#25 Fight Or Flight (Blythe & Mac)

Rated R, NSFW

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Fight Or Flight

The words hit my ears nearly knocking me over. Who asks a question like that? How dare he assume I’ve slept with him at all. They were followed by the simultaneous outcry from Mac and Elle.



I nodded understanding. Mr. Waterstone was one of the few that didn’t appreciate Jill’s advances. Jill had been vocal about the stodgy man that was a taskmaster. I overheard her bitching about him being rich and stuck up. I never took stock in Jill or anything she ever said. I paused long enough for effect then answered.

“I haven’t had sex with your son.”

“No?” David raised his eyebrows. He looked so much like Mac it was eerie, similar but not exactly the same. “I heard you are fresh from the paint chip floor and this is your first solo project.”

“David.” Elle scolded.

“It’s okay Elle.” I turned to David. “Did you work with anyone other than Jill Malus?”

“I did not approve of that young woman’s absurdly forward behavior, and yes I have worked with a number of other more senior designers.”

“I’m not Jill. In fact, I was tricked into coming here. Your son doesn’t take no for an answer and this attention he’s giving me is new.”

“New-ish.” Mac chuckled. “I didn’t tell her she was coming here.”

“Oh Mackenzie, that is deplorable.” Elle chastised her son as I poked at my fruit.

“I told you both how hard I’ve chased Blythe and she’s refused me at every turn. I also told you why. She values her dignity and career. He shrugged and took a large bite of bagel. I wasn’t hungry anymore.

David ignored Mac and stared right at me. “I find it convenient that you play hard to get for so long. Did you know that would be Mackenzie’s kryptonite?”

“I don’t follow.” I set my fork down.

“Father stop. Why are you being rude?” Mac sucked at his teeth.

“Honestly David. Leave her be.” Elle turned to me and put a hand on mine. “I’m sorry Blythe dear he is unhappy about-”

“Lila.” I cut her off. I’m not stupid I also know he thinks I’m gold digging or whatever euphemism he would apply. “Let me guess Mr. Waterstone you think I’m after your son for his money?”

David banged his hand on the table. “Lila is highly educated and comes from a good family. Mackenzie stands to inherit a tidy sum. Yes of course I am concerned about motives.”

“So what that he has money?” I tossed my napkin on my plate. “Why is it anyone with more money automatically assumes I’m only after their money?” I stood and the chair scraped loudly on the stones. Mac stood as did Elle.

“Are you saying that his money doesn’t matter?”

“Father stop!” Mac glared at the older version of himself.

“If I said the financial status of a potential partner isn’t important, I’d be lying. Rich or poor or somewhere in between finances plays a role. It is not the be all or end all for me, but a factor none the less.” I swatted Mac’s hand away from my arm. “Do you know what I said to my parents about my inheritance Mr. Waterstone?”

He shook his head. His bemused look confused me. Not enough to calm the fury burning in my gut. Igniting my ire seems to be a genetic trait in these men.

“I told them to keep it, spend it, enjoy it or give it to people who need it. I don’t need their damned money I have my own. Because time with them is more important than what they’ll be leaving behind when their gone!” I turned to Elle. “Thank you for brunch. I’m sorry I lost my temper.” I swatted Mac’s hand away again and stormed off to the path I presumed went around to the front of the house.

“Blythe.” Mac called out after me. I swear I heard deep laughter coming from David and Elle scolding her husband. I only stopped because there was a gate and I couldn’t see how to open it.

“Blythe.” Mac turned me around. “I’m sorry.”

“Please open the gate.”

He reached over and pressed four buttons on a keypad hidden by a leaf and the gate swung open.

“I’m so angry right now I need to walk away.”

“Don’t go. He was testing you.”

I balled my fists at my side and snorted loudly. “I know he was goddamn testing me Mackenzie.” I snarled his name for effect. “That is the problem.”

Mac pulled me to him and held me tight. It was so odd and I was still furious. When he kissed the top of my head, my anger melted away. Why did that make my anger go?

“My parents are upset that I won’t reconcile with Lila. They don’t understand even though I’ve told them time and again that we’re not compatible. He’s just looking out for me.”

I slipped my hands around his waist enjoying the contact. His warmth out shined the late morning sun and his scent more alluring than any of the honeysuckle, roses or petunias surrounding us.

“It would have been nice if he at least asked one inoffensive question.”

“I honestly didn’t expect that from him. He’s not normally so cruel.”

“This was a mistake.” I pushed away and saw David walking toward us. I could run, I like to when Mac is involved. I have no idea why. I also figured that if necessary, I could probably out distance both men easily. Even in heels. The image of running away was silly and almost made me smile. Either this was going to be resolved or it was over. I threw off my proverbial gloves, turned to face the oncoming David and prepared to fight.

To be continued…

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