On Vacation (Quick and Dirty Short Stories) NSFW #3

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R.
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On Vacation

I woke from my erotic dream fully aroused and aching for sex. I blinked from behind my sunglasses around the small-secluded pool area. I was alone and the sunlight was nearly gone. It had started to set when I fell asleep so I could only have been asleep for maybe twenty minutes.

So far, this vacation was a tad dull. My friends all hooked up yesterday and kept disappearing. I was jealous, but unable to be as open as they are. I glanced down at my pebbled nipples showing through my top. I ran my hands over my bikini-clad breasts and sighed at the zing of pleasure. I had better get up and go back to my room. On the other hand, I could go see if I can catch the eye of maybe one of the single men here.

“You look too tense for a woman on vacation.”

I jumped at the deep male voice, pinched my neck and raised my hand to rub it. A broad-shouldered dark-skinned god of a man strode confidently toward me. I must still be dreaming. The tingle of my arousal surged forward dampening my bikini bottoms.

“I am a little.” I smiled at the man while rubbing the crick in my neck.

“I’m Isaiah. Here let me.” He knelt, moved my hand away, and began kneading my shoulder and neck with his firm nimble fingers. Normally my instinct would tell me to flee, freak out or chastise a man for being so bold. However, my insides were more agreeable than my brain. And my body won the argument.

“Julie and thanks. But I can manage.”

“Why should you?” He asked quietly. “You’re on vacation no?”

“Yes I suppose.” I sighed at the gentle pressure from his fingers as heat built up between my legs. “But I don’t know you.”

“Nor I you. You are tense all over. Relax Julie.”

“Do you work here?” I asked breathing in his deep musky scent and clenched my pc muscles.

“No. Do you?” He chuckled and I smiled up at his dark, dark eyes. His hands slid lower and my breathing became harsher. My ache was encompassing.

“Do you normally just start massaging women?” I sounded breathy and I desperately wanted his hand to go lower.

“No. But when I saw laying here more beautiful and sexy than humanly possible, I couldn’t help myself. I figure either you’re game or you’ll tell me to fuck off.” He chuckled softly a moment. “Please don’t tell me to fuck off.”

Finally, his fingers grazed the tops of my bikini, I sucked my breath in and we looked at each other. I want him badly, I parted my legs a little and he inhaled deeply. His thumbs brushed over my nipples.

“How could I tell you to go away? You’re only being helpful. I don’t want to be rude” I reached up and untied the string behind my neck.

As his fingers slipped the meager fabric down over my perky breasts, I reached over to feel the bulge behind his swim trunks. The rough texture of his fingers drew flicks of pleasure from my nipples that zipped straight down to my core.

“You are beautiful Julie. I would like to see you orgasm.”

“Okay.” It was the best I could manage. His mouth descended on my breast and his tongue ravaged the hard bud. I felt a hand creep down my stomach and push down my bottoms as I eagerly stroked him over his shorts. Freed from my bottoms I spread for his gently stroking hand.

“Yes.” I breathed the word as his probing fingers grazed my slit. He nipped at my breasts and pressed two fingers deep into my wet depths. “Oh yes!” I pushed up against his hand.

To say I’ve never had casual sex before is accurate, not even a one night stand. This was insane and all I wanted was more. He stroked my insides as I became slick and hot. I Gasped and writhed as my climax built under his agile digits. His mouth left my dampened breast exposed to the warm breeze that felt cool on my skin as he moved swiftly between my legs. As he finger fucked me, his mouth sucked and pulled on my clit.

That pushed me over almost instantly. “I’m coming.” I gripped the sides of the lounge as waves of pleasure moved outward through my body. He didn’t stop but kept sucking and licking gently. The sound of his wet fingers surged arousal through me again.

“More?” Isaiah asked.

“Do you want oral?” I asked trying to sit up, my body wanted more than just fingers.

“Not this time Julie. I can’t wait.” His eyes trailed over my body. “You’re too hot.”

Not this time? I watched him pull a condom as if from thin air. He had it on, moved over me and pressed in before I could object that I liked giving head. I wiggled my hips to accommodate his girth and pulled his dark face to mine. I wanted his tongue in me. Our mouths moved in rhythm to his slow strokes. I was too horny to wait and pulled at his back. He got the message and thrust harder speeding up.

My moans and his mingled in the sweet evening air. The slick pressure of him inside filled me with ecstasy with each thrust. “I’m close.”

“I can feel you clenching my cock.” He groaned and sped up. “Come for me Julie. Let me see your pleasure.”

I was already there, I pushed hard and let my body tighten and release repeatedly as he grunted in my ear with his release.

He collapsed on me and I held him close feeling the weight and inhaling his manly sent mixed with sex, hibiscus, honeysuckle and the salty sea. When he sat up on his knees and looked down at me his grin was laced with lust. “Well my sexy temptress. Your room or mine?”

“Mine’s right there.” I pointed at the small row of cabana rooms not far from the pool. He picked me up and I giggled as he nuzzled my neck carrying me toward my cabana. Maybe this wasn’t going to be such a boring vacation after all.

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