#22 Finally The Truth (Blythe & Mac)

Rated R, NSFW

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Finally The Truth

I was officially confused by Mac’s silly grin. I had no idea what to think, feel or do beyond walk toward him. He had my Kindle in his hand. He set it down and looked sheepish about it.

“Sorry, I was curious to know what sort of books you read.” He relaxed when I sat beside him close enough to touch thighs. “I guess I want to know anything about you Blythe.”

I nodded and smiled. I haven’t given him much at all. Vice versa was also true. I had a tonne of romance novels, some mysteries, a few horror slash thrillers. A variety of dystopian future novels and some hearty deep non-fictions for when I’m feeling the need to prove I’m smart. “And what’s your verdict?”

“You like to read.” He lifted his arm and put it around my shoulders, I shifted so our thighs were actually touching. “A lot.”

I liked this. Too much. I wanted to talk forever, but I also wanted him to touch me, to kiss me and to… I shook my head. “I’m a fast reader, and yes I fill my empty time with the lives of others.”

“Hmm.” Mac’s fingers played over the smooth satin covering my shoulder. I couldn’t help it, my insides tingled and a shiver skirted across my skin. “I secretly play call of duty. My mother would lose her mind if she knew I wasted time on such things.”

I clasped my hands in my lap and looked at them. “I always feel like I want to do Sudoku puzzles.” I giggled. “But I’ve never, ever finished one. I screw up almost right away and give up. My dad is a math whiz. He would probably collapse in a fit if he knew I used a calculator daily.”

Mac laughed softly. “I can barely draw a happy face but I fantasize of painting a masterpiece.”

I pulled my left leg up and shifted to sit facing him. His eyes dropped to my lips and as he lifted them to my eyes, Mac moved to kiss me. I met him half way.

I gasped as our lips touched. Goose pimples covered every inch of me as the rush of pleasure rippled to my core and back out. When my back touched the seat of the couch, I pulled my mouth away. I was too lost in him, in how much desire I felt. Mac leaned over me, his right arm bracing his body, his left brushing my hair back. I breathed heavy and shallow as we stared at one another. A slow smile etched his lips as he opened them to say something.

“How insignificant everything else seems compared to this. What is between us Blythe.”

“I’m afraid.” I am. I really am afraid. I did not realize it until then. I was trapped by his body and happily so.

“And there is finally the truth.” Macs mouth dropped to mine again and his hand moved down my arm to my midriff. I opened my lips and he pressed his mouth closer, his tongue slowly teasing my lips and tongue. No rush, no flicking quickly, just his tongue caressing as his hand slipped up pajama top. My hands were free to roam so I slipped them over his stubbly jaw to the nape of his neck and up into his short soft hair.

A whimper escaped me as his hand stopped short of my heaving breasts. I shifted beneath him hoping to make his hand move again. He broke the kiss and I looked up into his eyes as my fingers combed the back of his head. I could run my fingers through his hair all night if he’d let me.

“Blythe?” His fingers grazed the lower swell of my breast.


“I’m not going to make love to you tonight. Now that I know what’s wrong. I’m going to fix it first.”

“Wrong?” I replayed his words in my lust-addled brain. “What do you mean wrong?” My mind raced immediately to my job and his hand eased up over my breast. His thumb passed over my nipple and I cooed. Just his touch rendered me lost.

Mac’s devilish smile made my insides ache. “Despite how insane our attraction is, we can’t rush anything.”

In this moment I disagreed, at least my body did. In the echoes of my mind, I could hear reason. Lila was still an issue even if he said she wasn’t. My job was still a consideration and we really didn’t know much about each other. I should ask anyway. “Why not?”

He chuckled and rolled my nipple between his fingers. I was aching, wet and saying yes. Yet here he was saying no. Talk about inopportune role reversal. He moved his face less than an inch from mine. “Because Blythe when we do, I want you to be as in love with me as I am with you.”

And end scene. I heard a directors voice bark out the direction. If it wasn’t so hot, and he wasn’t so damned serious and if I wasn’t so completely turned on, I might have laughed. As it is, that was probably the most romantic thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life.

His mouth descended on mine and as before, he took his time, no rush. I’ve never before felt so in-tune. It was as if I could feel every crevice of his fingerprints on my skin, each silky cell of his lips, the heat from his body mingling with mine. He backed off and stood forcing me to abandon his hair leaving my fingers empty and cold. I looked at his prominent bulge as I pushed myself up to sit. At least I wasn’t the only one in the room affected and I wanted so badly to touch.

“I’ll see myself out. Do you work weekends?”

“No.” I was on autopilot while my brain worked to focus.

“Good. I’ll pick you up Saturday around ten am for brunch. If you’d like to go with me that is.”

Fighting him was useless. I wanted him and for more than just sex so I swallowed my stupid stubborn pride. “I’ll be ready.” Again, he grinned so suddenly and my already aroused body came alive in a burst of desire. Mac leaned down, kissed my forehead, walked away, put on his shoes and left my apartment.

I just sat there horny, happy, confused and terrified. “What the hell just happened?” A silly smile slipped over my lips. “Sneaky bastard just got a date out of me that’s what.” I went to brush my teeth, snack forgotten. As I lay in bed a delicious puddle of arousal, I thought about Mac and wondered what tomorrow would bring. I only had to make it through one day of work before brunch. Fortunately I had a lot of work on my plate to distract me. I thought about what to wear as I drifted off to sleep. My dreams were decidedly naughty.

To be continued…

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12 comments on “#22 Finally The Truth (Blythe & Mac)

  1. Sheryl says:

    He’s persistent if nothing else.

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  2. reactionarytales says:

    Did he really just say he loved her?!?! AAAH! I have this feeling though that there’s a but and the but is going to be Lila in some negative form. I hope not but the feels…

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  3. MsBad says:

    Hmmm. I’m surprised Blythe gave in even a little with the unanswered question of Lila still there. Interesting episode.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Cute banter, looking forward to see what happens next!

    Liked by 2 people

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