me? I made my way to the outside world. At least I was feeling pretty damned good to go off for a day of abnormally boring training.

To be continued…

New chapter coming next Saturday

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  1. Michael says:

    Very hot story…I needed sunblock just to read it!

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