#19 Surprise Dinner Date (Blythe & Mac)

Rated R, NSFW

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Surprise Dinner Date

I faced Mac and looked at the floor to his left. I had options. I could run and cower as if I have been. I could fight Lila for him and surely lose. I’m no match for a woman like her. On the other hand, I could make him stop wanting me. This was after all just a matter of wanting something he can’t have. I said no and waved the red cape. Now he was determined and only because he’s spoiled and not used to losing or being told no.

Then of course, he had to pull me even closer and kiss me. Son of a bitch but my mind and body went haywire. All coherent thought left me stranded to a body that not only leaned in to his but kissed him back. The ache inside was blinding and my panties didn’t stand a chance of staying dry. I was two seconds from ripping his clothes off when his phone rang again. This time the ring tone was the tune of ‘loving you’ by Elvis. He was still holding my wrist when I stepped back.

“Let me go.”

“No Blythe I won’t. Why are you constantly running away from me?”

I pulled my arm free; I’m not as weak as I look. “Because Mr. Waterstone you won’t take no for an answer.” I glanced at the screen on his phone to see Lila’s name and a very sexy gorgeous smiling face to accompany it. “She’s not worth ignoring and pissing off. I have to go.” There wasn’t an inch of jealousy in my voice. I honestly felt that way. As I hurried to the door, I heard him answer in such a gentle tone.

“Hey darling. I know I’m late; I’ll be there shortly.”

I don’t know what possessed me to look back as I opened the door. He was following me and he looked furious. It made me sick to hear him talk to her that way right after kissing me. I felt dirty and used. Part of me wanted to turn around and take my chances. See if I could compete with Lila. To see if his desire was real or just the by-product of my refusal.


I dropped my keys and stooped to pick them up.

“For the love of God woman stand still for a minute.”

I stood and turned at the same time. “Why? Why should I? News flash you can’t have everything you want. ”

He rubbed his face with his hands with a frustrated sigh. I took the moment to get in my car. I locked the doors and opened the window half way.

“Mr. Waterstone when this project is over-”

Mac put his hands on the top of the door. “Don’t say it Blythe. Why the hell are you so hell-bent on pushing me away?”

His phone started playing ‘loving you’.

I glared at him and started the engine. “Gee I wonder.”

Apparently, I wasn’t ready to fight Lila for him. Why? I don’t know. I pulled away. I did know though. My heart was already broken and I couldn’t take more. I didn’t realize it until then. Now it was just Mac kicking the shards like a selfish brat.

“I let him get to me.” I said the words in wonder as I drove home. “How did I let it happen?” He was playing a dangerous game with my heart and I was losing. Correction I already lost.

The following two days went by in a blurr. I was busy with the newlyweds and I took on three of Jill’s projects that were already in mid progress. I had to suggest a few changes and upgrades. To which the clients were ecstatic over. It would mean extending their timelines but in the end they would be happier and keep their business with us.

There was a little green envelope on my desk when I got back from my meeting with Seagate and the other senior designers. The meeting was to decide if we need to fill Jill’s shoes or not. The end of the discussion was to not bother at all. I was more than capable to take on her load and build my own client list. I put the envelope in my briefcase unopened.

Seagate accosted me as I was preparing to leave for the day.

“Miss Parks. We have a dinner date with your first client.”

Crap that meant Mac.

“That’s a surprise.”

“He suggested that would be the only way to get you since you’re so busy.”

Jerk. I wanted to punch Mac for being so presumptuous. I was quiet the entire way to the restaurant. Mr. Seagate drove and I left my car in the company lot. Even if I left it there overnight it would be fine. I knew the restaurant. Meyer’s Mill. A fine dining restaurant that served overpriced steak housed in an old riverside grain mill. Owned by Mac of course.

I immediately saw Tom as we were ushered to the table. Lila was the surprise. Looking ravishing in a purple skintight dress she had her arms linked with Mac. She was leaned in close and whispering in his ear. They were smiling and chuckling. Oh good this won’t be weird or awkward for me at all. Thank God, I was dressing to kill these days. At least I didn’t look frumpy next to Lila.

After introductions and awkward small talk, I settled into my seat between Seagate and Mac. Lila of course was charming and had Seagate wrapped around her finger in seconds. All the while, she clung to, touched and leaned toward Mac. Only when Mac left for a moment did she turn her attention elsewhere. Toward Tom. While she was attentive to Seagate and me she gave Tom her undivided attention.

It hurt to sit here with Lila. Unable to hate her and unwilling to hurt her by trying for Mac. That was it. I didn’t want her to feel this. The absurdity is that I don’t know Mac that well. We’ve never been on a date. I was jolted from my thoughts as Mac’s hand brushed across my back through my thin blouse. It was as if a switch was flipped on. My heart raced and the flutters in my stomach and lower went off in a flurry.

To be continued…

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