#27 Just An Appetizer (Blythe & Mac)

Rated R, NSFW

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Just An Appetizer

Lawrence was waiting in my apartment for me. I gave him a key the day I moved in and I had one of his too. Kevin was totally okay with me having a key. I called my mom on speaker and updated both of them on my situation with Mac. I should have known better, they are both hopeless romantics. Even if they have my back, they do love a good story and they got one.

After a long shower and a movie Lawrence helped me with my hair as I put my make up on. He and Kevin were both going to the grand opening so he left to go get ready himself. I still had an hour before I had to leave and I was antsy. I couldn’t stop thinking about Mac no matter what I tried. Sure, I barely knew him but I know enough. I was giddy with the prospect of getting to know him better and spending real-time with him. I picked up my kindle to pass the time.

I nearly dropped my Kindle when the knock sounded at my door. I wasn’t expecting anyone. I peeked out and opened the door too fast. Standing in a tuxedo looking sexier than ever was Mac grinned broadly.

“You look incredible.”

“Thanks you’re looking pretty sharp yourself.” I know I looked sexy hot. I put extra effort into looking amazing tonight. The dress that matched his blue eyes fit like a glove, not too tight but it showed off all my hard work. Not to mention it pushed my breasts up and together just enough to make them impossible not to look at.

He held out a small long box. “I know you don’t like cut flowers.”

I stepped aside to let him in and took the box with a smile. “Thank you.” I undid the bow and opened the lid. There was a silver necklace with an oval pendant; one inch in diameter at its longest. The pendant was a smooth matte near black translucent stone with itty-bitty Swarovski crystals set into the surface that looked like stars in a midnight sky.

“Oh Mac.” I took it out of the box and set the box on the small table by the door. “I love it.” I flung my arms, necklace in hand, around his neck and kissed him.

It was the first time I initiated the kiss. My insides went ballistic. I skipped the flutters and went straight to throbbing between my legs. I wanted him more than I’ve ever wanted anyone ever. Maybe more than all of my exes put together. I put as much of myself into that kiss as I could. I wanted him to know how I felt without having to say it. It wasn’t just about sex it was about possession. I wanted him and only him, and I didn’t want to share.

“Damn Blythe.” Mac stepped back and turned me around. I grinned at his hard breathing. “How am I supposed to get through this night without ripping that sexy bit of cloth from your scalding hot body?”

Oooh that was a turn on, not that I needed any more ramping up. He took my simple necklace off. It was a graduation gift from my dad; a triad of diamonds in a triangle. I took the triad from him and Mac took the one he brought and put it around my neck brushing his fingers across my skin. That simple gesture sent a shock of pleasure through me and I gasped.

“Did you give your parents the invitation? I forgot to ask.”

“Yes.” I said then sighed. “They’ll be there.”

“I’ll go put this away.” I turned and went to my bedroom to not only put the necklace away but to change my thong.

“You ready?” Mac held his hand out for me as I came back out. The look in his eyes made me nervous, so much for the dry thong. “What’s wrong?”

I must have frowned. “I find it unnerving how attracted to you I am.”

“Ah… That’s a good thing.” He said as I locked my door.

“Normally I’d agree but honestly.” I started down the steps my heels clicking. I wore bright red ones to match my bracelet and clutch. “I don’t know I’m afraid I’m setting myself up for the ultimate heartbreak. You know the kind that destroys you.”

Neither of us spoke further until we got outside. There was a long black limousine waiting and a driver got out and opened the door for us. Suddenly my mind started going crazy. This was a big night, a huge night for me and my career. My boss would be there, my parents would be there, and potential other clients would be there. My heart sunk. I was showing up on the arm of the owner. The rumors would fly and I could tarnish my reputation.

“I suppose you must arrive in style since you own the place.” I got in and sat.

He took my hand in his and kissed the back of it. “Are you okay?”

I know my tone was dreary. I was terrified. What if people thought it was cheesy or ugly or lame? What if Lila showed up looking ten times more amazing and reminded Mac why she’s clearly the better woman? What if I sleep with Mac and he breaks my heart? My mind was a mixing machine of what ifs and I couldn’t turn them off.

“I’m nervous and afraid.”

Mac reached for an already open bottle of champagne. “What of?”

“Too many things.” I sighed and took the glass of champagne he offered me. I love this stuff, perhaps too much for my own good.

“Here’s to the restaurant, your design, my impulsiveness and our future.”

My stomach jumped. Future. I clinked my glass on his and sipped. “Why did you make me meet your parents today?”

“Still mad about that?” He chuckled and my heart raced from the warmth of it. “I wanted them to meet you before the business got in the way of things tonight. Work Blythe and fun Blythe are not the same creature.”

“Fair enough I’m a bit stodgy on the job.” I sipped the delightful beverage. I hadn’t eaten since brunch so it went straight to my head. “I can’t wait to introduce you to all the other Blythe’s in my repertoire.”

Mac’s smile made my body ache. He blew air out of his mouth through pursed lips.

“You make me insane.” He gulped the remainder of his drink. “The way you look at me. I’ve half a mind to skip the opening and spend the night ravaging you.”

“Hmm…” I held my glass for a refill. “Pomp and circumstance followed by dinner, then the chit-chat, some extraordinary flirting. By the time we get out of there I might just ravage you.” Oh the booze was working. I grinned when he adjusted himself and cleared his throat. He set his glass down and moved closer to me he put his knee up and sat sideways facing me. I was instantly aroused. This was going to be a very hard night to get through and I’m pretty sure it will be obvious to anyone looking.

His hand went to my thigh and he maintained eye contact. “Tell me you’re mine.”

“Bossy thing aren’t you?” I glanced at his creeping hand.

“Tell me or I stop.” His hand inched under the hem of my dress.

If he stopped I might smash the bottle over his head. “I’m yours, but that goes both ways.”

“Oh Blythe I belonged to you the second I laid eyes on you all nervous and trying to impress me.”

I gulped and moved my legs apart as his fingers found my thong. The fire ignited in his eyes as he found me wet and hot. “Um.”

Mac smiled so seductively I started breathing fast my breasts pushed against my dress. “Just an appetizer if you will.” His fingers moved the meager fabric aside and I gulpled my champagne.

I clamped my mouth shut as he slipped a finger through me so gently, my chest heaved and I was lost. When he found the opening and plunged in, I gasped and couldn’t tear my eyes away from his. After a few body buzzing strokes, he slipped two in and began working me faster. I panted and felt the tension build as each movement brought distinct surges of pleasure. His thumb nestled into my clit, I cried out and closed my eyes. I was close to the cusp and he must have sensed it. He applied more pressure with his thumb and I came undone around his fingers clenching and nearly squealing with the orgasm. It had been so damned long since I had a good one, but this was better than I remember. Mac pulled his hand out and grabbed a hand towel from the mini bar, dipped it in the ice water holding the champagne and wiped his fingers off. I managed to right my thong and compose myself as the limo came to a stop in front of the restaurant.

“Oh my God I can’t believe you just did that.”

“I can’t believe how fucking hot you are.” Mac’s intense stare made me shiver. “Let’s go be boring for a bit.” He got out and held his hand out for me.

To be continued…

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