#3 Stealing Glances (Blythe & Mac)

Rated R, NSFW

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Stealing Glances

We all sat at the rectangular table at the one end. Clancy and Tom facing the large open window, Mac on the end and I sat across from Tom. Clancy began the formalities of somewhat business related small talk as he set out the refreshments. I drew the line on that one and he knew it. I would give him credit for not being a total sexist jerk, he usually isn’t, just a normal everyday kind of jerk.

I pulled my laptop closer acutely aware of how more nervous Mac made this already tense meeting. I opened the standard question form Libby outlined and prepared to ask Mac and Tom the standard questions. The preliminary is to learn what they envisioned for the renovation on the restaurant. I’ve actually been to the disaster in question and agreed that the futuristic cold and steel look was over-played around here. Once they laid out the basic idea, I would know where to go from there with my questions.

Mac settled his calm blue eyes on me and leaned back casually. “Tom and I seem to disagree on this. We have done the market research and he thinks we should go with an Asian feel.”

I wanted to fake gag. They are a couple of trend followers. Like horses with blinders on the racetrack. Mac had paused too long and I knew that meant he wanted me to ask him his opinion. Typical spoiled drop-dead-gorgeous rich man give me your undivided attention tactic.

“Asian is… popular, perhaps too popular. What is your idea Mr. Waterstone?”

“Call me Mac. Trendy gets tiresome.” Mac leaned his elbow on the table and casually putting his thumb under his chin and his index and middle finger over his lips that I couldn’t help stealing glances at them and wondering how soft they were. “I think this city is missing the romance of down to earth, simple good food.”

The subtle scent of his aftershave invaded my space. I licked my lips before I realized. He was staring so intensely at me I was very uncomfortable. I would say in a good way if I wasn’t at work with Clancy glaring at me and Tom looking pissed for being snubbed I’d probably should have kept my opinion to myself. I’m not keen on pandering.

Mac’s lazy gaze dipped then returned to my face. “Tell me Blythe, May I call you Blythe?”

I nodded with my, insides heating up and my fingers poised to type out his response, if he ever got to it.

“Tell me Blythe, where is the most romantic place you can think of?”

I glanced at Tom who shifted in his seat and looked at me with interest. Clancy pursed his lips. I looked back to Mac.

“I’d have to say a starlit garden patio.” I could have kicked myself; my idea was not at all practical for a restaurant in the middle of a city block with no outdoor space whatsoever.

“That.” Mac sat back. “Is what I want for that space.” Mac said and looked at Clancy. “Make it happen and I want her to design it.”

Oh, shit. I eventually looked over at Clancy who was agreeing readily like the good lap dog he is. I could see the vein popping on his neck. I was in for it. My job was to suggest patterns, colours and whatnot, not this.

Mac stood. “This office is nice. However, I’d rather discuss the details over lunch. Shall we?” Mac arrogantly held his arm out for me to walk ahead of him. Clancy gave me the eye-wide nod to get moving.

“I just need to get my things from my desk.” I picked up my laptop and as we left the room. Tom walked ahead with Mac and Clancy grabbed my arm as I ducked away quickly to my desk.

“What the hell Blythe?”

I shook my head. “I don’t know what happened.” I took out my small purse and cellphone.

“This is perfect; you were perfect.”

Not at all what I expected Clancy to say. “Sorry?” We moved back toward the elevators were Mac and Tom were waiting.

“Oh come on Blythe you are wasting your talent consulting, design is where you belong. We all know it. Take this baby and run with it. Do whatever Mr. Waterstone’s son wants and I know Seagate will be very, very impressed with you.”

Again, that is not what I expected Clancy to say. I was certain that this was opposite day. My luck was running excessively high. The thrill and adrenaline were rushing through me and when Mac turned to look to see if I was coming, my breath caught. Damn he is a fine-looking man even if he is a client and probably a spoiled rich playboy.

“Are you coming?” I asked Clancy.

“No way Blythe, this is yours now. I just approve the design idea, the design and the designer and I approve. Go.” He nudged me toward the two waiting men.

Both of whom were staring at my shapely legs. I worked hard for them to be shapely so it was flattering to have them ogled. I’d be a hypocrite it I acted offended since I can’t stop stealing glances myself.

To be continued…

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    Oooooh Maaan..

    Make part 3 sizzles..
    My imagination is churning and I’m having a thrill of adrenaline rushing through me…


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    You are welcome..
    now get working on part three

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