#32 My Place Or Your’s? (Blythe & Mac)

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My Place Or Your’s?

I swear I nearly passed out when Mac asked his place or mine. I wanted him and I was going to have him come hell or high water. Then it hit me. I have no idea where he lives. I’ve never seen it. My curiosity was far too tempting; however, I had needs to attend to.

“Which is closer?”

Mac smiled and pointed to the lakeside condominium. “Mine.”

I looked up at the tall new looking building and shouldn’t have been surprised. He was after all a planner. “How high up?” I asked as we started walking toward it.

“There are thirty-seven floors. I’m on the thirtieth.”

“Not the top?” I couldn’t help but tease as he led me to the lobby. The gardens were stunning and I bet he had a lake view.

“Nah. I don’t need to pay the extra for the height.”

The lobby was beautiful, much like a hotel only smaller. Mac’s hands wandered my body as we waited for the elevator to open to his floor. I am not going to make out in a security-monitored elevator and apparently neither was Mac. A hefty mixture of nervousness and excitement made me bouncy. Mac chuckled and nudged me down the hall to his condo.

He opened the door. I stepped in and took off my shoes as he turned on lights. Stunning and modern. It lacked personal touches. Everything looked planned as if someone else put all the furnishings in place. I should know, I do that for a living. I started to examine the kitchen when Mac turned me around.

“You can explore and criticize the decorating later.”

As much as I wanted to explore his home, I wanted to explore something far more tantalizing. I was about to feign objection when he grabbed me slipping a hand behind my head and the other on the small of my back. He started kissing me with so much passion I had no idea where I was anymore.

Mac moaned, lifted me and I wrapped my legs around his hips as our tongues gently licked the others. My body heated up faster than ever before and settled nicely between my legs. I heard and felt a rumble deep in his throat as I tugged at his shirt. I wanted access to skin. I’ve been good long enough.

Mac pried my legs from his waist and set me on his bed. The soft contact forced my eyes open. Dark plum, grey and soft creams filled the room. I could see an amazing skyline of part city and the rest water. I knew it. Lakeside view.

My mouth went dry as Mac lifted his shirt over his head. Someone’s been to the gym. I knew that already, but to see the fine curves of muscle beneath his skin nearly undid me. I was like a deer in headlights. I knew what I wanted, but my eager brain lost all communication with my pulsing body.

“Blythe.” He said my name so softly I wanted to cry. That is if my body would move. Why couldn’t I move? Mac moved closer, reached down and pulled my pink shirt over my head. I swallowed hard, a mewing whimper escaping my mouth. “My beautiful Blythe.”

I looked at my shaking hands a moment before looking back into his lusty blue’s. He smiled a slanted sexy smile and unhooked my bra. With lusty eyes and parted lips he began climbing over me; forcing me to lay back on the bed. I felt the meager lace leave my body and the cool air brushed against my bared breasts.

“You okay?” He nearly whispered.

I nodded. Oh good my neck muscles still work. Mac lowered his mouth to mine and the contact snapped me out of my odd frozen state. Frozen. Ha! Maybe more like melted. I gasped for air as Mac’s lips left mine and worked over my cheek to my earlobe. I moved my head to grant him better access as his hand moved to a breast. Yay, touch time. If he can then so can I. I moved my hands over his lightly haired chest and up to his shoulders. I’m certain if they could, my fingers would be doing a happy dance. Instead my insides did. They jumped and pulsed heavily with need. If my jeans didn’t come off soon they’d be wetted through.

Mac stopped licking and nibbling my neck and smiled at me. “Are you nervous?”

I put my hands into his gloriously soft hair. “I am. I don’t know why.”

“I do.” He undid my jeans, and in one swift move yanked them off my body.

I gasped for multiple reasons. “Enlighten me then.” Boy did I sound breathy.

“Because.” Mac put his hands around me to make me sit up. My hands instantly started exploring again. I’m pretty sure there is nothing in this world that feels half as good has his skin right now. Mac brushed his hand over my cheek, cupped my jaw and ran his thumb over my lips. “This is more than just sex.”

To be continued…

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