The Ferry Ride (Quick and Dirty Short Stories) #15

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R.
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The Ferry Ride

I was bored. I’ve made this ferry crossing far too many times this past year. My car parked below as I wait up on deck. I was late this time and the sun had set. I glanced at the pictures on my phone as a tingle spread through my panties region. I was looking forward to going home curling up with a good erotic romance and having a couple self-inflicted orgasms.

The cool wind on my face did little to cool my body as I watched the very distant shore look as if it might be getting closer. I inhaled the fresh water smell deeply and glanced back at the erotic images of a man fingering a woman. Just the close ups all bits not even tits.

“Nice pictures.”

I jumped and nearly dropped my phone in the water as I turned to see the source of the deep and sexy voice. I’ve seen him a few times in the morning crossing. He was standing too close for comfort. Slightly older than I am, attractive and I’d be lying if I haven’t checked him out more than once.

“Ah…” Yes my face was burning red. He smelled delectable.

“I wouldn’t mind seeing the next one.”

This is where I should be creeped out, but I wasn’t. I was turned on. His hands turned me back to face out to the water. What was I doing? Wait what was his hand doing? It moved down my hip over my skirt to my bare leg. I swiped left and brought up the next image. Two shiny gooey fingers half out of a slick vagina. I loved that one. My insides jumped as his hand slipped to my inner thigh. Was he? Was I going to let him? He patted my thigh and I widened my stance. Yes. Apparently to both questions.

“Next.” He breathed the word on the back of my neck and as I swiped the screen wet slid out into my panties. The image was of fingers spreading and teasing an opening. His slipped to the edge of the cotton, in one swift gentle move he pulled them aside. My mouth fell open and I breathed hard.

“Yes?” he whispered as his finger trailed my dripping crevasse.


“Then show me more.”

I flicked my shaking finger over the screen and he slipped his deep into my well. We both moaned quietly. As he slid his digit in and out, I could hear the sucking sound of my eager pussy begging for more.

“Next.” His word prompted me to share the next image. Two fat fingers buried deep in a fully shaved slit. I felt another finger join his first and he stroked hard and fast. I panted and gripped the handrail nearly dropping my phone again as my body shook with the orgasm. Still his fingers fucked me as my body settled it started humming again.

“Next.” He panted the word. I knew what was next. I swiped and it was the image of a proud hard cock poised at a wet slippery entrance. “Yes?” he whispered the question in my ear.

“Um…” My body was screaming yes as his fingers slipped through my wet mess.

“I have a condom.”

“Then yes.” I swiped the next image as he pulled his fingers away, opened a condom and wrapped himself. He took my phone as I glanced back to see the condom. I gasped as he lifted my skirt and in one quick thrust filled me to the end.  I yelped in pleasure and his wet hand covered my mouth. The taste of my juices on his fingers ignited heat in me and his jackhammer thrusts drove me to the brink fast. I clamped down on his cock as he thrust hard the final stroke and I shuddered with my blissful release.

He pulled out and handed me my phone keeping me from turning around. “Every Wednesday I work the late shift and take this last ferry.” He pointed at the phone. “Think of me.” He winked and walked away as the boat neared the dock. I looked down to see a video and pressed play. It was short and shaky, but it was us. His hard cock ramming my wet dripping pussy hard. I think I will be taking the last ferry again next week.

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4 comments on “The Ferry Ride (Quick and Dirty Short Stories) #15

  1. Michael says:

    Appears the ferry ride can be very wet.☺️ Very sexy story🔥

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