#23 Mac Figured it out (Blythe & Mac)

Rated R, NSFW

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Mac Figured it out

I slept unnaturally sound for someone so horny. I ended up on an even longer run starting before the sun even fully rose. Even after some finger fun this morning it didn’t help. My steady state of lust settled right back into place. It wasn’t horrible; in fact, it was rather nice. I’ve been this way for so long that having it up another notch wasn’t bad at all. Since I decided to give Mac what he wants, a date and probably more, I bet I’ll get what I want. I wanted Mac and that meant dealing with the Lila issue. Sure his half assed response regarding her was unsatisfying, but it would have to do for now. I had to trust him. If I had to, I would, no I wanted to fight for him and that thought was exciting. Besides I could walk away anytime. At least I hope I could.

I opened my door to leave for work and found a small gift bag hanging on the handle.

“What is this?” With a smile, I picked it up and the beautiful handwriting on the tag made me giddy. I went back inside and read the tag aloud. “It’s not as soft as my hair but perhaps it will tie you over.” I reached in past the lilac tissue paper and pulled out a silk translucent pink infinity scarf with small watercolour style roses. “I don’t know Mac, it’s pretty dammed soft.” I slipped the fabric between my fingers as my heart thumped. I quickly went to change my blouse so I could wear it today. I don’t wear many scarves but this one wasn’t a burden, it was so light and fragile it was sexy.

I had just enough time to meet Lawrence for coffee and fill him in before work. Apparently, Lawrence was on Mac’s side now and refused to elaborate on what the ‘problem’ was. Lawrence laughed and said he knew what it was and it was about time Mac figured it out.

Annoyed, agitated, sexually frustrated and confused I sat at my desk absently staring at the computer screen. The Carmon’s, the newlyweds’ Master bedroom and bath design was pretty much done. And boring. It was exactly what they asked for and exactly what everyone else under the sun this year was doing. I saved the file and copied it and opened a new file. Chewing on my lip, I started making changes, changes that would set this design apart. A newly married couple in love shouldn’t be conforming already. Or ever in my opinion. The room needed romance, something softer yet not cliché. Feminine, but not the cold edges it was now. It wasn’t a lot of change, but just enough to shift the design from bland to bold and it suited the couple. Or at least I thought so.

The Carmon’s were scheduled to arrive late in the afternoon and both the plans were ready for them. I left my office to get the matte colour printouts. When I came back with them in hand, my office door was open. I was sure I closed it. A quick glance around the open office area revealed too many eyes watching me. Something happened in the fifteen minutes I was gone. With the hairs on the back of my neck standing up, I opened the door and gasped. A mini garden had sprung from nowhere on my window ledge. Potted mini roses, dwarf succulents and a variety of tropical plants I didn’t recognize. There was of course a card. I opened it and held my breath as I read the beautiful penmanship. ‘A small thank you for all your hard work on the restaurant. –M’

“Looks like someone’s being romantic.” Lawrence sung the words from behind me.

“No it’s just a thank you for my work.” I touched the smooth leaves of a plant. “Though a simple thank you card or a bottle of wine would have sufficed.”

“Lame. I doubt Mr. Fancy-pants would be so drab on his worst day.”

“Okay then, why not cut flowers?”

“Because Bly, you insisted all plants in the restaurant be alive and allowed to stay that way.”

“Huh. I did didn’t I.” I was smiling like a silly school-girl with a huge crush.

“I think you’re done for. You’ve fallen for the spoiled-brat rich boy.”

I glanced at the card and recalled what Mac said last night. “Perhaps it’s just hormones and once I get him out of my…” I grimaced recalling Tom’s words. “I’m sunk and that’s bad.”

Lawrence gave me a brief hug, “Naw, you just need to stop expecting him to hurt you like Jon did.”

I nodded. That was also true. Though I thought about Jon rarely, he did rather scar me emotionally. Then Fred before him and Alex. Ugh. Well I suck at dating appropriate men.

“I’ll talk to you later, I have to run to the passport office.”

“Oh right, for your romantic getaway. Text me after dinner.”

“You better call me tomorrow with the details.”

I smiled all giddy and nervous as Lawrence laughed his way out of my office. Yeah I’m done for.

I filled the remainder of the day researching my gift. Learning how to care for them. I’d been meaning to get a spider plant or something but this was much better. As expected I had many visitors drop by throughout the day.

The evening was half-hard and half-easy. I nicely distracted at a small diner party with some close friends at Lawrence and Kevin’s house. All of whom were greatly interested in Mac since Lawrence has a huge mouth. I was a wee bit drunk by the time I got home and found another gift. I suppose I should be annoyed, but I wasn’t. I opened a small blue envelope and read the note that simply said. “I thought of you.” I really loved Mac’s handwriting. It was almost art on its own. I opened the heavy one foot by two-foot box and moved the tissue aside. Inside were six little ceramic tiles hand painted with a night sky, stars, moon and a glowing city in the far distance. A mosaic that if placed among regular tiles of similar quality and style would be breathtaking.

I blinked at them and knew I was really in trouble now. Aside from the fact that I loved being spoiled, he needed to stop buying me things. I’m not shallow or selfish. I set the tiles out and realized that so far everything he gave me had some meaning. The scarf was pink, my favorite colour and the watercolour roses matched my throw pillows. The shoes were to replace one broken at his restaurant, but perfectly styled to my taste and my size. The plants are self-explanatory these tiles? “I love these tiles.” I made my way to bed and wondered what brunch would be like tomorrow, what restaurant we’d go to. Would it be one of his? Romantic or typical? Should I bring up Lila?

To be continued…

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    This is becoming my favorite story to read, I’m addicted. Great job!

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