#34 Date Interrupted (Blythe & Mac)

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Date Interrupted.

I stood there staring at the text attempting to decipher its urgency. There is no way Lawrence would text to call him if nothing was wrong. He knew I was on a date and was Mac’s biggest cheerleader.

I hesitated as Mac came in with two glasses of a gorgeous looking red wine.

“Whats wrong?”

“Probably nothing.”

“But?” Mac prompted me.

“Lawrence texted for me to call him 911, but I…” I do not want to ruin or end this night for potentially nothing. Maybe he and Kevin had a fight.

Mac smiled, handed me my glass and nodded at the phone. “If he needs you call.”

I hit the speed dial and held the phone up as I sipped deeply. The cool tart fruit flavours in perfect harmony with its sweetness washed down my throat with a calming reassurance. Mac set his wine down untouched and lounged as naked as I am on the bed.

“Hey La-” I was cut off.

I’m soooo sorry to interrupt your date. Kev and I were driving home from Maria’s and saw police outside you’re apartment building. Naturally we stopped since I have a key to see what’s up.”


I don’t know how to say this Bly baby, but you’re place was broken into.”

“What!” I glanced at Mac when he sat up alarmed. I had a million questions but couldn’t get my mouth to actually ask them.

We’re still at your place and the police wanted to talk to you in person. They won’t talk to me.”

“I’m on my way.” I ended the call and Mac was already dressed. “Oh.”

“I figured you need a lift.”

I started tugging my clothes on. “Yeah. My place was broken into.”


“I guess so. The police are there. Why would they be there before I even know?” My hands were shaking. I’ve never had anything so invasive happen like this. “Maybe I should call back and get more information.”

“Or.” Mac grabbed my shoulders. “We go and find out what happened. Chances are they wont tell Lawrence much if it’s not his apartment.”

“That’s what he said actually.” I rubbed my face. “Do you have a wash-cloth I can use?”

“Sure.” Mac disappeared and came back with a warm damp cloth. I went to the mirror above his dresser and wiped my messy makeup off. I’m stalling. He took the cloth and tossed it on the bathroom counter as he led me by my hand out to his car.

Why Mac felt the need to hold my hand while we drove, I don’t know, but I appreciated it. I felt sick with worry, fear and questions. The biggest of them all? Was the break-in random or personal?

We met the police outside and answered the standard questions. Basically I knew nothing that would help them. No other apartment was targeted and until I went up, they wouldn’t know if it was robbery or not. Apparently a neighbour called the police due to a lot of noise. I’m an overly quiet neighbour, but friendly and kind, so they were concerned. The intruder fled when another neighbour knocked on my door to see if I was okay. He was shoved hard and knocked down, but not hurt thankfully.

With Mac at my side we followed officer Barth up to my apartment. I’d rather just run, far and fast away from this.

To be continued…

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  1. Nel says:

    It was Jill! Or Jill hired someone! That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it!

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