#9 Sweet Icing (Blythe & Mac)

Rated R, NSFW

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Sweet Icing

I looked at Tom first then Mac hoping my flutters would subside. Instead, they revved up as Mac smiled at me.

“Please sit.”

Mac’s Cerulean eye’s surveyed the room and they looked amazing framed by all this blue. Tom’s brown ones dismissed everything quickly as he sat and slouched propping his ankle on his left knee.

“Let’s make this quick Mac we have to be across town by three.”

I blinked and glanced at the clock it was already two. I worked through lunch? Too excited to be hungry I guess. Mac sat in the other chair and smiled politely. I didn’t want to thank him for the gift in front of Tom. I don’t know why, I just didn’t. Mac looked at my bare feet that were fully visible from under the desk. The shoes, tucked off to the side however would not be.

Tom tilted his head and cracked his neck. “We both liked what you sent us to look at. I’m surprised it was so good.” Tom sat up when Mac shot him a glare. “I mean no offense, usually it takes a week or longer to get that much detail.”

“Yes, I’ll agree to that.” Mac began. “I would like to see your plan in full. Do not rush, do not cut corners and do not suggest subpar materials.”

“I understand.”

Mac’s stare was unnerving. “Very well when can I expect to see numbers and a better mock up?”

I knew this game and since I already screwed up and fast tracked the initial I had better play ball properly.

“Three weeks.”

“I expect them in two.” Mac stood as Tom did. Two was actually fair and Mac knew it. I would have a team assigned to me to do the crap I used to do and I barely contained my smile. I slipped my feet back into my shoes and stood.

Tom held his hand out for a shake, I shook it and might have gripped as hard as I can. Jerk. I wanted to go wash my hand. I did the next best thing and rubbed it on my hip as he turned away. Tom opened my office door and started walking out and the door closed behind him. Mac stepped around my desk for his handshake. I was instantly nervous.

He glanced down and smiled. “Not going to throw them at me all fake-insulted that I dare?”

“No, they’re amazing. Thank you.”

“Interesting.” He reached out and cupped the left side of my jaw with his hand and stroked his thumb over my cheek before letting go. Instant flutters to my core sent a luscious shiver through me that I couldn’t stop. “I saw that Blythe.” He leaned closer. His warm breath cascaded over my skin. “You may have set an unnecessary professional boundary between us, but let me tell you.”

Mac licked his lips and I of course looked at them. Delectable and enticing like sweet icing on a cake; begging to be tasted. They were so close, all I had to do to feel their luxurious softness on mine was… I bit my tongue to snap myself out of it and returned my eyes up to his lusty gaze.

He moved to a hairbreadth of my lips. “I plan to see you as often as I can. Once this project is done, you are going on a date with me.”

Demanding, bossy, sexy asshole. My traitorous brain finally gave me access to my limbs again and I stepped back and crossed my arms. Yay, point for me.

“You get to boss me around regarding your project. Do not think for a second Mr. Waterstone that you get to tell me what I will and will not do on my own time.” I nodded my head toward the door. “Tommy boy is waiting and you’re going to be late if you don’t run along.”

A sexy sly grin spread across Mac’s face as he turned to leave. I held my breath until he was gone. So apparently, I can push a bit harder and he won’t go running to my boss. Thank goodness for that. I would have to keep him at arm’s length as much as I can until this is over. The effect he had on me was always so sudden, so intense and so…

“Amazing.” I sat in my chair and touched my cheek like a lovesick schoolgirl.

It was weird and uncharted territory for me. Sure I’ve been attracted to men before, very much. Never quite like this. I’ve never wanted someone to just touch me, I’ve never wanted a man to kiss me so desperately. “Ugh. I need to get laid.” I looked back to my computer and finished going through the last two emails from the massive list before going to see Chan and Montrose who were senior designers and my personal favorites.

I went down the long hall to the large meeting room with Wan Chan. He opened the door. August Montrose was already waiting for us and apparently so was everyone else. They all cheered and clapped.

“August and Lawrence planned it all once they found out this morning.” Chan whispered in my ear as I eyed the huge chocolate cake on the table with congratulations Blythe written in pink. My most favorite colour and flavor all calling to me to chow down. At least I could taste this sweet icing without too much regret. My empty stomach may have growled loud enough to be heard across the room.

This distraction was awesome, fun and just what I needed.

To be continued…

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8 comments on “#9 Sweet Icing (Blythe & Mac)

  1. reactionarytales says:

    I really, really like Mac. Love where this is going. This courtship is going to be epic!

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