All Business – Mia (Part 2) (Sexy Saturday Serials)

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R.

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 All Business - Mia

All Business – Mia Part 2.

I sat there beside Eric, a good looking stranger on a late-night flight. His adventurous large hand was on my inner thigh as we read a naughty story on my kindle. Though I’m not sure how much is being read any more. My heart started hammering. His hand went up to the waist of my yoga pants. Yes I wear yoga pants when I travel. Comfort comes first. His hand slipped under the band and slowly wiggled and slipped under my panties. He was going right for it? So be it. This was so far from anything I’d normally do and somehow it felt almost normal… right might be the word.

But he didn’t. His fingers stopped short of my short trimmed hair.  “I have a condition.”

My heart skipped a beat of it’s thunderous pounding. “Condition?” Well we weren’t to far into anything for me to just get up and change seats if need be.

“You can’t touch me.”

I did not expect that. I had to ask since he was hard in his pants. “Why not?”

“Do you want me to waste time explaining.” His hand inched lower. “Or do you want to enjoy the last half hour of the flight?”

Half hour? I looked at my watch. Holy crap that was all that was left of our two hour flight? I lifted my kindle and touched to change the page and opened my legs wider.

“Good girl.”

His fingers moved to my outer lips and ran over them gently as someone walked by to use the lavatory.  From an outside perspective we looked like a couple reading my kindle both my hands were in plane view and his left was.  His right however started separating my glistening folds.

The consistent hum of arousal kicked up a notch sending sensual flutters from my uterus down through my vagina out to where his fingers gently stroked.

“Nice and wet.” He whispered, to prove his words correct I added to the collection. The anticipation was making me wiggle in my seat. “Do try not to draw attention. Be a good girl and stay still.”

I decided the only way to do that was to sit cross legged. I pulled up my feet resting my left knee on his thigh as I got comfortable. As his finger circled my opening I remembered how long and thick they are. It seemed an eternity before he pushed in.

“Oh.” I whispered. It was like a small penis. Only more agile. I panted quietly as he slipped the wide flesh in and out of my hot wet hole. His hand moved up the wet digit found my clit and circled it gently. I was too aroused. I wanted him to finger me more but it was too late. I covered my mouth with my hand as I came from his finger rubbing my clit.

My ears started getting that dull sound that comes with decent. He withdrew his hand as Joel came by to collect garbage and check that we had our seat-belts on. The second Joel was gone Eric’s hand went right back down-town.

“What?” I came already. Granted I was still excited from what happened. With his hand slipping back down I became fully aroused again.

“Shh.” Eric started working what I presumed to be his middle and ring finger deep into me. I clenched on his fingers as they stretched me. “Wow Mia, you’re juicy.”

Don’t ask why but those words made me hot. He started stroking as I looked out the window to see the ground getting closer. He hit my g-spot and made a slight purring noise in his throat. The surge of pleasure from each consecutive stroke filled me with a growing need. I raised the edge of my blanket to my mouth to stifle myself as he worked me into a slick frenzy. The roar of the plane touching down added to the jolt and pushed me over. I came hard, gasping into the bunched up blanket. The waves of pleasure kept going as he puled his hand out.

When I opened my eyes I saw him wipe his fingers on the inside of his shirt. I packed up my blanket as everyone roused and started gathering their belongings. Do I thank him? I was at a loss. The plane was already pulling up to the terminal and people were unbuckling and making cellphone calls. Time was going to fast, or was I just in a euphoric state?

“Thank you Mia.”

“But you…”

His sly smile was very attractive. “My fiancee and I have an agreement. We can touch others but not be touched. We talk about our victories and then fuck each other blind.”

“What?” That was unbelievable.

“Do you want some advice Mia?”

I was too stunned to respond more than a nod.

“You’re on a business trip. Enjoy yourself and the anonymity of travel. All business and no play makes Jill a dull girl.”

The way he said enjoy and anonymity made my insides tingle all over again. Eric took his suit jacket from the seat beside him after getting his carry-on down and holding the jacket over his protruding hard-on he followed the crowd off the plane.

I waited and got mine down. I didn’t check luggage since we were allowed a large enough carry on. So I wandered off the plane to get a taxi to the hotel. The entire time all I could think about was Eric’s thick fingers and his advice. This trip only has to be as boring as I let it be.

To be continued…

New chapter coming next Saturday

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3 comments on “All Business – Mia (Part 2) (Sexy Saturday Serials)

  1. Nel says:

    Woah! What a surprise there at the end! I don’t even know what to say at this point. Can’t wait til next Saturday!

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