#12 Self Service (Blythe & Mac)

Rated R, NSFW

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Self Service.

I called Lawrence before I got out of the bath. Maybe I was being stubborn. I’m not one for breaking rules. I get too nervous, agitated and paranoid.

“Bly baby you’re too wound up over this. Why not take Tom’s advice he gave to Mac and get him out of your system.”

“No.” I lifted my bubble covered foot from the water and wiggled my toes. “You know I can’t. Besides I don’t know if I could stay detached.”

“You like him.”

I pulled the plug letting the fragrant water escape. I bought a new bubble bath on the way home. It said it was calming and soothing on the label. I certainly felt relaxed.

“I wish I didn’t. He’s inappropriate for me.”

I heard Lawrence sigh. “All the more reason to have some fun and walk away.” Lawrence covered the phone. I could hear muffled voices. “Kevin agrees with me Bly Baby. Your head is getting in the way of your… um… let’s say heart.”

This conversation was not going anywhere good. “Goodnight Lawrence and say good night to Kev for me.”


I ended the call and stood to rinse the suds from my body. Dried and in my bedroom I slipped into bed. I managed to evade Mac’s flirting this time. But at what cost? On one side, I had my loyalty to Seagate and his rules. Sure, they were stingy but they were there for a reason. I may be the only one aside from Lawrence that follows them. Nevertheless, he’s happily married and I’m not even dating. It would be nice to get to know Mac better. I’m very attracted to him physically. So far, he’s been decent, kind and doesn’t put up with my shit.

I blinked at the ceiling in the dark. My bath-warmed body was pissed for running. I’m pissed for running. “It can’t just be the job.” My whispered words made me frown. I had no idea outside the fact that dating or having relations with a client for any reason is strictly forbidden and will result in termination. It’s mostly to stop people from wooing clients with sex. It should not happen but it does. Jill’s only tool in her ‘box’ is seduction. She’s mediocre at best. Her fresh ideas are always someone else’s.

I forced my eyes closed. I needed sleep. My attempts were greeted my Mac’s sexy smiling face. I have a speedy imagination. I had him out of his clothes and standing naked in what I presumed he would look like.

My pulse sped up and I opened my mouth to breathe quietly. I cupped my breasts and parted my legs. It was nowhere near as arousing as a single mere touch from him is. However, I employ my favorite nipple pinching and flicking techniques.

“Oooh.” I licked my lips and wiggled and I got wet. My imaginary Mac hovered right above me. I reached one hand down gently scratching through my short trimmed hair. Try as I might I can’t imagine Mac’s touching me. It doesn’t matter. Just wanting him to touch me… The thought of it sent waves of tingles through me. I squeezed a breast and dipped my fingers quickly into the heated opening.

“Oh God.”

I’m wet and burning hot to touch. I stroked a few times before drawing them back out to my clit. My slick fingers deftly circle the sensitive skin around the bud. I imagine Mac closing his eyes to lean in for a kiss.

It’s too much, I open my eyes to an empty room and close them again. Vision gone. I reach down and with my right hand I slip my index and middle fingers inside while my left gently rubs my clit. I’m close, the pressure is building quickly as I slide my wetted fingers in and out swiftly. In a fury both hands move as if in a dance to bring the release of pleasure that will tie me over for another day.

“Oh oh. Oh. Oh.” I clenched my teeth and forced myself to stroke as the cascades of pleasure rolled from my fingers outward to every inch of my body.

I pulled my hands free and wiped them on the sheets. I planned to change them tomorrow anyway. The glow of euphoria dissipated quickly as it always does when I self-service. The ache is pushed back at least. Still there as it has been for weeks, but tempered for now.

I rolled to my side, pulled the sheets up to my neck and tucked them under my chin. I need to figure out what to do. This isn’t good enough. Masturbating is one thing. I love doing it, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t and it’s immensely satisfying. Most times. However bringing myself while thinking about Mac doesn’t make it sweeter or more pleasurable. It makes me feel lonely. I’m not sure how long I cried before I fell asleep.

To be continued…

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