#8 Blue Lagoon (Blythe & Mac)

Rated R, NSFW

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Blue Lagoon

I was just fired. Breathing was no longer an option. My eyes darted from my boss to the banker box and back as Mr. Seagate started talking again.

“Clancy will have the lagoon office cleared out for you within half an hour please have yourself situated and comfortable before Mr. Waterstone arrives.”

Lagoon office? I wasn’t being fired. I was being promoted?

“Do try to look more pleased Miss. Parks. It’s not every day I promote someone.”

I regained control of my brain even if my emotions weren’t caught up yet. “Thank you sir.” I shook his outstretched hand.

“Well deserved, I’ve had my eye on you for some time. We’ll discuss the finer details later.”

“Yes, thank you.” I was grinning like an idiot and I could care less.

The second he was gone I was mobbed by congratulations, some heartfelt, others… not so much. Jill looked ready to chew my head off and stayed back glaring from her office door. Everyone knew there was an opening and Seagate was taking his time filling it. I wanted to run around flailing my arms about screaming and whooping it up. However, that might be a bit much. I kept it as humble as I possibly could and gathered my stuff. Which wasn’t much. I kept an orderly desk. I didn’t like clutter or nick-knacks. Lawrence teased me constantly about being so sterile at work.

“O M freaking G!” Lawrence grabbed me from behind, I jumped and turned. “And you thought you were done for.”

“I know right? I can’t process this I’m still in shock. I was sure that Mr. Waterstone was going to throw a tantrum and get me fired.”

“Nice shoes.” Lawrence smirked.

I told him about the note. “I’m no fool.”

“Amen to that. You look stunning today, dressing up for anyone?”

“Hell no, I thought I was getting fired today. You know I plan my wardrobe for the week on Sunday.”

“So will you still have time for the peons?”

“Please, even now you’re still technically above me.”

“And don’t you forget it honey.”

I grinned. “Yes dear.”

I moved in to my office in under thirty minutes. I was definitely getting plants. That large window demanded greenery. I sat in my ridiculously comfortable chair and looked around the blue office. It was called the Lagoon for a reason. Beautifully done in shades of blues, tan and coral you would expect in a lagoon. It was like be immersed in tropical paradise. My desk. Squee, yes my desk was a light sand coloured wood that matched the dark tan leather chairs.

Mr. Seagate wasn’t one for pomp and circumstance so there would be no party or big staff meeting. He would take me out for lunch or dinner, but honestly, the promotion was reward enough.


I looked up to see Jill standing crossed arms in the doorway. “Hi Jill.” Talk about awkward.

She stepped in uninvited. “I take one day off sick and you swoop in and steal not only my client but my promotion?”

I tilted my head and smiled sweetly. “Take it up with Seagate cause I’m pretty sure this position is the same as yours.”

“You’re not my equal.” She sneered. “Looks like you’re not as wholesome as you let on. Did you suck off both to get this?”

Why did she care? This was the same position as hers. At least I thought it was.

“Get out of my office Jill.” I figure petty was warranted. “If you want a promotion or good contracts try using your brain.”

She leaned forward aggressively. “Waterstone is mine.” She pointed in my face. “I’ve been working on snagging his son for months.”

“Point your finger in my face again and I’ll snap it. Get out.”

I knew what the real problem was. In one day, I went from being under her command to her equal and I landed the much bigger much nicer office. This office was notoriously the stepping-stone to upper management. Seagate was methodical if nothing else.

“This day is not what I expected.” I slipped off my comfortable shoes and turned on my computer. There was a blast of emails that needed attention. Mostly related to the promotion.

I wasn’t nearly done with the emails when there was a knock on my office door. I grinned realizing I had an actual office door. “Come in.” I was totally going to have to celebrate this with a party of my own. Definitely a party.

Mac opened the door, stepped in followed by Tom and Clancy. I only had two other chairs. Just seeing Mac made my insides jump with anticipation. I really needed to vent some steam if I’m going to work with him.

“When you’re done here Chan and Montrose want to see you. Just let Marge know when you’re done here and she’ll let them know to expect you.” Clancy winked and left closing the door behind him.

To be continued…

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