#31 A Lovesick Girl (Blythe & Mac)

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A lovesick Girl

The show was amazing. Far more rowdy and exciting than I ever could have anticipated. Mac was hilariously into the theatrics. We ate chicken, bread and potatoes with our hands. Drank amazing tomato soup from metal bowls with handles. There were people of all ages and it was so much fun, not a single cranky child could be found. We cheered for our favored knight wearing colored paper crowns to match our knight. There was sword fighting, horse dancing, falcon tricks, theatrics and jousting. Our knight won and we screamed our heads off to cheer for him. He threw me a pink and white carnation that I was at this moment, coveting.

After the show, we drove and parked at a lakefront condominium’s visitor parking. Then went for a walk along the boardwalk. Mac held my hand again and I was in absolute heaven. Conversation was easy and light. There wasn’t a hint of awkward to be found. We teased and joked, laughed and explored the other with silly questions. I was finally getting to know the fun side of Mac and he was seeing my carefree side. Dammed if we didn’t get along too well.

The stars and moon were out and a light breeze blew in from the water as we walked with no purpose other than to enjoy ourselves. I sniffed my poorly scented carnation just loving the fact it made Mac a teensy bit jealous. Our knight had been dashing; he even blew me a kiss.

I smiled for the joy of the night. We had walked a good distance and turned around and were now near the condo where we parked. I bet he had a ticket or had been towed by now. They were insane about parking around here. We stepped off the boardwalk and headed toward the water over the course sand beach. My body was a buzz with excitement, romance, happiness and I was nervous to top it all off. Nervous. Mac had that uncanny ability to make me feel like a silly teen on her very first date and hoping for her first goodnight kiss.

He stopped and we naturally turned to face the other. I tapped my flower to my smiling lips and he rolled his eyes.

“Honestly you’re acting like a lovesick girl.”

I looked up at him through my lashes. “But I am.”

“Blythe.” He closed his eyes.

I put my hands up around his neck and planted my lips on his. His arms pulled me closer as our mouths worked in tandem, desperately seeking the others’. I felt like a furnace that just had the heat jacked up to max. My breasts pressed nicely against his chest as his right hand caressed my backside. The left slipped up my shirt and roamed the skin of my back. The friction sent shivers of delight across the entirety of my body.  I sucked my breath in as he moaned and bit my bottom lip gently.

When he released my lip, we looked at one another breathing hard. My heart was racing dangerously fast and I loved it. I wanted more.

“Get a room!”

We both looked over at the small group of dark moody male teens making obscene hand and thrusting gestures.

Mac shouted back. “Get a date!” With a few obscenities the boys skulked off. Mac won that exchange.

We laughed as we turned back toward the boardwalk and path that would lead us to his car.  I didn’t want the date to end. Not yet.

“So.” Mac began. “My place or yours?”

To be continued…

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