Cruising For A Using (Quick and Dirty Short Stories) NSFW #2

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R.
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Cruising For A Using

I found the abandoned deck chair and sat back to look out over the water. I shook my head. A singles cruise. My buddies Billy and Jake had convinced me it would be an all you can eat pussy buffet. For some damned reason they had no trouble finding a willing woman or two to take back to their cabins.

I gave it my best shot and nothing. Not as single woman showed me any interest. I’m a damned good-looking guy and charming. “Dry streak.” I leaned my head back inhaling the cool salty air. It happened from time to time. Pissed me off, but it happens.

Two days of watching single women in tight little bikini’s splash about dripping wet in the various pools, lay about in the sun and bend over…

“Ugh.” The visions swam before me. Their tight asses and bouncy breasts. At thirty-five, you would think I had more control over my hormones. I shifted my stiffening cock so it wouldn’t be uncomfortable if it got fully hard. I just needed a break from the teases that pressed their tits together with their arms, giggled and walked away. This little spot was perfect for quiet. How other couples hadn’t found it for a quick romp was beyond me. I imagined a random couple lustily groping and sneaking a little fuck in the shadows of this quiet deck.

I glanced down at my now bulging erection. Solo again. If I didn’t rub one out I’d be tossing all night. I slipped my hand beneath my shorts and stroked slowly envisioning the scantily clad sun warmed women stripping their tops off and rubbing…

“Oh.” A feminine voice called out softly.

My eyes flew open to see a thin pretty thing, wide-eyed and staring at my stroking hand. I stopped, busted. She looked left, to the right and then at me. She stepped closer pressing her index finger to her lips when I opened my mouth to speak. Reaching down she tugged on my swim trunks to pull me free. She arched a brow at my thick hard cock and met my eyes.

She put her hand in my pocket and took out a condom. I had them just in case my dry streak ended. She opened it and slipped it over me. Holy shit what was happening? She climbed over me,  pulled her bikini bottom to the side and guided me in. She rode me slow, dropping hard and whimpering. I reached for her breasts and squeezed the glorious handfuls, flicking the hard nubs of her nipples through the fabric. Why not? She was riding my cock, so I pushed the meager fabric down and relished the soft feel of the globes beneath my fingers. Her groans came faster as she rode. When she ground into me, my balls tightened as she strangled my cock and I came. She got off, straightened her bikini and walked away as if nothing happened.

The next day I said nothing to the guys about my encounter. Nor where it took place. All day I looked for the woman, petite brown-haired beauty that made me hard just thinking about her. I gave up and after the dancing got under way and I was once again striking out, I went to stroke one out in my new favorite place. I was rock hard by the time I rounded the corner.

There she was laying on the lounge chair rubbing her breasts. The second she saw me she put her finger to her lips. “Shh.” She handed me a condom, got on all fours and raised her naked ass to me.

Copyright © 2017 All rights reserved CimmerianSentiment

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  1. Nero says:

    Damn, I coulda done with another few paragraphs! heh heh

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