#29 Summer Nights (Blythe & Mac)

Rated R, NSFW

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Summer Nights

I didn’t hover around Mac. Instead I was myself and I had a great time talking with my parents. Yes I know it’s weird, but we get along well and always have. Kevin and Lawrence managed to pull me aside for some distraction. Kevin was pleased the tables he worked so hard on were being used for something so beautiful. He admitted his doubts and his joy. I asked their opinions on Lila again and once again they both said to trust Mac. I did, but she was glancing at me sideways constantly. I bounced from group to group of people chatting and talking. I realized after a while that I was actually avoiding Mac. Partly because this was technically work and the other part? I was nervous as hell. After tonight I had no more obligation to keep him at arm’s length. Not that I was doing a good job of that in the slightest.

I picked up my new cocktail from the bar. Mac had themed cocktails designed specifically for the restaurant. This one was citrus and blue with a hint of spice. He called it Summer nights. It tasted like it. I turned at the touch of a hand to my back.

“Blythe.” Lila smiled at me. Son of a bitch she looked amazing. Perfection from head to her Prada covered toes. “This is magnificent.”

“Thanks.” I gave up trying to correct people and say I played a small part. I did but nobody seemed to agree. She led me by my elbow to a small abandoned table off to the side. I sat and contemplated gulping down my drink.

“Mac’s never been in love before.”

I nearly spit my mouthful of summer nights all over her magnificent red dress. I managed to swallow and not choke on it. “Lying doesn’t suit you Lila.” It didn’t. Even with my jealousy creeping in, I still adored her for no reason.

“Mac never loved me. Lust maybe.” She ran her finger around the rim of her nearly empty pink cocktail glass. “But even that didn’t last long. Did he tell you we dated or were a couple out of convenience?”

“Yes.” I put caution into my tone. Did I want to hear what she had to say? Yes. No. The idea of running away was tempting.

“It’s true. We were even prepared to get married if things stayed on course. A relationship and marriage of convenience. All because it’s what everyone expected from us. It’s what I expected from us.”

“Why would you settle?”

“Settle?” Lila’s eyes widened prettily. “Mac is a lofty prize not one to be labelled as settling material.”

“He’s not a prize. This isn’t a contest.”

“Life is a contest sweet Blythe. But like fish in the sea there is plenty more prizes to be won. My broken heart healed a long time ago. I’m over him romantically.”

“Why aren’t you jealous? Or trying harder?”

Lila smiled so sweetly it hurt my heart. “Because seeing how you look at him when he’s not looking or how he looks at you when you’re not.” She sighed and it was too perfect. “I want that. Maybe I’ve had it all along and was just not seeing the source.” Lila glanced across the restaurant toward Tom who at that moment was looking our way. Lila blushed. Oh. I’ll run with that.

“Hey Lila, you know I don’t see Mac look at me in the way you imply. Just as you don’t see how Tom looks at you.” Yay me she blushed even more. Time for the closer. “Sometimes someones worth the effort.”

Lila finished her drink and set down the empty glass. “I suppose I should at least meet him half way then.”

I watched her fairly float across the room and was accosted by my parents again. They made great buffers.

By the time people started leaving the restaurant I was exhausted. I had to speak to several of the reporters and explain my inspiration etc, etc, blah, blah, blah. It’s not easy elaborating on “it popped into my head when he asked.” My parents left with Mac’s and finally we were able to leave. I stifled my fifth yawn as I got into the limo.

“Busy day.” Mac said and reached for my hand.

“Long one too. I feel like I’ve run an emotional marathon.”

“Yeah, sorry about that.” He leaned back and pulled me to snuggle against his side. I rested my head on his chest inhaling deeply of his scent. “Blythe I’m impulsive. Sometimes it pays off and I get something amazing and beautiful, sometimes… I get a tacky glass disaster.”


Mac kissed the top of my head. The gesture was so comfortable my heart ached. I let out a long sigh. My eyes burned and the dub-duh of his heartbeat was hypnotic.

The drive was quiet. A comfortable silence that felt beyond right. I was free from obligation. I was free to let myself love Mac without fear of retribution. To be myself and show him who I am. I could barely contain my joy at finding out who he is. I have a good idea, but I wanted to know about the little things.

The limo stopped out front of my apartment and we went up the stairs. Would he stay? Should I ask him to? I wanted to. What would he be like in the morning? I was an early riser, jumping excitedly from bed to get to my morning run or yoga. Would he grumble and roll over? I smiled at the mental image that produced. His back bared with the sheets bunched hiding his shapely ass and legs. Does he eat breakfast? Light food or heavy? I had no idea. I don’t know his favourite food or music.

My hand shook slightly as I dug my key from my clutch.

“I’m a lucky man.”

I looked up at his soft sweet smile. “Oh?”

“I know if I stay what will happen. I know if I walk away, you will lean against the door with a silly love struck smile. You’ll get ready for bed as you call Lawrence gossiping and anticipating our first real date tomorrow.”

“A Sunday date?”

“Do you go to church?”

“Not in years.”

“Then yes, a Sunday date. I’ve been patient enough on this matter.”

I narrowed my eyes. “So are you asking or telling?” I’m teasing, but he doesn’t need to know that yet.


He moved so fast I didn’t see it coming. His strong body pinned me to the door, his hand dove into my hair and he pulled my head back just enough for a kiss. His hot breath hit my lips as they parted. I felt his tongue lick my bottom lip before pressing his mouth to mine.

I’m sure if I wasn’t so thoroughly pinned I would have collapsed completely. Everything came crashing down. My senses, my resilience and thoughts. There was just need. To get closer, to feel everything and more. Just as a soft moan escaped my throat, he pulled away.

Mac smiled lazily at me. “Good night Blythe. I’ll pick you up tomorrow at six. Wear comfortable walking shoes and dress casual. I wouldn’t mind seeing your tight little ass in a pair of jeans.”

He left me leaning against my door barely able to function. I have no idea how long I stood there before finally making it inside my apartment to do as predicted and call Lawrence.

To be continued…

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