#11 Run Blythe, Run (Blythe & Mac)

Rated R, NSFW

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Run Blythe, Run.

Mac and I went into the typical four-star Italian restaurant. We were seated at a rather romantic table for two even after I asked for a table out in the open. The table was near a wall and was semi secluded. I planned to be as efficient as possible and get this over with. We ordered food I was in the mood for steak so that’s what I ordered. Mac ordered pasta with prawns. I said yes to the wine since I wasn’t driving and Mac had more than one glass I’d take a cab.

He asked his questions and I answered them. All boring and all work related to my glee. They did happen to be details that only I could answer with surety. A little guilt leaked in for sticking an unprepared Elisa on him. Therefore, I stopped holding that grudge. Through it all, he looked as if he had something to say or ask that wasn’t work related. Maybe it was my imagination or expectation. Either way I could almost feel it coming.

“I’m sorry Blythe I have to ask. Why is it you can forgive and romanticize some criminal who’s actually done you wrong, but you won’t even give me the benefit of the doubt?”

That was a good question and I had no idea how to tackle it. I sipped my scrumptous overpriced red and took a moment to figure out how to say it without offense.

“If I had met you say at a club or at the park I would have been giddy to go out with you. I wouldn’t care one iota if it was just a fling while your girlfriend or whatever is away. Well maybe I’d care about that, but my point is I didn’t meet you as you. I met you as Mr. Waterstone, a client of the company I work for. A company with rules about this sort of thing.”

“And you honestly thought I’d either get you fired or pull my business just to date you?”

I set my wine down after a long gulp. The thought had crossed my mind since Tom put it there and he had sort of hinted at it. I may not know Mac that well, but I do know he’s not a monster.

“Actually no. I’m not that delusional. I thought I’d pissed you off and you’d say something resulting in my being fired. Why would I think you’d be malicious? Tom maybe, but not you. I’m the one that lipped off and eavesdropped.”

He chuckled and touched my hand. What the hell body? The shiver of pleasure that ran from the contact of his fingers to my core was… amazing.

“You’re…” He ran his thumb over the back of my hand sparking tingles down my spine that settled between my legs. I needed to pull my hand away, but it felt so good. I’m a glutton. My pulse quickened as my desire grew. Maybe just a few seconds longer… “A beautiful woman Blythe.”

Dammit. My mind rewound the last ten minutes. Sneaky bastard turned this into a date. I slipped my free hand into my purse under the table and stood.

“Excuse me a moment.” I pulled my hand away severing the electrified contact and went toward the restrooms. I sidestepped, found our waiter, gave him my credit card and returned to the table after a quick call. One look in Mac’s eyes confirmed that he thought he won this round and had morphed our business dinner into a date. I was far from conquered.

“There you are mademoiselle.” The waiter handed me a leather receipt folder. I took my card, signed the receipt and give the man a healthy tip for not saying anything unprofessional. He handed me my copy.

“Thank you.” I picked up my purse and briefcase. “Good night Mr. Waterstone. It was good to clear up some of the smaller details with you. I’ll have the finals to you by the day end tomorrow.” I knew there would be a taxi outside waiting for me since I called it and they just sent me a confirmation text. What good timing.

“Wait.” Mac called after me.

No, no I won’t wait. I made it out to the taxi before he caught me by the upper arm.

“Blythe why did you do that?”

I pulled my arm from his hand. I shrugged. “I think Mr. Seagate can afford a dinner meeting expense.” I put my hand on the cab’s door handle.

“I meant why did you run? Why are you running?”

I turned my face away. I could not say what I was about to and look him in the eyes. “Because I don’t want to.” I opened the car door and climbed in slamming the door behind me. “Drive.”

The taxi driver complied and I gave him bonus points. However, he’s probably seen scenes like that before. Maybe worse. By the time I got to my apartment I was a mess. On the brink of breakdown and a little afraid Mr. Sports car would speed his way around and beat me back to my place. How cliché would that be? I’m not that special and he’s too arrogant. I paid and tipped the driver for not filling the silence with chatter or questions.

I breathed a sigh of relief when there was no sign of Mac. “Thank goodness.”

I went up the stairs to my apartment, locked and dead bolted my door and went to take as hot a bath as I can stand. I can’t believe I just ran from a man. A man I wanted more than anything right now.

To be continued…

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