Saturday Morning Coffee (Quick and Dirty Short Stories) #17

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R.
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Saturday Morning Coffee

I sat at the small table with my cheeks flushed soaking through my panties. I’d been eye fucking the gorgeous man in the suit for twenty minutes. I do this every Saturday morning. I can’t help it I’m obsessed. You’d think I could muster the courage to talk to him, but no. I just wait for him to get up and leave then zip to the Loo to finger myself furiously. Only this time he’d looked up from the paper a few times catching me and the last time I managed not to look away shyly.

He folded the paper and prepared to leave. With one curious glance my way, I licked my lips, stood and went to the restroom. Gratefully the small room was empty. Very clean but empty. The door creaked open slowly and he peeked in! My mouth fell open as he stepped inside. I reached over and locked the door. Could I do this? Without a word, I held up a condom. Oh yes I can. He opened his mouth and I shook my head.

He snatched it from my hand as I faced the sink. I reached down beneath my pleated skirt and tugged the sopping cloth to the side. I felt his hands on my hips as he flicked the covered tip through my folds. His moan was all the encouragement I needed and I pressed back as he neared my opening. I gripped the sink as he gripped my hips and started a steady thrust deep into me. I watched his sexy face in the mirror as he slid in and out of my body. It was so much better than the fantasy. He was way out of my league and if this never happened again, at least I’d have this moment.

My body vibrated with each eager thrust and I felt the pending climax reaching for me. I pushed my ass back and he slammed harder bringing me over the blissful pleasure filled edge. I pursed my lips to stifle my moans as I tightened around his thick twitching shaft being held deep inside me as he came.

I moved off him, righted my underwear and skirt, unlocked the door and slipped out before he could say anything. Despite how insanely dangerous that was, it was too much fun.

The following week I sat at the small table sans panties and wondered if he would show or not. Then he sat, sipped his coffee and unfolded his paper. I held my breath until he glanced up and winked with a more than wicked smile.

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