#26 The Dust Jacket (Blythe & Mac)

Rated R, NSFW

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The Dust Jacket

I stood waiting for the man who just insulted me. I wasn’t sure if I was more mad at David for being a total jerk or Mac for bringing me here and not standing up for me. Not that I needed him to. I needed to be prudent regarding this upcoming confrontation. Too bad my temper is at an all time high and I’m ready to rumble.

“Blythe.” David said as he neared. “I want to apologize.”

“Do you want to or were you told to?” I snapped my words. “Don’t bother there was truth behind your words and I’m sick of it. I don’t have to answer to you, I don’t need to impress you. Even though I wanted to.” I was precariously close to crying. “I’m not your perfect Lila and I don’t want to be.”

Mac put his hand on my back and I stepped away from it.

“I was out of line.” David looked the part of contrite.

“I’m sure you were scolded properly. Do you actually believe you were out of line?” I crossed my arms waiting for his lies.


“Liar.” I heard Mac choke with my retort.

“Now listen here young lady-”

“No you listen Mr. Waterstone. If you had taken five minutes to get to know me as a person you might be surprised. Instead you pitted me as the interloper that’s getting in the way of your perfect idea of a relationship for your son and Lila.” I pointed at myself. “I am a human being and I deserve more respect than to be called a whore, gold digger, poorly educated and from a slummy family. You know nothing about me. Nothing!”

I watched David chew my words and noticed Elle hiding around the corner listening. She had such a smirk on her face and gave me thumbs up when I caught her eye. Odd.

I was caught off guard by David’s abrupt laugh. He stepped closer, grabbed my face and before I could react he laid a hard peck on my lips. Grinning he let me go. I stumbled back into Mac stunned and bewildered.

“Oh you are a real treat my dear. Come.” He grabbed my hand. “Let’s eat and now that you’re not pretending to be what you think we want you to be, we can get to know one another for real.”

What the hell? I chewed on his words as he and on mine moments ago. I looked back at Mac who shrugged and looked very childish.

“I’ve gone mad.” I muttered as I saw Elle setting out fresh plates of food. The same things I had picked before only now there was bacon on my plate and a fruit and cream tart. David was right, I was trying to behave even though I don’t need to. Huh.

“Blythe if you hadn’t stood up to me I’d be telling my son I don’t approve of you one iota. Not only did you stand up to me you stood up for yourself. Which.” He sipped his coffee. “Is far more important.”

“I’m so confused.” I took a bite of bacon and chewed.

Elle nodded. “I sure was hoping you wouldn’t turn to Mackenzie to fight your battle. My boys will walk all over you if you let them.”

“I noticed.” I rolled my eyes and Elle giggled behind her napkin. “I’m still pissed that you pushed me like that David.”

“Oh sure you forgive him in a flash, but hold a grudge to me for weeks.” Mac pouted.

“Oh?” Elle looked at me with interest while Mac sat eating.

“I didn’t really.” I smiled mischievously. “But to get his goat I called him Mr. Waterstone but used Tom’s given name constantly.”

“Oh that would do it.” Elle’s bright smile calmed the last of my frayed nerves. “He did complain about that more than once.”

“Tell me.” David looked at me. “Where did he take you on your first date?”

“We’re on it now.” I laughed.

He looked at Mac. “This is not an appropriate date by any means son.”

“I didn’t know you were going to give her the I’m an asshole test.”

I glanced at Mac, my heart skipped at beat with how he looked at me with adoration.

“Language.” Elle scolded stifling her smile.

“She won’t actually date me until after tonight.” Mac rolled his eyes exaggeratedly making fun of me and picked up his coffee.

“Stephan said you were as straight-laced as they come. He must have gone on about you for an hour at our luncheon last month. If I didn’t know how much he adores his wife I’d say he was having an affair with you.”

I nearly spit out my coffee and choked it down before I dribbled it like an idiot. My boss talked about me? To David?

“I…” I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t need to say anything. Conversation drifted to the restaurant then on to the garden. I asked questions and Elle answered enthusiastically. Apparently, she is the Gardner. I would never ever had guessed. She gets help with the weeding, mowing and pruning but tries to do the rest herself. She gave me a tour while the men talked about God only knows what.

“This must be so strange for you?”


“Us, David and his odd approach.”

“Oh, yes I suppose so.”

“He is successful because he reads people like open books. He saw you and didn’t like the dust jacket. He likes to make people take them off.”

“Nice analogy. Can I ask you a question? I mean.” I looked a my hands. “A personal one?”

“Yes of course.” Elle stopped and tenderly touched a large pink and white blotched rose.

“Why is Lila so important?”

Elle looked at me with approval in her eyes. “Interesting choice of words my dear. Have you met her?”

“Yes and I’m half in love with her.”

Elle chuckled prettily and looked me from head to toe and back. “She’s everything we dreamed in a wife for Mackenzie.”

Here it comes. I managed not to react. Bonus points for me.

“But he’s just not happy with her. Perhaps her type of perfection is boring.” She chuckled prettily again. “Truth be told she is perfect and never miss steps or says anything out of line. Everyone that meets her loves her. A tough person to follow in any respect.”

“No kidding. I must be a let-down, and I’m not looking for praise or pity honest.”

Elle looped her arm in mine and started walking. “While Lila is every mothers dream in a stepdaughter she isn’t.”

“How so?”

“Her dust jacket never comes off.” Elle said as we approached the men talking conspiratorially. That statement held more information and truth than it should have.

“They are handsome.” Elle sighed and I sighed in agreement. Mac looked up and my heart thumped. Just from a glance in my direction. I was in big trouble. “Oh you are in love with him.”

“What, no, I mean pardon?” I pulled my arm away.

“That look.” Elle cocked her head to the side slightly. “I’ve seen that one many times in the mirror.”

It was time to go. Mac had preparations to see to and David had to call overseas. I thanked them for both brunch’s. They laughed and David pecked my lips again before Mac pulled me away from him in mock jealousy.

“Still mad at me?” Mac asked as we pulled out onto the highway.

“Yes.” It was true. Even though it worked out it was awful to be ambushed like that.

“I was supposed to be bringing Lila to brunch I refused and said I had someone else. My mother guessed since I had confessed to her. My Father was livid.”

“You owe me a super amazing date.”

“That I can do.”

“Not expensive, amazing.”

“I get it Blythe.” He sighed heavily. “I’ve never seen anyone stand up to my dad that way. People are always afraid or in awe of him. Except my mother of course.”

“Of course.” I watched the world go by as we neared my apartment. I was a jumble of emotions by the time he parked. Too much happened in one morning for me to process it properly. Now I only had a few hours to prepare for a night out.


He turned to face me.

“If your parents didn’t like me would we still go out?”

“Yes. They don’t like you.”

I blinked at him. “Oh.”

“They loved you. My mom never touched any girlfriend including Lila. She doesn’t touch people who are not family beyond a handshake. My dad has never kissed Lila.”


“Yeah oh. Go get ready for tonight and don’t wear green.”

“I planned to wear blue.”

“Perfect. Light or dark?”

I blushed. When I saw the dress, I bought it without even looking at the price tag. It was the colour of his eyes. This was before I decided to let him have his damned way and date me.


I opened the car door and got out. “It matches your eyes.” I closed the door and walked away as fast as my heels would carry me.

To be continued…

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  1. reactionarytales says:

    “You know nothing Jon Snow!” (Sorry, I had to) This was great! I love the dust jacket analogy and it’s so true about people. For the most part, parents can be good judges of character and Mac seems to have some pretty cool parents. Can’t wait for this grand opening installment!

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