All Business – Mia (Part 1) (Sexy Saturday Serials)

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R.

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All Business - Mia

All Business – Mia Part 1.

I looked at my ticket then the two seats before me. 32F. The window seat at the damned back, near the lavatory. I didn’t book the ticket so I didn’t get to pick. Well I’m off to a good start on this crappy business trip that promised to be mind-blowingly boring.

I’m not a good traveler. I don’t make eye contact, I look at the ground when I walk and I keep to myself. I suppose this is basically true of my life in general. All business no play. I have goals and a career. Relationships suffer for it and for now, that’s okay.

I put my carry-on in the compartment above and scooted past the two empty seats. I was thankful to only have one person to directly deal with at least. I sat and stared out to the dark tarmac on my right. I glanced over as a tall man stopped and put his luggage above, glanced at his ticket and stepped to the seat beside mine.

He smiled kindly after a ample glance down my blouse. I returned the smile since, A-I’m not rude and B- he was attractive. I fancy a man in a nice suit and he fit that bill.  His build was average, there could be muscle, or not. Clearly trim, no pudge. I don’t mind a thicker man if the guy’s nice enough. He wasn’t Hollywood bowl you over, but worth a look with his brown hair and handsome face. What was remarkable were his eyes. They were such a light shade of brown they were almost a copper flecked with gold.


I nodded. “Hi.” Oh no. Small talk alert. All I wanted to do was read and get to my destination without having to hear some guy’s life story.

“I’m Eric.” He held out his large hand for me to shake and out of habit checked for a ring. Nope. My eyes dropped to his thick long fingers. I hesitated only because of the size of his fingers. Not fat fingers just big. I’ve never seen hands such as this and my mind immediately wondered how they would feel on my body. Where that came from I have no idea.

I swallowed and shook his warm hand. “Mia.”

“It’s a pleasure Mia. When I saw I was stuck at the back I feared the worst.”

I actually giggled as his eyes lingered down my top before meeting my eyes again. Oh dear.

“Traveling home or to visit?”

“Business trip. Training for work. You?”

“Heading home.” He smiled. “Back from a conference.”

We listened to the flight attendants start their flight safety speeches peppered with what they think is witty humor. Everyone chuckled along. Nobody sat next to Eric nor across the aisle from us.  Once they finished and the flight attendants sat for take off I relaxed. A quick look around the plane showed a light flight. There were plenty of empty seats. Then why was I in the damned back? I glanced at my attractive seat partner and shrugged to myself. Could be worse.

Once in the air Eric took out a book. I had my kindle so started to read. I hated watching the movies on the night flights. If I could sleep I would. I stole glances at his meaty digits as I read. Deciding to open a rather naughty story on a whim.  I pulled my soft fuzzy blanket from my backpack and covered my legs. It was a luxury and I sacrificed carry-on space for it. It was almost a full-sized blanket. I despise being cold and when I had to sleep in crappy hotel’s I wanted something of comfort.

“You travel with a blanket?” Eric asked amused.

“Planes are too cold.” I smiled and went back to my tantalizing story.

The flight attendant, a chipper male named Joel came by with drinks and snacks for sale. We both took our complementary drinks and cookies and declined to buy food. I could hear the din of hushed conversations, snoring and the back beat of music played too loudly through ear buds.

My dirty story was getting steamy. I liked being aroused, teasing myself and pushing my limits. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed Eric shift in a tell-tale way. I turned my head to see him looking at my kindle. I should be offended, shocked or angered at his invasion of my privacy, but I wasn’t. That surprised me. Our eyes met a moment before he looked away.

“Sorry I didn’t mean to be rude.”

“Don’t be. I’m not offended.” Once again my eyes went to his hands. Now that my mind was fully into naughty land, I imagined them raking over my nipples.  Woah. A stranger. I reminded myself. He is a stranger. Eric nodded and went back to his book. I did a quick crotch check to see just how much he’d read. Apparently enough to have him semi-bulged.

Feeling wicked I increased the font size on my kindle and angled it so Eric could read along if he wanted. I heard him clear his throat then felt the warmth of his hand on my thigh. This was the tipping point. Either I let him play or nip this in the bud and stop it.

I’m in the mood to play. I pushed the armrest between us up and shifted the blanket over his hand, lower arm and his lap. Eric’s hand gently crept toward my inner thigh.

Joel was making his rounds quietly and stopped at the two of us. I held my breath as he spoke.

“There was a connection delay. Many passengers missed this flight leaving a lot of seats open. Feel free to spread out if you like.”

“We’re okay here.” Eric said quietly and Joel disappeared. Eric leaned closer to my ear. “Although he had a good suggestion Mia.”

My cheeks flushed with that overly suggestive comment and lo-and-behold my legs parted and the tingle flush between my legs produced moisture. I felt his thick long fingers firm on my thigh rubbing closer to my crotch.

To be continued…

Copyright © 2017 All rights reserved

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8 comments on “All Business – Mia (Part 1) (Sexy Saturday Serials)

  1. nkdwhtguy says:

    Nice beginning…I can tell this is gonna be good.

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  2. sanii kyle says:

    yep it was really nice…… when you’re gonna write next part….. waiting for another one……
    keep smiling ☺
    sanii… 💖✌✌

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