The Bet (Quick and Dirty Short Stories) NSFW #7

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R.
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The Bet

“I bet you one unconditional favor that I could make you orgasm without touching your naughty bits.”

I narrowed my blue eyes at my long time friend Wade. He just read an article on orgasms and now thinks he’s the master of the woman’s body.  We had all had a good chuckle over dinner about the lurid details. Now we were alone and it wasn’t so funny.  Jade, Cass, and Jim were gone and I was just finishing my wine so was lagging behind. I wont lie I’m a bit aroused at the prospect of Wade’s hands on my curvy little body. I’ve secretly lusted after him since he divorced my ex best friend who cheated on him. To all of our surprise. She’s an idiot, Wade is perfect in every possible way. Well at least I think he is.

“I doubt you could. Is this just a ploy to get laid?”

“Yes I can and God I hope so.” His dark brown eyes locked with mine and he smirked.

What? I involuntarily licked my lips. I glanced around his tidy living room and then back at him. His gorgeous face was still smirking.

“You hope so?” I stumbled back into the arm of the couch as he advance to within an inch of my face.

“Yeah.” He breathed warm on my lips, slid his hand into my dark blonde hair and held it tight in his fist. “I want to tickle and lick every inch of you, win the bet and then make you mine.”

And now I’m wet and everything below my waist started tingling. “What unconditional favor?”

“Nothing illegal or degrading. I make you orgasm sans vagina or clit touch and you owe me. If say… in ten minuets you resist and nothing happens, I owe you.”

I could feel the heat from his body as he stared into my eyes. This could ruin everything between us. Destroy our friendship. On the other hand it might not. “Deal.” That was premature. I don’t recall telling my mouth it was okay to give the go ahead. Oh right my hormones did.

“I’m going to win the bet.” He took my hand and led me to his stylish organized bedroom. Clearly Jenny had been the slob of the two. He began by pulling my shirt off. I was nervous. The bra came next and he stopped me from covering up.

“No. I want to see what I’ve dreamed about for years.”


His marriage to Jill was only three, and they divorced two years ago. I smiled at his slightly shaking hands as they reached for my twins.

“I was worried you’d be weirded out. Since.” He shrugged and ran his hands over my skin. “You know.”

“Jenny and I were friends.” I shivered with pleasure as his hands cupped and fondled. His fingers raking over my rock hard nipples.

“Yeah that.”

“She’s a fool Wade. I told her so, often. I’d rather not talk about her… oooh.” My eyes fluttered when he pinched the hardened peaks.

“Lay down on my bed. Keep your hands at your sides.”

I did as instructed and he undid and pulled off my jeans and socks.

“No more talking.” Wade said as he climbed over me and started licking and kissing the sides of my neck.

I can’t believe this is happening, moreover I can’t believe how much I want to lose this bet. His tongue traced circles over my sensitive skin cascading pleasure through my body and concentrating in my throbbing loins.

As his mouth moved to my ears, his fingers moved from my breasts up to my neck and back down. He grazed the nipples and back up, only to go back down. My breath came quicker and I parted my legs. His mouth moved up my cheek his tongue making little flicks as he found my eager and open mouth. I moaned into him as that tantalizing tongue found mine.

I wiggled my hips as his tongue and mine stroked the others. His hands continued to glide over my body up to my neck, down over or to the sides of my breasts. Each time he went south he ventured just a little further. The erotic sensation was winning. I could feel my body revving up for an orgasm. The need to have sex was alarmingly primal. His mouth left mine and started the achingly slow journey down to my breasts.

The moans and groans escaping my lips were involuntary. Wades hands and mouth moved sensually over my abs down to my stomach. He licked and kissed around my mound and down to my legs, which were spread wide now. Wade ran his fingers over the elastic edge of my panties. I wanted to beg, I wanted him in me. I heard him inhale deeply though his nose.

“You’re so wet. You smell like heaven.” His mouth resumed licking and kissing down my inner thigh. His hands and fingers reached up to my breasts and down, just skipping over my panties to join his mouth on my thighs. The fingers inched close to my apex and back down my legs. Back up and away.

I bucked my hips groaning. The orgasm I doubted would come, was close. I had no desire to temper it or even try to hold back.

He moved to force my legs apart with his so I couldn’t rub them together and put his mouth back on my breast. I hadn’t even noticed that Wade was still fully clothed until then. I closed my eyes as I neared the edge. He pinched one nipple hard and bit the other gently while flicking the nub with his tongue. That did it.

“Oh God, Wade, I’m…” I tensed beneath him and came. My body shuddered with the glorious release. Panting I opened my eyes to his grinning sexy face hovering over mine.

“I win.”

“I hoped to lose.” I started unbuttoning his shirt and he undid his pants. “What’s the favor?”

“I want you to stop dating those morons you think are worthy of you and date me.” He pulled his shirt off and shucked his pants as I removed my overly wet panties. I’ve never been so horny and never so soon after an orgasm. That on top of never having had one without touching between my legs. The sight of his body fully bared was staggering. Trim and fit, not muscular or soft just fit. The way I like a man. I ran my fingers through the fine hair on his chest and slowly inched south.

“Well…” I smiled slyly and reached for his manhood. “I suppose…” I wiggled and he pressed in. We both sighed as he filled me full.

“You feel right.” Wade began a steady rhythm.

“Yes. This does feel right and good and oh Wade, oh…” I ran my hands over his shoulders. “Kiss me.”

He obliged. This was the best bet to lose and there was no doubt in my mind anymore. As I came again I knew we were meant to be together.

Copyright © 2017 All rights reserved CimmerianSentiment

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