#24 An Inappropriate Question (Blythe & Mac)

Rated R, NSFW

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An Inappropriate Question

I woke suddenly. For no reason I could determine. I jumped out of bed to go for my run. Except I take the weekend off from running. I do yoga instead. I got out my mat and my iPad and made my way through the hour-long routine. After I decided to take a hot perfumed bath.

Dried and smelling gently of summer flowers and herbs, I dressed in an A-line white princess dress with big pale pink and soft yellow blooms. It was by far one of my favorite dresses and would be perfect for brunch. I could dress it up later in a snap with a bigger necklace and higher heels or down with flats and a scarf.

I paced my apartment and kept watching the parking lot. When Mac pulled up, I kept pacing. I checked my reflection for the thousandth time, When he knocked, I let out a yip and did my best not to race to the door.

I swear his eyes turned a shade darker when he looked me over.

“You are unbelievably beautiful.”

“You look pretty dashing yourself Mr. Waterstone.” Oh, boy did he ever. Light grey slacks and a blue-collared shirt that matched his eyes that he incidentally narrowed at my teasing.

“Dress up or down?” I asked.


“Fancy or casual. I forgot to ask.”

“You look fine as you are.” Mac looked confused and I giggled. I decided not to bother with jewelry or the scarf and went to find my new yellow shoes that would go so perfectly with this dress. When I turned, he had an odd look on his face. His smile was all the warning I got before he grabbed me by the sides of my head and lowered his lips to mine. I figured he was going to kiss me at some point so I wore lip stain instead of lipstick. Good choice. My body was fine-tuned to his and the second he touched me, I was a live wire. Today’s hormonal onslaught was accompanied by instant wet in my panties. He backed off and closed his eyes taking a few calming breaths.

“Give me a second I forgot something.” A pathetic excuse. I ran to change my underwear, covertly tucked another pair into a small inside pocket of my small purse and returned. That was too intense a reaction and I didn’t want to be uncomfortable if he kissed me again. I had planned to kiss him, but after that, I better not. At least not until closer to the end or at the end of the date.

I was giddy and bouncy as we went down to the car. He chuckled at my over abundance of energy. Being horny was fun. Being horny and out with a super hot guy… double the fun.

“Thank you for the tiles.” I said as we got to his car.

“Did you like them?”

“No they’re tacky. I’ll give them to my brother’s wife she loves cheap crap like that.” I was so proud that I made it to the end of my sentence without laughing. The look of horror on his face was totally worth the effort. I got in the car and managed to hide my smile.

He looked utterly confused then saw my meager cover. “You’re teasing.”

“Oh my God Mac of course I am. They are amazing. Where did you find them?”

“I asked the table guy if he knew anyone that could paint ceramic.”

My mouth fell open. Lawrence didn’t say a word about it and there was no way he didn’t know. Kevin would have told him before Mac finished asking. That meant Mac planned them long before I agreed on this date.

“Don’t look so surprised Blythe. I decided the moment I first saw you to make you mine. And no, not for a fling or to pass the time nor to scratch an itch or go slumming.”

I sat quietly as he drove out of the city. “Yeah but Lila is so absolutely perfect.” My sudden blurt startled even me.

“Really?” He glanced over with an eyebrow raised. It was super star sexy and my insides fluttered. “Petty jealousy?”

“No not really, maybe a little. Hell if I were even a smidge gay I’d be obsessed with her myself.”

“You’re not just going to take my word for it that Lila and I are over are you?”

“Be honest with yourself Mac. If I had a supposed ex that was hanging off of me every time you were around would you take my word for it? Would you be okay with a lame ‘he’s not an issue’ excuse?”

Mac drove in silence.“No. I suppose not. Lila is an incredible woman. I’ve known her for years. We have a complicated history, but she’s not for me. Theoretically, we are perfect for each other. Practically however, we bore the shit out of each other. Most of the time we were together off and on, it was for convenience or because everyone expected us to be.” Mac reached over and squeezed my hand. “To be honest I find it offensive you think I’d be chasing after your sexy little ass while still with her.”

Ooh that is a valid point. “I shouldn’t be insecure.”

“No you really shouldn’t because if you ask me, natural beauty is way sexier than the over done fake beauty that washes off every night. Lila would be far more beautiful if she spent less time and money trying to fake it.”

He really knew how to lay on a complement indirectly. My instincts kicked in as I took in our direction. “Uh Mac where are we going?” The road he turned down was in the country. Or rather, what I would call the country, being a city dweller by nature. It was more like outer suburbs.

“For brunch.” He said as he turned down what looked like either a private road or a really long driveway.

“Why would someone put a restaurant way out here?”

He chuckled. “I never said at a restaurant.”

“Mac.” I gave him the best imitation of my mothers’ I’m super pissed voice I could muster. The house that came into view wasn’t huge, but it was stunning in every possible way. Perfectly manicured lawns and gardens graced the front of a two-story modern home with three garages. Three. The roundabout driveway was double car wide.

“Where are we?” I tore my eyes from the beautiful house to look at his sheepish face.

“My parents’ house.”

I panicked and gripped the car door and my seat. I’ve met his father briefly. He was cold and indifferent. A man about business and nothing else. “Why?”

Mac parked in front of a garage and turned off the engine. “Because I want you to meet them for real and they want to meet you.”

“Why would they want to meet me?”

Mac rubbed the back of his neck. “They wanted to meet the designer of the restaurant.”

I narrowed my eyes at him. There is no way they couldn’t wait until tonight at the grand opening to meet me. “And?”

“I sort of ended up telling my mother I was falling for you.”

“Oh.” I watched him get out of the car and walk around. I wasn’t staying put so he could be all romance novel and open the door for me. I didn’t want to actually get out.

Mac opened the door. “Don’t be silly. Come on.”

I followed him to the front door. My lead laden feet eventually betraying my mind that screamed run. Parents? Worst first date in the history of worst first dates.

He rang the bell and opened the door. “They’re expecting us.”

“I should hope so.” I was all kinds of pissed off, nervous and excited. Some of the best people in the business had decorated parts of this house. I’d heard rumors about the kitchen from Jill who did their guest rooms and bedroom. Jill has a crap eye for real talent. She got buy on sheer luck and copying others. I vaguely recalled Mac taking my hand, pulling me inside and down the hall. The foyer was two-story and breathtaking. They opted for a stained glass chandelier in blues and greens.

“Yes it looks amazing lit up at night.” Mac chuckled and tugged on my hand.


“Some people like cars or fancy clothes, mine like good food and a well decorated house.” Mac said dragging me past wide-open rooms decorated in the latest trends that were in my opinion timeless. I couldn’t possibly take it all in and lost by breath completely as we entered the kitchen.

It was either a copycat or… My mind was shaken from its drunken stupor of awe by a dazzling woman with long dark brown hair perfectly coiffed. Her makeup was flawless and flattering. She had Mac’s stunning blue eyes.

“It’s lovely to meet you Blythe.”

I shook her hand and managed to find my voice. Why was I so nervous? Oh right Mac, and this was his mother. I grasped my anger and pushed it down for later and shook her hand. “Likewise.” I think I may actually kill Mac for this.

“It’s such a lovely day I thought we could have our brunch in the garden.”

“Perfect.” Mac went to the marble counter and started pouring coffee into two matching mugs. I tore my eyes from him realizing I was ogling and looked around the kitchen. The mosaic tiles were of various types of glass the over all effect was like a tropical sunset over the ocean.

“Mrs. Waterstone is this Gerarde Pardau’s work?”

“Yes of course.” She pointed to a small tile at the corner and I moved to look. “Please call me Elle.”

I saw the signature engraving and nodded. Pardau was my idol, a man who pushed the boundaries of the expected. Incorporating nature into his work so subtly, it was maddening. The impression he left each piece was custom to the client and he never ever asked their opinion. I might mimic him a little in my approach. Mack held a mug out for me with cream in my coffee. I sipped. No sugar. How would he know? I frowned severely at the coffee.

He laughed. “Lawrence is chatty.”

“I need to have a word with him about that.”

“Good luck with just a word.” Mac laughed again and put his hand on the small of my back to edge me toward the open double French doors that his mother Elle held open.

The deck led down to a stone pathway to the left of the large expansive yard. Mac slipped his hand in mine and I didn’t pull away. Yes, I was angry with him for ambushing me like this, but I also wanted them to like me. There was no escaping the fact that I wanted Mac and this was probably going to be more than just a fling. The landscaping was astounding. A small stone patio with tasteful outdoor chairs and a table. There were two walls with various planters and herbs hanging off them. The garden was breathtaking. Done in a hybrid of old English and new.

I spied the side table laden with food. Beside it, a man I knew to be Mac’s father. He smiled so warmly at me I held my breath. Mac took my coffee and set it on the table with his.

“Lovely. You are here, I remember you Miss Parks or may I call you Blythe?” He held his hand out for me to shake and I did.

“Blythe is fine. It’s nice to see you again Mr. Waterstone.”

“Call me David my dear. Please get some food and sit.”

Mac nudged me toward the table. I picked up a plate and put some eggs Benedict, sausage and fruit salad on my plate. Mac filled his own with similar items adding a bagel and bacon to his. I followed him the short distance and sat where he indicated as his parents gathered food. Once everyone was seated, Elle gestured for me to start. I took a nibble of sausage and smiled as I chewed.

“I am looking forward to the grand opening tonight Blythe.” Elle speared a strawberry quarter with her fork. “Mackenzie wouldn’t let us see any of the renovations.”

“Oh?” I didn’t know Mac’s full name was Mackenzie. I’ve only known females with that name. “So it’s a surprise?”

“Yes it is.” David’s eye narrowing suggested he wasn’t pleased about it.

“Get over it Father.” Mac put his hand on my lower back. It was too familiar a touch. I barely knew him, we’ve never been on a date and I’m not sure if this actually counts. And yet I didn’t want him to move it away. Like ever. “Trust me the end effect is magic, and knowing how it got that way would lessen the impact for you.”

“So you say.” David bit into his toast and shifted his gaze back to me while he chewed then swallowed. “Tell me Blythe, did you sleep with my son before or after he gave you the design account?”

To be continued…

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