#17 Cat Fight (Blythe & Mac)

Rated R, NSFW

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Cat Fight

Lawrence and I snuggled on the couch with full tummies and wine in hand. I was yawning by the time the movie ended and Lawrence called his cab. He put his shoes on and I pouted by the door.

“Lucky you gets to go home to a hot piece of ass.”

Lawrence laughed. “Kevin’s working late but should be home shortly after I get there. He really is a hot piece isn’t he?” He hugged me. “So now, you’re not only horny but also heartbroken. Honey that sucks you didn’t even get laid.”

“Ugh.” What else could I say? It was true. Weird and true. I couldn’t even take the edge off myself anymore. I might get off but I was right back to horny in no time. It was as if I’m supercharged and ready, but nobody was stepping up.

“Finish the bottle, crawl into bed and skip your run in the morning.” He kissed my cheek and went out the door.

I watched him disappear down the hall and went back inside. I stuck my tongue out at the bottle. It was lame to drink alone. I did anyway. There was only one glass left. I couldn’t cry and I couldn’t stop the constant undercurrent of arousal. Therefore, I crawled into bed, tried, failed and went to sleep.

I did not skip my run. When I woke from my erotic dream, I had to get out and move to clear away the sexy cobwebs. I was much earlier than usual so I paced myself and went much further. I hoped it might help. It didn’t.

I wasn’t sure if it was my predicament or not, but I was wearing a much sexier number than usual. My blouse was tighter and it was a hit. I was hit on too, but nothing ever came of it. I had to be emanating sex, but nobody seemed inclined to pursue.

It was just after lunch, which I could barely eat, and I headed back to my office early before meeting with Mr. Seagate. To my surprise, it was occupied.

“What are you doing in my office Jill?”

She looked up and snarled. Actually snarled. “First of all it should be my office you slimy snake.”

My defenses went up so fast my lunch nearly came back up. I clenched my fists and narrowed my eyes. “First of all Jill, snakes are scaly not slimy. Second of all.” I advanced on her leaving my door open. “It’s not my fault you’ve been in the same windowless office for two years. We have the same damned title. If you want a better office and more responsibility, try earning it.”

I wondered how she would react. I took Karate through high school and even competed. I won’t hit her but I’ll defend myself if need be. Jill looked more like the cat fight type than the actual punch someone in the face type.

Jill put her hands on her hips. “Earning it? I’ve been here three times longer than you have. I take one day off sick and you sneak in and steal everything. I’ve been working Waterstone Sr. for over a year hoping he’d nudge his son my way.”

“You’re insane.” I scoffed and relaxed. She was all bark and no bite. It might be a crazy brand of bark but I can handle that. “His son is off the market Jill. Mr. Waterston Jr. doesn’t like safe and meaningless designs.”

I never said I was above being petty. That felt good to take a jab at her ‘borrowed’ design ideas that aren’t even hers.

“What the fuck would you know? Besides that blonde bimbo is no match for me.”

“She’s twice the woman you’ll ever be.” Holy shit did I just defend Lila? The woman dating slash already practically married to the man I’m obsessed with.

Jill laughed. “Oh you’re not after him, you’re after her.”

“This has nothing to do with sex.” Though I wish it had. I have moments of regret for holding Mac back. Now that Lila returned there was no way I was going to contemplate sex with Mac. “See Jill the difference between you and me, and well everyone else, is that I don’t need to resort to baser things to impress my clients. I’m actually good at my job.”

Maybe my ramped up hormones were making me more aggressive, but something about Jill was setting off my radar. The one that says she’s up to something. That and the fact she’s snooping in my office.

“Fuck you Blythe. Your shitty little restaurant idea is pathetic. A lame theme restaurant? What are you five? It’s going to crash and burn and you’ll be in those ashes.”

It all made sense now. “You called the inspector didn’t you?”

The twitch at the corner of her mouth confirmed it. I wondered if she was behind the supply company issue too. I sorted that out fast enough, but it was frustrating.

“You did. Why? It could have cost the client thousands in delays. Lucky for us it was just under a grand and half a day lost in work.”

“Luck.” Jill advanced on me. “You have too much of that lately.” She stopped within striking distance. She clenched her teeth and spoke quietly. “I’ll do what needs to be done to save the client. You are going to ruin him with this childish design. He’s mine and I’ll get him back.”

“He’s not yours and never was. Get out of my office.”

“Yes Miss Malus you should leave Miss’s Parks office and join me in mine.”

We both turned to see Mr. Seagate in the doorway. I’m not going to lie; I did a little happy dance inside. He could have been there the entire time just outside the door. I wondered how much he heard. As Jill left my office, cowed and tail between her legs, Seagate winked at me. “We can talk later.” His slight smile set me at ease.

To be continued…

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  1. reactionarytales says:

    Wow! This only confirms my theory that Jill slashed Blythe’s tires in that previous episode. She is catty as hell!

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