#21 I can’t do this (Blythe & Mac)

Rated R, NSFW

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I can’t do this

“Open the door Blythe.”

I glared at the door and if I had x-ray vision, it would have been a death glare aimed at Mac.

“Bossy demanding little…” I opened the door and he pushed his way past me. “Rude too. Please do come in.”

He stopped his annoyed expression evaporated as he looked me from head to toe and chuckled. “That’s interesting. Pajamas?”

I rolled my eyes and closed the door.

“I figured you were a t-shirt and track pants kinda woman.”

I bit both my lips. Tom’s slumming it comment came to mind. No doubt, Lila wore silk negligee to bed. He had a way of infuriating me instantly. It did not mix well with my now raging hormones. Just his proximity set me off.

“I meant no offense. Stop putting Tom’s idiot runaway mouth on me.”

“Fine. To what do I owe this… home invasion?” I would not say pleasure.

I sauntered past him wishing I had a bra on. Why would I? I was ready for bed. I planned to read and fall asleep. Not that I needed one per say, just that it would be less noticeable that I had hard nipples if I had one on.

“You’re not returning my emails or texts, or calls lately.”

“I am, I have and just because you don’t like my responses does not constitute claiming I haven’t.”

“Blythe.” He put his hands on his hips and I stifled a snicker just in time. It was fun to ruffle his feathers.

“I answered everything work related.” If I had to do this, I wanted to be comfortable. Therefore, I went to my living room. It may be an apartment but it was decorated with taste. I watched him look around and he clearly knew that most of what was here was authentic. I could afford some luxury with a smaller space to fill. That and I’m a savvy shopper with some really amazing connections.

“I know who Lawrence is.”

I flopped on my couch and pulled my legs up. I forgot that I pretended to have a boyfriend inadvertently. Still, I’m pretending what’s his excuse? “Good for you. Nosy much?” I crossed my arms and regretted it. It pushed my breasts together and my cleavage didn’t need the help. His eyes dropped to appreciate them a moment.  “I don’t mean to be rude but why are you here?”

Mac sat in the chair next to my couch and I appreciated that he had taken his shoes off. Not everyone does. I decided to end the show and hug my legs. I was horny and attracted to this man. Jumping him right now seemed like a great idea. One that I could not under any circumstance do. So yes hugging my legs in a childish way was the best option I had, aside from hiding behind a throw pillow.

“Why do you hate me?” The unrestrained emotion in his eyes and voice tightened my throat. He really thought I did.

“I don’t.” Those two words were so hard to say and I sounded like a chipmunk or something weird.

“You act as if you do. Aside from not correcting Tom’s runaway mouth what have I done wrong?”

Done? I thought about it. Lets see where do I begin? “You’re bossy, don’t respect my need for professionalism and… and…”

He looked so hurt. I couldn’t finish my thoughts. I looked away from his dark blue pools of emotion and held my breath.

“The restaurant is finished.” He said finally.

I nodded still not looking at him.

“Now will you go out on a date with me?”

I closed my eyes and let my pent-up air out. Yes of course. “No.”

“Why not?”

Good question. One I don’t have the answer to. Oh wait. Lila. Mac caught me where I couldn’t run from him. The conniving jerk. The only place I could go is my bedroom or bathroom. Neither would help. I needed to be grown up about this even though I didn’t want to.

“Three’s a crowd Mac.” I wasn’t prepared for his stunning grin. My heart leapt to my throat and my insides fluttered ever so nicely.

“Lila and I ended things for good over four months ago. She is still a friend, but I’m not interested in her.”

I didn’t buy it. “I’m neither blind nor stupid. She hangs off of you and you tote her around everywhere.” She’s been more than familiar with him in front of me.

“It’s complicated, but not what you think.”

“Complicated. Shit Mac Einstein’s field equations are complicated. Whether or not you’re still with Lila or not is simple.” Why exactly do I care? I’ll have to examine that one later. This caring thing was new territory for me.

“Lila’s not an issue; end of story. So what is the real problem? Your job? Mine? Is it who I am or my money that bothers you? Are you worried about being called a gold digger?”

Lila was my issue. Work wasn’t anymore. I cleared that one up a while ago. My ego and pride were definitely contenders but it was mostly jealously. Okay and stubbornness if I’m honest.

“Honest to God Mac I’m not an insipid romance novel heroine who shyly hopes a big strong wealthy man comes to rescue poor hardworking destitute little ole me. This is the real world and news flash, it’s normal for people to want a successful partner.”

I pressed the palms of my hands to my eyes a moment before continuing. I was getting too angry too fast. “It pisses me off that any woman who even looks at a man with more income than she has is instantly a gold digger or he’s slumming it. Sick to death of hearing it actually. What would be weird is not being attracted to you for your wealth.”

He looked offended and now I understood where this was coming from.

“Mac if I wasn’t, that would be weird, likely a lie or I’d be insane. We live in a money driven world. Where we are taught to work hard to get more, marry someone who can provide. Providing is money therefore a wealthy partner is attractive. However, that look on your face right now is why I keep saying no. That and the fact that you’re still a client until the grand opening tomorrow and I’m really, really stubborn.” There a bit of honesty.

“What look would that be?” He stood. His shoulders tense and the set of his jaw was anger.

“You think you’re better than me.”

His shoulders slacked and he rubbed his hands over his face. “Shit you’re right. I’m the one that has the issue with my wealth not you.”

I was so damned close to tears. That I was, terrified me. I cared and I wanted him to care. He moved to sit next to me. My body-tensed because I wanted him to leave and stay all the same moment. I hated it and when he sighed, I tried to covertly wipe the tear away.

He turned to look at me directly. “I can’t do this.”

My heart sunk, it was what I told myself over and over that I wanted to hear. I wanted him to leave me alone.

He put his hand on the side of my face and wiped a tear with his thumb. “I can’t sit here wanting you so badly it hurts and see those tears fall because I’m an ass.”

It hurt? That made my heart soar and my insides tighten up. “It’s not like I’ve been overly nice.” I got up I needed to blow my nose and splash water on my face. “I’ll be back.”

I was also giving him the chance to sneak away. I went to my bathroom and turned the water on. My body was thrumming a primal beat of need. It was insane. How could he affect me this way? I blew my nose, rinsed my face and went back out slowly. Mac was still there. Sitting and looking at my Kindle in his hand with a silly grin on his face.

To be continued…

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11 comments on “#21 I can’t do this (Blythe & Mac)

  1. reactionarytales says:

    You’re literally killing me. I almost had a heart attack reading the title cause I thought she was going to push him away again but it was Mac who ended up saying the words in an entirely different context! Edge of my seat waiting for the next bit!

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Sheryl says:

    That was fun. I loved her rant about not being insipid.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. MsBad says:

    Not impressed with Mac’s ‘it’s complicated’ and ‘Lila is not an issue’ lines. Explain yourself man!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. mywords2228 says:

    I really like this part and I’m really looking forward to Blythe and Mac to really to get to know each other and see where it leads them.

    Liked by 1 person

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