Five Star Hospitality (Quick and Dirty Short Stories) #16

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R.
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Five Star Hospitality

The clit orgasm traveled through me with a shivery shudder and I pulled my hand from my my bikini bottom. It was never enough and it’s not what I wanted. I wanted one from a thick cock slamming me hard. Alas, I was solo and bored.


I sat up and lifted my sunglasses. The owner of the deep voice appeared around from the side of the house. Younger than I am but not by too much. Strong, sexy and his eyes lingered on my body in the most tantalizing way.

“Oh sorry I was looking for the Henderson’s but they must have forgotten the appointment. Or I’m too early.”

“You are?” I smiled at his roguishly handsome face. A quick check. No ring.

“Vince from Garry’s Sprinkler repair.”

“They’ll be home from work shortly. You can wait here if you want.”

“I don’t want to impose.” Vince said as his eyes traveled my nearly nude body. The wet spot between my legs clearly on display. Partly from earlier and mostly from wanting this young man.

“Honestly I’d love if you imposed.”

He hesitated with his eyes glued to my crotch.

“Are you single Vince?”

“Um yes.”

I smiled when he adjusted his bulge. “Sit I’ll get you a cold drink.” I got up and slipped into the house swiftly. Grabbed a condom and a glass of lemonade. I returned and handed both to the handsome specimen.

I dropped my bikini bottoms to the deck and laid back on my lounge chair. I freed my breasts and tweaked my nipples. Either he was in or out, I hoped both and repeatedly.

“Are you married?” He asked stripping quickly and put the condom over his already rock hard erection.

“Nope Divorced two years ago. Just horny.”

“Damn.” Vince said as he moved between my legs. “You’re neighbourly hospitality is five star.”

“You talk too much.” I said and reached for his head to guide his mouth where I wanted it to go. His mouth descended on my southern lips and he licked and flicked his tongue languidly. I arched my back with the pleasure of human contact and when he sucked my clit I came. I wanted more.

“Suck my tits Vince.”

He complied and pinched the other hard. I moaned loudly from the unexpected assault and reached for his solid length. I stroked gently as he suckled and pulled hard. I expected gentle boring licks not this expert administration.

“Fuck me.” I said and spread myself wide. As he worked his way in I wiggled my hips rocking and encouraging him to stroke my insides with his shaft. The collision of our bodies forced rushes of pleasure through my pussy to my stomach and out as he rammed into me. I was more than eager for this.

“Harder Vince.” I demanded.

He obeyed and squeezed a nipple so hard I cried out. The pressure increased inside as I became frantic with desire.

“Yes harder. Yes, yeeesssss.” I came hard and wet around his rigged manhood until he unloaded with a grunted moan.

We panted and calmed until we heard a car door slam.

“Shit.” Vince said wide eyed.

“Relax.” I sat up grabbed a couple napkins removed the condom, tidied him up and we both dressed quickly.

“Hello? Angela?”

“Hey Robert, we’re in the back.” I lounged back as Vince casually sipped his lemonade. Robert peaked over the fence. “Your repair man was a bit early. I invited him for lemonade.”

“Thanks Angela, you’re so sweet.”

I winked at Vince as he stood licking his lips.

“Yes you are.” He winked back and went to do the job he actually came to do.

Copyright © 2017 All rights reserved CimmerianSentiment 

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    A quick and quite satisfying read!

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