#28 Oh Isn’t That Perfect (Blythe & Mac)

Rated R, NSFW

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Oh Isn’t That Perfect

I had no idea if I looked frazzled or not. Whatever the case may be there were cameras flashing away capturing it all. I smiled and we went about getting to the entrance. Tom and Lila were waiting by the doors, as were Mac’s parents, my boss and a bunch of other important looking people.

Mac gave a lovely short speech praising my design, the hard work of all involved and cut a tacky ribbon. I managed not to roll my eyes. Mac and I were first to go in. Everyone else that came in echoed my gasp. Mac just smiled. He’d probably seen this a few times now.

The artists outdid themselves. The four walls were designed to give the illusion of an enclosed garden. One was a trellis with climbing plants and behind it looked like a cityscape. That cityscape carried on to the next wall with the hedges and hanging plants semi blocking the fake view, which held the door we just came through. The third was trellis and brick as if near the outside of a building and the third that led to the kitchen was a faux stone brick building. What stole the show was the night sky. The dark paint and the projected stars looked real. Almost as if we were outside. A gentle breeze caught my hair and I smiled. Not part of the design I planned but an amazing addition.

The chatter was subdued and near whispers. Approval, they were all praising and in awe. Hell I was. The stonework on the floor looked like an intricate patio that held the tables Kevin designed and made by hand. I could hear a water fountain. The area glowed from candlelight on the tables and a couple of sconces on the wall by the kitchen doors.

“Oh Mackenzie.” Elle kissed his cheek. “This is much better.”

“Beautiful.” David smiled and kissed my hand. “The restaurant and you my dear.”

“Hmm yes you do look extraordinary tonight. Lively even.” Elle hugged me and I returned the gesture. Mac smirked at me from behind their backs.

A swarm of people gushing and cooing accosted us. It worked. The restaurant wasn’t cheap or cheap looking. It didn’t scream theme restaurant in the classic absurd way. It felt like being outdoors and it was too much. I felt a handkerchief pressed into my hand by David and I smiled appreciatively and dabbed my eyes.

Tom and Lila stayed close to one another. I wasn’t sure if Lila was trying to make Mac jealous by outlandishly flirting with Tom or if she was honestly attracted to him and in denial.

My boss managed to tear me from Mac’s side and pulled me to a corner were the fountain sat.

“Blythe this is beyond my expectations.”

“Thank you.”

“The Carmon’s contacted me today. They said you gave them two layouts. One they wanted and one you wanted.”

“I did.”

“I saw both.” He grinned. “I should have promoted you a long time ago.”

I turned at the sound of my mother’s voice.

“Go on Blythe, I have some schmoozing to do before the food is served.”

I fairly ran to my parents. They were over the moon impressed and eager to meet Mac. Whom right on cue sauntered up. Introductions doubled as his parents stopped to meet them two. This has to be the most awkward day of my life. It really was too much.

Mac pulled me away from the four parents who were thick as thieves in seconds. He pulled me back into the kitchen. That looked like any other restaurant kitchen only it was bustling with activity. People were starting to sit and be served. He pulled me off to the side out-of-the-way.

“Breathtaking.” He breathed the word on my neck.

“I know. The lighting works so much better than I thou-”

His lips grazed my neck and I shivered. “I meant you.”

It would seem Mac learned his flattery from his father. He really shouldn’t say things like that to me in public while looking at me with lust. His hand ran over my jaw to my chin and I closed my eyes as his lips tenderly touched mine. The threads of arousal wove with my emotions creating a tapestry so intricate it was suffocating.

“Oh isn’t that perfect.”

The romance of the moment shattered by Jill’s shrill voice. Her wild eyes narrowed as her lip curled into a snarl.

“I knew you were sleeping with him. You little slut. Just wait till Seagate finds out.”

“He knows. I told him upfront.” Blythe said.

“You were not invited. Leave now.” Mac said harshly.

“Oh I’m going. But we’ll see what Seagate has to say. This,” she gestured at the two of us, “will ruin you.”

Mac escorted her out of the restaurant and returned to find me at the table pretending to nibble on my salad. I had stopped to warn Seagate who said it’s fine, but I was no longer allowed to work with either Mac or his family or friends. Which was fine. I signed an agreement weeks ago stating that I would not design or consult outside of the company. No freelancing or ‘friendly’ advice allowed. Also, fine. I get it. Seagate has to protect his business.

My parents and Mac’s were seated at the table with Mac and I. They carried the conversation a little too well in my opinion. Mac stood as dessert was being served and gave a long and amusing speech. He’s clearly done this before. He thanked me and Seagate, all the hard workers and artists that pulled it all together so magnificently and the reporters lapped it all up. My mind kept wandering to Lila who for once wasn’t being friendly toward me and to Jill’s not so veiled threat.

To be continued…

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